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Hannah Hannah Dec 16, 2018 01:10AM
OMG OMG OMG. No words after finishing Queen of Air and Darkness. *SPOILER ALERT* BUT OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. I have so many predictions!! Like God there's def gonna be a love triangle with Dru, Ash, and Jaime. And Kit and Tyyyyy! They're gonna have to get together. And the whole thing with Livvy's ghost needs to be resolved (the price to pay, the fact that Julian and the others don't know, etc.) And I knew that we would see Ash again, Cassie wouldn't have gone through with his entire story just to make him disappear. BUT THAT CLIFFHANGER. I AM EXCITED FOR CLARY AND JACE AND THEIR WHOLE WORLD ALL OVER AGAIN AND I NEVER THOUGHT WE WOULD BE GIVEN THE CHANCE TO BE AGAIN! THANK YOU SO MUCH CASSIE! WE LOVE YOU! Please write and release The Wicked Powers as soon as you can, we can't bear the wait! How will we survive until then??

Ovidio (last edited May 11, 2020 02:04AM ) May 07, 2020 05:18PM   0 votes
Yasss Faatima, I agree with everything you are saying right now. I am so excited this will be about Kit Herondale and Ty Blackthorn. I ship them so hard. I am a fan for more gay lovers to be the main characters of the story. I want to see Kit and Ty kissing and madly in love. My dreams are finally coming to fruition. We need to find out more about what is going on with Idris, Thule Word, and the other Jace (aka calling himself Janus now) who came from the Thule world. Also, let's not forget Ash Morgenstern. My heart is soaring with excitement... <333

Emma (last edited Jan 10, 2022 08:02AM ) Jan 09, 2022 06:43AM   0 votes
I can not wait for the Dru, Ash, and Jamie love triangle! However, Cassie said the Dru would be 16 or 17 in TWP. In TDA Jamie was 17 but that was 2012. Cassie said this series would take place in 2015. Which means Jamie would be 20 or 21 in TWP. That makes it not allowed for them to legally date. Ash is said to be 13 in TDA so he would be 16 or 17 in TWP. That means Dru and Ash can legally date. Either way, I am sooooo excited for this series!!!

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