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Ethan Woudwyk The book Wild Card by Marie Lu is a decent book no the best. Wild Card is about a hacker who is trying to prevent a friend of hers from continuing to pretty much control the world with the neurolink. In Wild Card the main character pretty much follows the hero’s journey like in The odyssey, which is about odysseus’s travels from after the trojan war and all of the challenges he must face, by Homer. Emika gets called to adventure by a person, doesn’t want to go, ends up going, solves the problem and returned to the normal world and everything is pretty great and this book was written in the year of 2018 meaning that Campbell's hero’s journey is still used in literature today.

In Wild Card the hero follows the hero's journey quite well just like the Odyssey follows it. Emika is called to her adventure by Zero when he is seeing if Emika still wants to stop the neurolink (24-29) which a person you would know about if you read the first book. Then she refuses to come because she doesn't exactly trust Zero but then she is eventually forced to go because she is being tracked be assassins. Sort of like when Odysseus decides he doesn’t want to go to troy and be at war. Then Emika sort of forced to work for zero and then moves on to the stage after the call to adventure, the quest.

Then after that they went on to the quest phase where the hero goes on the quest. In The
Odyssey Odysseus’s quest brings him on a bunch of adventures and challenges and whatever else. Likewise in Wildcard something similar is shown Emika goes on this adventure to stop the neurolink from controlling, well sort of controlling just making it so no one can do anything bad and if they do it makes it so they go to the police, everyone. Then she also faces a lot of challenges on the way like actualling taking down the neurolink and a bunch of other stuff. Then after all this happens and the problem has been solved Emika then returns to the normal world.

After all of the adventure and quest stuff happens the hero then returns to the normal world and everything is great again. In The Odyssey this happened after Odysseus finally made it home and defeated the suitors. Then after he did all that everything was great he was with Penelope, he was with his son, and all the suitors were gone. This also happens in Wildcard after all of the quest stuff happens. Emika returns to the normal world, all is great, the neurolink is gone, and everything is cool and that is all there is to the hero's journey in this novel.

As stated before Wildcard and The Odyssey both share the hero's journey. Both books have the main character called to adventure go on a quest then return to the normal world and have everything be great. Emika is called to adventure by zero like when Odysseus is called to adventure in The Iliad and just like Odysseus refused to go so did Emika. Also Emika goes on this long journey to try to get something she wants, to take down then neurolink, Odysseus did the same thing but he wanted to get to his family. Its pretty cool how the hero's journey has stuck around for thousands of years and is still being used in books written now. However, its pretty cool the hero’s journey is in this book, it wasn’t the best book but it wasn't awful though sort of in between.

Georgia Irvine-Casault The Warcross series is easily the best series Marie Lu has ever done, but I have to say that the first book was definitely better than the second book in the series. Although I enjoyed Wildcard the ending wasn't the best and I wish it ended better. Overall I thought the writing was beautiful and I absolutely adored the characters.

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