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Katie L. Tyler (klynntyler) | 10 comments Mod
This is over Chapters 1-18 from our Instagram page. If you've just started reading or have already read the book, please reply accordingly. Try not to include spoilers and if you do, please let the reader know in advance.

Happy Bookclubing!

Week 1: Chapters 1-5
1: Who are the important characters?

2: Do you like Miles?

3: Do you like Tate?

4: If so, what characteristics do you like? Dislike?

5: Why do you think Miles said "Rachel," and was so distraught in chapter 1?

6: Was Rachel significant in Miles life?

7: Or just a girl he liked?

8: What do you see happening between Mile's and Tate?

9: Do you think Rachel will come back in Mile's life?

10: Do you think Mile's and Tate will end up together?

11: Do you like Collen Hoover's writing style so far?

12: Do you like this genre of book?

Week 2: Chapters 6-18

1: What are your thoughts on Rachel and Miles now that you know their parents are together?

2: Do you think it’s unfair?

3: What do you think will happen during Thanksgiving?

4: Referencing Corbin, do you think it’s considerable that he thought Miles was gay?

5: How do you feel about Hoover referencing if a guy doesn’t hookup on the regular, he’s not interested in women?

6: How do you feel about the vibe Miles gives Tate?

7: Were you expecting Miles and Tate to hookup?

8: What is your favorite scene so far?

9: What are you interested in seeing in the next chapters?

10: How do you feel about
Miles and Tate's arrangement?

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Katie L. Tyler (klynntyler) | 10 comments Mod
Courtney wrote: "Hey! So I’ve already read Ugly love (I won’t include any spoilers) but I utterly despised this book. The main character Tate I felt lacked any maturity and was quite dumb at times.

I felt this boo..."

Court, I'm so happy you expressed your honest feelings! Tbh I've already read this book too and it pissed me off. I've recently read Colleen's new book Verity and it was completely different than any other book she's wrote, including this one. She has a great sense for love stories, but I feel like she rushed through things too quickly. I don't think I've wrote a review for it yet, but I won't be rating that that greatly.

Yes! Well this was just for the chapters over weeks one and two, but it's still a discussion and to be honest, I'm still trying to figure out how this works on here as well lmao.

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