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The End! (Spoiler Alert)

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Ovidio Perez This will be longingly written and so much to say for parting is such sweet sorrows or is it? So, let us begin what can we say Cassandra Clare is full of secrets. Like having an alternate world known as Thule which is one of the worst worlds thanks to Thule Sebastian rule. But we got Emma and Ash to thank for killing Sebastian. I really like Thule Livvy and the alternate world seems like a horrible place to live in. I want to read more about the Thule world and how it will affect future series. It freaks me out to know Ash is the son of Sebastian and the Seelie Queen. Clary Fairchild has a nephew and let us hope he will be a good force. He has proven himself by helping Emma slay his Thule version father. Kit Herondale is another with fairy blood in him. Kit comes from a long generation of kin that have come from the union of Seelie and Unseelie court. Which means Kit can be the ruler of both courts if he wants to be. How I was rooting for Kit and Tiberius love so much so. It killed me knowing Kit never got to kiss Tiberius on the lips. It sucks knowing Kit professed his love for Ty only for Ty to shove Kit back to raise his dead sister Livvy from the grave. That backfired yikes now we have a ghost Livvy which Ty will eventually pay the price of bringing halfway from the dead. Maybe Ty is already paying the price for now Kit has abandon him to live with Tessa and Jem. Speaking of fairies, I am still a huge fan of Kieran and Mark. Kieran is now King of the Unseelie court. I am not fond of this threesome relationship between Kieran, Mark, and Cristina. Thank you, Cristina, for ruining my ship between my two lovebirds and adding yourself into the equation. I still love Cristina for being a best friend to Emma which those two should set up a date to be parabatai bestie. I am curious of the nature of Ash and Dru will those two eventually meet up? Will they date? Especially now that Dru no longer has a love interest in Jamie due to the age difference. I am happy for Diana for coming out as transgender and her love for Gwyn in the wild hunt will be a blissful one. Getting to see Emma and Julian turn into giant Nephilim due to parabatai curse was a huge shocker for everyone. I love how they killed Horace Dearborn, but it is a shame Zara Dearborn did not die alongside her father. I really wanted Zara and Manuel to die in this book, but they lived sadly. I was excited to hear that Alec was named the new Consul, but deeply sadden that Zara and them Cohort members managed to gain the upper hand by kicking everyone out of Idris there home with the whole prisoners planning to commit suicide mission. Alec never should have negotiated with them prisoners I would have let them slit their throats and be done with it. Alicante was a home for all Shadowhunters and will now be known as a prison for those Cohort members. I guess they will establish a new home alongside downworlders and humans alike. It looks like Perfect Diego will be the Inquisitor and Alec Lightwood as Consul. I was jumping up and down with glee that Alec and Magnus Bane got married. That had to be my most favorite chapter out of everything was attending Alec and Magnus wedding. My two gay babies finally got married. Emma and Julian are no longer parabatai and can finally love openly in front of everyone. I want to hitch a hike on Emma and Julian travel plans around the globe. That Epilogue though, I was not expecting for Ash to come back from Thule world with alternate Thule Jace. Nor was I expecting for Thule Jace to demand that the Seelie Queen bring Clary Fairchild to him. My heart suddenly spiked with fear for Clary. Who knows what Thule Jace will want to do with Clary… >.<”

Tania I wonder when Cassie Clare will release the series after dark artifices. So much left hanging!

Ovidio Perez Tania wrote: "I wonder when Cassie Clare will release the series after dark artifices. So much left hanging!"

Right! Like I need it right now, but we will most likely be left in the dark ages for who knows how long. I see Cassandra Clare working on a lot of other books that seem to be set in the past... ^^"

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