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OMG OMG OMG. No words after finishing Queen of Air and Darkness. *SPOILER ALERT* BUT OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. I have so many predictions!! Like God there's def gonna be a love triangle with Dru, Ash, and Jaime. And Kit and Tyyyyy! They're gonna have to get together. And the whole thing with Livvy's ghost needs to be resolved (the price to pay, the fact that Julian and the others don't know, etc.) And I knew that we would see Ash again, Cassie wouldn't have gone through with his entire story just to make him disappear. BUT THAT CLIFFHANGER. I AM EXCITED FOR CLARY AND JACE AND THEIR WHOLE WORLD ALL OVER AGAIN AND I NEVER THOUGHT WE WOULD BE GIVEN THE CHANCE TO BE AGAIN! THANK YOU SO MUCH CASSIE! WE LOVE YOU! Please write and release The Wicked Powers as soon as you can, we can't bear the wait! How will we survive until then??

I CANNOT WAIT FOR TWP!!! LIKE I SHIP KITTY SOOOOOO HARD!!! like nobody talks about someones eyelashes without having a crush on them!!! And, obviously, it's been a few years, sooo SIZZY/CLACE BABIES!!! AND more Max and Rafe!!!!
But there's like political challenges (*cough* zara *cough*) that need to be addressed (DIE ZARA!!!)
There's that scene in QoAaD where Kit teaches Dru how to pick locks and then defends her to Ty, so if in TWP there's an awkward scene, like: no, ty, i don't like her, i like you. Something like that anyway. I don't know but everyone will end dying.
i've only been in this fandom for 6 months but this world is going to be the death of me.

Faatima wrote: "OMG OMG OMG. No words after finishing Queen of Air and Darkness. *SPOILER ALERT* BUT OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. I have so many predictions!! Like God there's def gonna be a love triangle with Dru, Ash, a..."

AAaahhhhh so true!!!! Can't wait to see all of this happen and get some answers in The Wicked Powers!!!

OMG YOU'VE MADE ME SO EXCITED AGAIN. Love you for that. Also yes your enemies-to-lovers explanation makes SO much sense, and I've really gotten into enemies-to-lovers recently so I'm even more excited if possible. Kit leaving without saying goodbye had me so upset. I completely forgot about Ash (which makes me 1000x more excited) and yes I definitely remember shipping Dru and Jaime. Cassie, WE NEED A HAPPY ENDING, ESPECIALLY AFTER YOU KILLED LIVVY 😭😭😭😭

Also I just re-read my post, it's just that I wrote it so long ago haha

Okay I read the book a while ago and I wanna share my predictions for TWP so badly. So let's gooo. Cassie had love triangle with Jem, Will and Tessa. (and also Clary, Jace and Simon, but that's not that big of a love triangle through the series.) Then we had incest (Clary and Jace)that wasn't really an incest if you know what I mean and we had forbidden love (Emma, Julian). So I think that we will have the enemy to lovers type of thing. And it makes sense that there would be love triangle with Jaime and I really hope there will be, because I ship them since he fell to her room through the window. I loved them together watching horrors and they are one of my OTP. So I really hope we will get some Jaime and Dru content. And KitTy... it makes me wanna cry that Kit left with out saying goodbye and I read some theories to how they could meet and they all sound amazing. Also I read that TWP are supposed to change the whole shadowhunter world which is concerning. I think there are two possibilities they either defeat demons or shadowhunters will be defeated. I think Cassie is capable of making sad ending. because she never did one. It would be interesting to see shadowhunters defeated, but I don't want that to happen, because the characters don't deserve that ending. We will see... who knows maybe Dru becomes villain because of Ash, there are so many things that could happen and I'm so excited for the series.

I am honestly looking for to get rid of thule jace/or maybe they would end up being another kierktina (I am calling it jaclace jace&clary&jace) most people would kill for one jace and she can have 2 this is funny to even think..
Back to the subject I am probably the first Dru&Ash shipper in the world(second day lord of shadow came out) and he was just a rude fey priceling named Ash And I shipped so hard I couldnt care who the heck are/were his parents (BUT WAIT HE CAN MAKE DRU SEELIE QUEEN we all want to replace that bi**h so who better than our Dru) And she could be the reason to stopp him from going full on sebastian coz HE GOT THAT POTENTIAL with his wicked charms and demonic runes.Only problem is that he will walk into Dru' life 3-4 years after when she will be 16-17 and probably all over Jamie(if Julian had not already murdered him for hiding in her room in london institute by then) Ash will be facing quite a competition coz Jamie was there in her life for years and he was a far forgotten memory of a rude boy in fey(I MISSED CASSIE' LOVE TRIANGLES THERE WAS NONE IN TDA).
Kitty part was really heartbreaking I barely survived the part he scream-cried I love you Ty I love you and he told Livvy THERE IS NOTHING IF YOU ARENT THERE.... OMG poor Kit but it was rude of him to leave without saying a goodbye or at least checkin Jemma are okey you know THEY FUCKING BURNED WITH HAEVENLY FIRE BOY entire world came check on them even The King of Unseelie himself ;) I just love Kierktina's selfless love for each other They lightened the books we will turn into monsters die and bring down good people with us atmosphere(which wasnt sunshine and rainbows at all) I STILL CANT BELIEVE JEMMA JUST GOT AWAY ALIVE AND WELL FROM THE CURSE(perks of having the hugest family I guess)
Rest of the book was good tough I liked heartless Julian too and how hard Emma faught for him coz in LM and LoS it was constantly Julian who loved who suffered who hid and Emma just happened to be loved by him But in Queen we were convinced her love is also big enough for the both and matching to his IT WAS BEAUTIFULL
THEY ARE GONNA BE THE HAPPY COUPLE IN TWP I can hardly believe that..
Ty&Kit&Dru will definety go to thule in TWP and I cant wait for it... I just hope it wont be thule world who will pay the price for Ty' actions
And I always hoped Ty would bring Livvy back to Annabels body with only person to die Annabell who was also responsible but no one havent even mentioned about possibilty(ragnor toşd the it was one of the methods Ty was like we are not killing anybody) and at the end why wouldnt we kill someone like Horace and I am like WHY DID YOU HAD TO TAKE WORST OF WORSTS FROM JULES' MANNERS?!

Ace That was probably the most indepth and passionate thing I've ever seen! :) ...more
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