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message 1: by Laura (new)

Laura Holson (goodreadscomholson_laura) | 4 comments In 2019, I plan to read 60 books (up from 50). I intend to open myself up to books from a much wider selection of genres as I need to stretch this ol’ brain of mine a bit more!

message 2: by Blagica , Cheerleader! (last edited Dec 16, 2018 06:53AM) (new)

Blagica  | 11916 comments Laura 60 sounds like lots of fun. Do you have genre's in mind that you want to try? Wishing you the best in the coming year.

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Blagica  | 11916 comments Doing great keep up the great reading!

message 4: by Blagica , Cheerleader! (new)

Blagica  | 11916 comments You have read some very interesting books this year. Keep up the great reading!

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