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message 1: by Eva (new)

Eva Delaney | 5 comments Hi everyone,

I'm looking for ARC readers to read and review my upcoming sci-fi romance book. ARCs will be sent to readers at the beginning of January and reviews will be due on launch day, January 15. Both Amazon and GoodReads reviews are appreciated!

The book is reverse harem, which means it's a romance with one woman and multiple men. Please only sign-up if you're okay with that type of romance.

If you're interested, message me and I'll send you the link to the sign-up page.

The book's blurb is below:

Fighter pilot. Smuggler. Hellraiser. The future of the galaxy rests on the battle-weary shoulders of Captain Calpurnia and her crew of five rebels.

With war raging between the cruel Supremacy and the courageous Uprising, little hope is left in the galaxy. Calpurnia has a chance to end the battle by recovering crucial information, but her mission takes her deep into enemy territory. Determined to stop her, a power-hungry murderer is close on her trail.

On her high-stakes quest, Calpurnia finds herself trapped on a spaceship with a crew of scoundrels: A gritty soldier, a shy genius, a mysterious bounty hunter, a gentle doctor, and a cocky pilot.

This fiercely independent captain is suddenly tempted by alluring allies. Will she succumb to the men’s’ charms or shove them out the airlock?

Torn between her fear of loneliness and her fear of losing another friend, Calpurnia must charge into battle alongside her seductive crew. Can she escape a killer and save the galaxy, while navigating the spiraling constellations of her heart?

Jennifer / JG's Reads (jnnfrgee) | 3 comments I’m interested in reading it. 😊

message 3: by Eva (new)

Eva Delaney | 5 comments Jennifer wrote: "I’m interested in reading it. 😊"

Thanks, Jennifer! I sent you a message with the details.

message 4: by Liz (new)

Liz [reads books] (lizbooker) I'll read this

message 5: by Eva (new)

Eva Delaney | 5 comments Liz wrote: "I'll read this"

Thanks, Liz! I messaged you the details.

Tammy | 4 comments I would love to read.

message 7: by Eva (new)

Eva Delaney | 5 comments Tammy wrote: "I would love to read."

Thanks, Tammy! I just sent you a message with the details.

Tammy | 4 comments Done! Thank you.

Kathy (kathy_setter) | 1 comments I'd be interested in reading this. I tried messaging you, but I got an error that you were not found!

message 10: by Miss Piggy (new)

Miss Piggy | 2 comments I'd love to be part of your arc please

Regina Kiddy (reginareadsromance) | 4 comments Me to love these kind

message 12: by Eva (new)

Eva Delaney | 5 comments Thanks, everyone! I'm sending each of you a message with the details now.

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