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message 1: by Florence (new)

Florence Witkop | 2 comments Hi.
I'm new to this group and to this thread but thought I'd get started with a little about me because that seems to be what new members usually do.

I'm a senior citizen and I've been writing and selling fiction for women for over thirty years, starting with confession stories, which were a great source of income and fun to write but didn't provide any name recognition at all because the stories were published anonymously. Never thought that would matter until the bricks and mortar publishing world went bankrupt and I transitioned to ebooks. Now I wish those stories had had my name on them so I'd have some credibility as a writer! But no matter, it's the present and future that count.

I write women's fiction and it always includes a clean, usually small-town, romance. My stories are set in both the real and the science-fiction/paranormal worlds, though the sci-fi-paranormal element never, ever overwhelms the story.

Now I write for Winged Publications and have six books published by them. Three are in the real world, in the fictional small town of Johns Falls Minnesota and three are paranormal, though all begin in and are grounded in the real world.

So check them out.
The Johns Falls Trilogy:
The Christmas House
A Very Black Cat
Shh -- Don't Tell

The Legends Trilogy:
Spirit Legend
Wolf Legend:
Earth Legend:

So those are the books I'm mentioning today. Will come back another time with details about each of them so you'll be able to decide which is interesting. Though, with Christmas coming, The Christmas House might be a good one to start with. ?And also with other books I've written.

And do other writers feel the same way I do about Amazon removing reviews? I thought I had a fair number until I checked my books and discovered that, according to Amazon, no one has reviewed them. When many people have! I'm flabbergasted.

message 2: by Anna (new)

Anna Faversham (annafaversham) | 82 comments Hello, Florence, and welcome to this group.

Your style of writing sounds good!

I've heard a lot of mutterings from authors about the removal of reviews so you certainly are not the only one to be flabbergasted.

message 3: by Florence (new)

Florence Witkop | 2 comments Glad you think my style sounds good. That's gold for a writer, not to mention that it's nice of you to say so.

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