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A Small World (Zombies! #1)
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R.S. Merritt | 174 comments https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07...

Pick up where Book 2 of the Zombies! series left off. Continue the adventure as Randy and Kelly continue the search for their daughters in a world gone mad. Kyler doggedly pursues his assigned espionage mission no longer knowing whether or not he believes in it. The girls struggle with loss in a hard world that continues to challenge their will to survive and their faith in their parents to come rescue them. This Post Apocalyptic thrill ride continues to power through a world of lost souls reeking of death and misery. Join in the journey.

This is Book 3 of the Zombies! Series. It is highly advised to start with Book 1 as these book are intended to be read in order.

A Small World (Zombies! #1) by R.S. Merritt Against the Current (Zombies! #2) by R.S. Merritt Violence Solves Everything (Zombies! #3) by R.S. Merritt

R.S. Merritt | 174 comments A post-apocalyptic horror series thriller following the adventures of normal people in extraordinary circumstances as they fight their way through the apocalypse.


A Small World (Zombies! #1) by R.S. Merritt

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Justin (justinbienvenue) | 2788 comments Love the cover themes!

R.S. Merritt | 174 comments Justin wrote: "Love the cover themes!"

Thanks Justin!

R.S. Merritt | 174 comments Book 5 Of the Crawlerz Series Available on July 1st!!!

Pre Order your copy today!




The intensity ratchets up even more in Book 5 of the Crawlerz series. The infected continue to develop subtle new powers that could spell the end of the normal human race. Mankind is scattered and resources are growing more limited by the day. Add in a large percentage of the population that was left high and dry by their elected leaders who now have a deadly chip on their shoulders. Hope has become a four letter word.Into this wretched new normal strides our trio of everyday heroes. Yue, Drew, and LeBron may not wear capes. They may not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound but they share the moral compass of those tights wearing guardians of humanity. That moral compass and their love for one another is what they're betting will see them safely to the end of the race. Drew's bringing a big bag of grenades along to just in case....

Enjoy the ride!!!

Red Sky in the Morning (Crawlerz, #1) by R.S. Merritt Batten Down the Hatches (Crawlerz, #2) by R.S. Merritt The Mountains Are Calling (Crawlerz #3) by R.S. Merritt From the Ashes (Crawlerz #4) by R.S. Merritt Off the Rails (Crawlerz #5) by R.S. Merritt


R.S. Merritt | 174 comments Enjoy all 7 Books in the Zombies! Series. Now available on Amazon.




Enjoy the ride!!!

Check out the whole series!

A Small World (Zombies! #1) by R.S. Merritt Against the Current (Zombies! #2) by R.S. Merritt Violence Solves Everything (Zombies! #3) by R.S. Merritt Nowhere To Hide (Zombies! #4) by R.S. Merritt Greater Love Hath No Man (Zombies! #5) by R.S. Merritt Hold the Line (Zombies! #6) by R.S. Merritt

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