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Happy Holidays

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Jeanne Blasberg (jeanneblasberg) | 49 comments Welcome to the first day of our American Historical Fiction Holiday Open House! I am excited to offer 3 signed hard copies of EDEN as giveaways! To enter to win, please comment below (and sign up for my newsletter here (

The drama in EDEN begins as Becca is preparing for her family to gather for a holiday weekend. Granted it is a summer holiday, but isn’t there something about the anticipation of family gathering, whether in summer or winter, that adds a little skip to our heartbeats? It’s an excitement spiced with anxiety in some cases, or just heightened expectations in others, but in many households, holidays are highly charged times.

As a mother awaiting the return of her adult children this December, I can only learn from my characters’ foibles in EDEN. Tradition is one thing, but obligatory or command performances are never fun for anybody. How can we create settings and homes to which our children want to return? Becca, the matriarch in EDEN, had the help of the beach and the sea, and a community of friends to help draw her family members back summer after summer. In December in Boston, it’s more like a warm hearth, good home cooking, and seeing their siblings that draw my children home. Our favorite traditions include lighting candles, exchanging gifts, playing charades, and going to the movies or out for Chinese food. We are Jewish and so we have already celebrated Chanukah…. But in EDEN, my characters are the epitome of WASP (having left their Jewish roots by the wayside) and time around the Christmas tree or singing carols door to door might have been their thing. Several members of the Meister clan would have also gotten deep into the liquor cabinet! Beware of double dippers into the egg nog!

I hope your family gatherings are happy ones – infused with honesty and the ability for people to be themselves! Destructive characters are inevitable, but like my characters on the page, lets treat them with compassion. Learn from families in stories like EDEN and try not to take four generations to get it right! Honesty is accessible now  I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say that by the end of EDEN, my characters are on an upward trajectory….. forgiveness is not always easy, but it is liberating.

If, you are the ‘matriarch’ or the one setting the tone for your family’s gathering this December, aim for miraculous. May you be present, grateful for the people who bring light into your life, and building traditions around acceptance and love. And most of all, may you get help with the dishes and plenty of time to snuggle up with a book.

Dyana | 187 comments I signed up for your newsletter and have your book on my TBR. Forgiveness is truly liberating. We must all forgive to feel peace within.

Jeanne Blasberg (jeanneblasberg) | 49 comments thanks for signing up!

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Martha Conway | 255 comments Mod
Jeanne wrote: "may you get help with the dishes..."

Love that wish, thank you! I'm in my most voracious reading period: winter. Lots of snuggling with books.


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