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Power Sportz Power Dec 17, 2018 02:31AM
Power Sportz, The idea of the channel was conceived three years ago in 2015, by its Editor-in-chief Kanthi D. Suresh, when an extensive research on Indian sports by her revealed that out of more than 1000+ broadcast channels in the country, not a single one is dedicated to sports. She found that there exists a serious drought of a channel that talks only about sports in the country. This sparked an inspiration that led to the birth of a unique Digital sports news channel-Power Sportz. Since then, much toil has gone into converting this idea into a reality, by Kanthi and her team.

Power Sportz - Interviews with eminent guests, discussions, debates, sporting events, sports trivia, and anecdotes, apart from daily news beats from across the country, Power Sportz will never fail to entertain and inform the sports lover in the country.

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I think you put your comment in the wront place! News of the World is not about sports?!

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