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Books where the main character ends up with the other love interest?
Đana Krstić Đana Dec 17, 2018 08:49AM
Some Trylle spoilers?
So, I recently read the Trylle series and spoiler she doesn't end up with thw main love interest and I loved it. I read a manga like that as well. Usually there is a main love interest and you just know she's going to end up with and the other guy (rival) is used how perfect the main love interest and mc are. But not here, we think we know how's it gonna go, but no! She actually gets to know the other guy, we grow to love him but think that's not gonna happen, he's not her love interest when BAMM! plot twist they do end up together. I NEED MORE!!! Pleast tell me if you've read more books like this! :33

the maze runner

I read Maze Runner. Love interests weren't so interesting to begin with.

throne of glass

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Dark Visions series, Shatter Me series, Need Series

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