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Heartbreaker (Billionaires of White Oaks)
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BUDDY READ: Contemporary/Romance > Heartbreaker, by Lizabeth Scott - Starting December 17th 2018

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Felicia My best friend/business partner, Rachael and I take a leap of faith and buy the old White's Manor with plans to turn it into an event center. All is going as planned until...

A sweet young woman convinces me to open our business before we are ready. I'm not worried. We can do it. But then I meet her brother.

Elias is a home renovation show celebrity which his sister failed to mention! I make a complete bumbling idiot first impression by fan girling all over him. He's suspicious of our motives. He says it's "too coincidental." Yes, I used air quotes.

I find myself more than a little attracted to him. No matter how hard I will my body not to respond to his casual touches and his gorgeousness. It's always there sizzling just under the surface.
Then he kisses me. Or maybe I kiss him. My fantasies are nothing like the real thing... then he opens his mouth. And not in a good way.

It's no wonder we clash worse than popcorn on a ceiling. It takes a firm grip to get it really wet and strip it off. But no matter how slow and easy you go, it's always a mess in the end.

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