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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 452 comments Mod
The healer's workshop is a beautiful old building with a waiting room and a few different healing rooms. It is bright and smells of cinnamon.

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soub (gothstew) | 124 comments Blood slowly dripped from the fresh wounds on Astrid's already pale arms. The metallic taste of blood filled her mouth as she let out a soft cry of pain. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid! She mentally yelled. Astrid was an idiot. She should have stayed in the Kingdom, instead of traveling alone. Luckily, there was a village nearby that she could probably go to. Astrid had a little run-in with a group of bandits, they ended up taking most of her things, so she was left with no cloak, jewelry or the small dagger that she kept with her. They were unable to find the small coin pouch in her pocket though. Astrid's crisp white blouse was now torn and soaked with blood. It was burnt up to her elbows, along with her skin. She had managed to rip one of her gloves as well. The skin on her hands had been burnt, although it would heal fast and leave no visible marks. Astrid's hair was a complete mess, with leaves and twigs sticking out of the former braid. She held a hand over the largest wound on her left arm, and limped along the path. After about an hour of walking, she came upon the Healer's Apprentice Den. Astrid knocked on the door softly, using all the strength she could muster.

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Lily Marie | 118 comments Hannah was bored out of her mind.
She had been sitting around doing nothing all day long. Why would anyone see the healer's apprentice when they could go see the actual healer? Hannah didn't know. That was until she heard a faint knocking on her door. Hannah smoothed her white dress and got up to answer the door.
"Hello, how can I help you?" Hannah said cheerfully before she realized how bad of a state the beautiful girl at her doorstep was.
"Oh, by the goddess. Come in." She said, ushering the girl in. The girl looked beat up. Was it domestic violence? She hadn't seen anyone that beat up since she had been forcibly deployed with a unit of soldiers.

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soub (gothstew) | 124 comments Astrid reached up and wiped a small trickle of blood spurting from a cut under her eye. "I uh-" she mumbled, gesturing to her burnt and bleeding limbs. She stepped into the den, and instantly fell to the ground, breaking her fall with her already burnt hands. Bits of blood fell to the ground, Astrid felt terrible for making such a mess. She was lightheaded from the blood loss.

(Sorry, this is a bit short, I promise my replies will be longer)

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Lily Marie | 118 comments (i suck at long responses so I get it)

Hannah instantly leaped into action. She helped Astrid up and moved her into a separate room. Hannah immediately broke off some aloe vera and rubbed it in gently to Astrid's burns. Hannah felt Astrid's head. She's burning up! Hannah thought. She got a washcloth wet and placed it upon Astrid's head.
"I'm well aware that this is not proper, but I'm going to have to cut your shirt off to attend to the wounds," Hannah said. She continued to work. Hannah elevated Astrid's feet and began to clean up her wounds with a cleansing agent.
"This might sting a little," Hannah said as she cleaned them. If this didn't work, Hannah always had the magic that she tried so desperately to suppress. She had discovered it when she was with the unit of soldiers as a healer. She had been young, only fourteen when Lotor had her ripped from her family. Hannah knew it wasn't a coincidence. Her mother had clearly asked Lotor to get rid of Hannah after Hannah tried to come out as gay. But sending a fourteen-year-old to war? That was a special kind of cruel. Hannah still had the scars and the PTSD to prove she was there.

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Lily Marie | 118 comments (dang, that was longer than I thought it was going to be.)

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soub (gothstew) | 124 comments Astrid was very grateful that the woman decided to help her. She recoiled slightly when the woman got near her hands. “P-Please don’t..” she mumbled, wincing slightly when she balled her hands into fists. Sure, her hands hurt like hell, but she didn’t want to risk hurting the kind woman. She cringe slightly when the washcloth was pressed against her forehead, desperately hoping that the woman didn’t notice the slight steam that was coming from it. Her whole body was warm, but mainly from her abilities. If she just had her gloves, she would have been fine, but no. One of them just HAD to be ripped. She zoned out slightly, but quickly replied when the woman spoke again. “I-I understand.” Astrid’s face flushed slightly at the thought of it, and the woman was truly stunning- no. Now was not the time to be thinking of such things, plus no one could ever love Astrid when they found out how much of a freak she was.

(It’s fine! :) )

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Lily Marie | 118 comments Hannah hadn't seen anyone so gravely terrified in a long time.

Not since she had been deployed less than three years ago.

Hannah was still a kid, but she had seen enough death to be as wise as an adult. And she knew that this girl who had come into her den was troubled and hurting. Hannah saw how the girl caressed her hands.

"Do you want my gloves?" Hannah said. She had some infused gauntlets that prevented her from healing anyone with them on. They had been tailored for her after the incident where she created a ball of light and hurled it towards Lotor. From that moment on, Hannah was the other. She was different, a liability.

Hannah cut off the girl's tunic. The stranger was burned and bruised. Hannah instantly got to work, but to no avail. It wasn't helping.

"Look, I need to do a thing I haven't let myself do in a very long time, but I promise it will help you," Hannah said softly.

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soub (gothstew) | 124 comments “I-“ Astrid began, choking back tears. She bit her tongue, not daring to cry in front of the girl. “If it isn’t too much trouble.” She replied, calming herself down. Her temperature went down rapidly as she was able to cool off, but it quickly rose up again as she became slightly flustered and the kindness. “Oh dear..” she mumbled. She was becoming even more anxious now. “I need you to..promise that you won’t tell anyone that I was here..if..if they find out, I’ll surely be sent back home..” she said, her voice cracking slightly.

Astrid’s face flushed as her tunic was cut off. She hoped that the burn mark on her chest wasn’t too obvious, it was now a scar. It came from an incident that she’d rather not think about.

“I don’t want to be any don’t have to..” she said quietly.

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Lily Marie | 118 comments "No, it's nothing," Hannah soothed, "In fact, you're the only visitor I've had all day!" Hannah pulled off her infused gauntlets and handed them to the girl.
"I'm Hannah Hawken." She said, smiling. Hannah soon began to focus her energy into Hannah. It would drain her incredibly, but healing the stranger was her top priority.

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soub (gothstew) | 124 comments Astrid instantly began to feel better. She felt her temperature completely cool down, which hadn’t happened in years. But as soon as she began to feel better, she noticed that Hannah seemed a bit drained. “I- How can I repay you for this? I’m afraid those bandits made off with most of my valuables, but I have some coins- otherwise, I’ll sure my family could compensate you for this...” Astrid replied. “My name is Astrid..Astrid Avenicci.” Astrid said, not using her full name. She didn’t want to be recognized, although the last name Avenicci wasn’t common.

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Lily Marie | 118 comments "Don't worry about it, Astrid." Hannah said with a bright smile.
"Will you go get dinner with me?" Hannah said. She was worried about being too forward, but Astrid was gorgeous and kind, so she had to take a shot in the dark.

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soub (gothstew) | 124 comments “Are you sure?- That would be lovely actually!” Astrid replied. She felt oddly comfortable around Hannah, comfortable enough to actually be herself. It was a weird feeling, something Astrid hadn’t experienced before.

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soub (gothstew) | 124 comments (Boop)

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Lily Marie | 118 comments (sorry!! i must not have seen this! I'll get back to this later.)

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soub (gothstew) | 124 comments (It’s totally fine!! Please, take your time:))

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