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ethan “Kathryn Lasky’s” GUARDIANS OF GA'HOOLE is a classic hero mythology about the fight between good and evil. This series is filled with adventure, suspense, and heart. Kathryn Lasky is an American children's writer who also writes for adults. Kathryn Lasky has wrote a series on The Capture, I have read book 1, “The Guardians Of Ga'hoole.” This novel is about a young barn owl named Soren who has lived and was living with his family, but as a freak accident had happened to him, next thing he knows he finds himself snatched by several mighty owls as they bring him to a orphanage where they will train him and thousands of other owl's to be the best they can be as an owls. Soren will need to go through obstacles, emotional times, and work, If he ever wants to see his family again. “Kathryn Lasky’s” GUARDIANS OF GA'HOOLE just like Homer’s The Odyssey is just like the Hero’s Journey archetype.

“GUARDIANS OF GA'HOOLE,” like The Odyssey, clearly presents the Departure phase of the Hero’s Journey. Early in the book, Soren, the barn owl, is called to adventure when he falls out of his tree where he lives with his family and lands on the ground alone, he calls for help, no one answers. He is scared all alone in the dark, and to add more to fright to him during the night is when the dangerous creatures come out to kill, like raccoons. All of a sudden something comes down and snatches him, it was another owl, and beside him were others holding other small owls with their claws. He couldn't believe this was happening to him, he for sure thought he was dead already, much like Odysseus refused to accept his call to fight in the Trojan War. The owls cam closer to the ground, and then dropped the owls into what looked like a dome covered with trees, a big owl came onto the flat ground in the dome and said, “welcome to St. Aegolius Academy For Orphaned Owls”(30) Soren could not believe what he’d heard. This will lead us from the Departure phase into the second of the three stages, the Quest.
Soren’s quest begins when he finds himself swooped up from an owl and then dropped into an orphanage with thousands of owls, he doesn't know why he ended up here he has a family. He will have to go through obstacles with his friends he meets there, and he will have to be taught the ways of owls. To be able to go out on his own, and go back to his family. The main trouble at the orphanage, are some of the teachers and guardians, they are very strict in the way they teach things. Soren questions the way the teachers and guardians teach these owls, were these owls even teachers, and are they really protecting us. This place will be a huge change for Soren. He has to act fast. This will take us to the last stage in “GUARDIANS OF GA'HOOLE,” the Return

Similery, “Kathryn Lasky’s” GUARDIANS OF GA'HOOLE and Homer’s The odyssey both represent the archetype from the hero's journey. Just like Odysseus experiences the three stages of his novel, so does Soren in “GUARDIANS OF GA'HOOLE,” Soren’s call to adventure, his quest and his return all happens at very similar times in the stories. Books like these are truly amazing because it explains in detail what amazing and scary journey these hero's have had. If you like adventure and epic journeys this is the novel for you.

Veronica Myers I love how you alluded to the classic "hero's journey" in comparison to The Odyssey. Great comparison!

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