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BUDDY READ: Contemporary/Romance > Dumplin (Dumplin #1) by Julie Murphy - Restarting May 8th 2019

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Shayla Kopp (shaylakopp) We are doing a buddy read on Dumplin Starting December 17 2018, and planning on reading it in 10 days.

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Uswa Tayyab (sweetbookcrush) | 7 comments I am in

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Uswa Tayyab (sweetbookcrush) | 7 comments I am on chapter 6 and why is (view spoiler)

Shannara | 727 comments So I’m liking it so far but it kind of bothers me that her mom calls her Dumplin at all. It’s not a very nice nickname and I feel like she has to know that...

Shannara | 727 comments Uswa wrote: "I am on chapter 6 and why is [spoilers removed]"

Yeah, I dunno. (view spoiler)

Shayla Kopp (shaylakopp) I also really like Lucy already, I think she is going to be kind of an opposite force to Dumplins mom. I also already love Bo, very excited for that haha Ok sorry I don't know how to hide spoilers lol

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Uswa Tayyab (sweetbookcrush) | 7 comments 39% done (view spoiler)

Shannara | 727 comments What chapter should I try and finish today? I’m reading an ebook and I think I’m a little behind...

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Uswa Tayyab (sweetbookcrush) | 7 comments So there are sixty one chapters and we have to finish in 10 days so six chapters a day would be good

Shayla Kopp (shaylakopp) I really like this quote:

"It was funny. I used to think of myself as a Monday and Ellen as a Friday. But Monday’s and Fridays were just twenty four hour stretches of time with different names."

Shannara | 727 comments I’m not quite halfway through and I’ve got to say (view spoiler)

Shayla Kopp (shaylakopp) Ok I'm not gonna lie I have fallen behind with this due to the holidays and all the craziness, but i'm still chugging along lol.

Im on page 158: I love how Dumplin stands up to her mom and tells her how her treatment makes her feel. I think her mom is a small minded person who doesn't understand how her words and actions make others feel, or maybe she just doesn't care.

Shayla Kopp (shaylakopp) I'm on page 208 and I love this quote:Good friendships are durable. They're meant to survive the gaps and the growing pains.

What a great quote! I really appreciate how Julie Murphy writes friendships that are not perfect. Fighting with your friends is inevitable even your forever friends so its nice to see not just the love of the friendship but also the reality of it as well.

Shannara | 727 comments @Shayla

Yes! I totally agree about Will’s mom. I just don’t appreciate the way she talks to Will sometimes. She just comes across as mean and cold.

Shannara | 727 comments I've finished this and I really liked it. I was happy that (view spoiler) I do want to read the next one, but I think I need a break before diving into that. Have you all finished yet?

Shayla Kopp (shaylakopp) I have about 50 pages left, but I also really enjoyed this book, I think it was a fun fluffy. I'll post more when I finish these last pages up

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Karen Barber | 10137 comments *********************************************************************

Please can we have this reset for 8th May 2019


Karen Barber | 10137 comments Opening four chapters really make me nervous. Willow dean seems to be trying hard to give a positive vibe but she’s really judgmental. Hoping the Dolly Parton link doesn’t go into drag-queen cliche (not sure how, but that’s what I immediately think of).

Karen Barber | 10137 comments Up to ch8. (view spoiler)

Karen Barber | 10137 comments Up to ch26. Seriously, how can someone not understand that nickname isn’t affectionate?

Karen Barber | 10137 comments Up to ch31. Bold, or daft? I can’t decide. For such good friends these two are remarkably clueless about each other.

Karen Barber | 10137 comments Up to ch42. Surprised that people are so accommodating of Willowdean’s mood swings. The thing with her and Mitch is a bad idea,

Karen Barber | 10137 comments Up to ch53. No matter what she says, she has such little self-confidence. Hope someone calls her on it soon.

Karen Barber | 10137 comments Skye, did you manage to start this? Let me know if not, and I'll keep an eye out for your comments.
Finished - review on home page. I wanted to like this more than I did.

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