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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1766 comments Dangerous Rp

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡‿◡)} LOL I will get my characters here as soon as I can. I have a busy evening so I won't be able to respond much, sorry about that... :/
But normally I'm active. :)

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1766 comments It's all good. I understand that we are busy outside of roleplay so don't stress about that. I have to warn you on Monday I will not be as active as I like because I am getting a filling redone at the dentist again and I don't know how loopy I will be after.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡‿◡)} XD Okay I totally understand! And most likely I will be busy Tuesday...
Currently looking for some good names before I have to go.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1766 comments xD I'm currently on mobile so I'm working on characters on my phone but I promise they will be up soon.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡‿◡)} Okay! Mine too, hopefully, if I can decide on names already!

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1766 comments Haha yeah same.

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Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡‿◡)} Wren Matthews
Age: 17
Gender: female
Looks: straight brown hair of average length, green eyes, small but stronger than she looks. She’s a bit of a daredevil with a quick attitude/short temper.

Reuben Keelan
Age: 17
Gender: male
Looks: blue eyes, dark wavy hair, broad shouldered, on the shorter side, strong

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1766 comments Tony Christian
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Looks: Blonde hair, blue eyes, 6'3, and kind.

Jasmine Thompson
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Looks: Long caramel colored hair, brown eyes, athletic build, manipulative, and stubborn.

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Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡‿◡)} ((Are you alright with starting us off?))

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1766 comments ((Sure:) Sorry it was a crappy starting.))

Tony was looking under the hood of his car on the side of the freeway. He was trying to figure out what else is broken with this piece of crap car. He sighed softly when all that was coming out was heat and smoke. He moved away and grabbed his phone before he dialed his insurance. Then again he was tempted to go and push his car off the freeway and to his place but he can't do that.

Jasmine walked out of the mansion her parents owned. She could still hear them fighting on the inside but being rich meant they could fight on the inside and look perfect on the outside. Jasmine walked over to her white Mercedes. She got inside before she started the car and pulled out of her driveway.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡‿◡)} ((Thanks! Here I am! XD))

Wren fidgeted on the couch for the hundredth time, waiting for her parents to finally be done with the conversation. Okay, these weren't her real parents, they were simply just another set of annoying foster parents. One year left to go and she'd be free of this mess. Her real parents had both died in a car accident when she was about nine years old. And since they hadn't had any relatives left behind, she was doomed to go to foster care.
"Wren! I said do you understand?" Mom asked firmly.
"Uh, yeah." Wren wasn't sure exactly what she was saying yes to, which meant that no, she didn't understand, but she was sick of sitting here.
"I hope it won't happen again." Dad frowned. "You're way too old for this kind of stuff."
"Sorry." Wren mumbled.

Reuben finished typing up his school assignment for high school, shutting his laptop and stretching. It was so nice to complete it; writing was not his stronghold, or whatever they called it. He'd much rather go to a football game or watch T.V. Dad probably wouldn't let him do that, though. He sighed, plopped onto his bed, and pulled out his phone.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1766 comments Tony sighed when the tow truck came to him. The driver hooked up his car before he got inside with the tow truck driver. He sat back during the ride when they arrived at the mechanic's office. Tony went inside before he signed the paper works for his car to be fixed. He walked over to the dinner that he worked at. Tony walked inside of the dinner before he slipped on his apron and started working. Tony was more annoyed at the fact that now he had no car and he had to walk from his house to the dinner, and the school.

Jasmine drove to the local ice rink. She had practices with ice skating and she would much rather be at the rink than at her home. She had finished all her homework already. She parked in front before she got out of the car and grabbed her gym bag. Before she walked into the rink before she sat down and slipped on her skates and tightened the strings. Jasmine walked onto the ice and started to glide around.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡‿◡)} ((How should we get them to meet?))

Wren finally stood up from the couch and walked down to her bedroom, feeling annoyed and glum. She hated how there were restrictions on nearly everything. It wasn't like she wanted to do completely stupid things, like steal something or join a gang. All she wanted to do was have fun. But the last time she did, she had only gotten in a bit of trouble.
Phooey. These parents weren't even her real parents. Wren shut the door and frowned heavily. She hated the idea of being grounded. She glanced over at the window.

On his phone, Reuben went on YouTube and searched for the latest football game. He put his earbuds in and played it. A few minutes later he was interrupted by a knock on the door.
"Reuben!" It was his dad. He sighed, pulled out an earbud, and said, "Yeah?"
"I have to talk to you about something." Dad opened the door and stepped inside.
Reuben pressed pause. "Uh, yeah. What's up?"
Dad walked over. "I just got a call from Mom."
"Oh." Reuben sat up on his bed, pulling his knees up to his chest. "So how did the meeting go?"
Dad shook his head. "She's still looking. Someone else was accepted for the job."
"Can't she just get a job at the diner or something? She likes cooking, and it's an easy job." Reuben threw up his hands. Mom had been laid off from her last job and was now on the lookout.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1766 comments ((Maybe they all end up at the dinner and there could be an attempted robbery?))

Tony cleaned up the groups of tables before he went to the counter. He started to take orders and bring out food to the different tables. It was starting to become more crowded as more people came into the diner. There were several discount meals today on the menu he was glad it was busy. When it wasn't too busy it was boring to Tony and it kept him determined to finish his shift well.
"Tony I need you to close today instead of going home at seven." He heard his boss say to him. "Alright, no problem," Tony called to him. He brought out more food before setting it at the tables. He cleaned up, took orders, and packed up leftovers. Tony has been working at the diner for over two years now he could be a manager but he sticks to being a waiter for now. Manager position would send him out of high school and right now he didn't need that.
"Hey Jasmine, would you like your regular order?" He asked her. Jasmine nodded her head. "Alright, one double burger, fries, and a vanilla shake." He said to her. "I'll bring it to you when it's done," Tony said to her.

Jasmine had practiced her ice skating routine for about an hour before she finished off her practice. Jasmine got off the ice before she slipped off her skates and slipped on her tennis shoes. She pulled her hair up into a ponytail before she fixed her makeup and packed away the last of her stuff. She heard her stomach growl lightly she sighed and got up before she walked out of the rink.
Jasmine walked to her car before she put her stuff inside. Jasmine started her car as she got in and buckled herself up. She pulled out of the parking spot before she drove to the diner. She actually studied there a lot when she didn't want ot be surrounded by her parents and their important guests. Jasmine parked in front of the diner before she got out and walked inside. "Hey Tony," She said to the waiter who she has seen many times he always helped her out when she was studying. He was close to a friend but he was always distancing himself from her she wasn't sure what was his past but she wouldn't push. She heard his response and his question about her order. She nodded her head. "Thank you," Jasmine walked over to one of the booths near the door she sat back and took out her laptop. She opened it up and started working on an assignment that wasn't due until two weeks.

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Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡‿◡)} ((Sure okay!))

Wren shook her head in frustration. No, there was no way she was going to just stay in her room the rest of the night. She wasn't sure she could handle it. She went to her bedroom door, locked it, then crept to the window. Wren opened the blinds and unlocked the window, shoving the frame upwards and popping out the screen. She almost climbed out but remembered to grab a sweatshirt, which she quickly zipped on, and her wallet.
Then she stuck a leg out the window, bent low, and hopped onto the grass outside. Thankfully they were at ground level. Wren pulled down the window best she could from the outside and went into a jog, heading for the diner.
Wren got to the diner not too long after and found an empty seat to herself. She shoved back her tangled brown hair.

Reuben watched Dad shut the door again, feeling a bit sad. So Mom was going to be out late again, looking for some sort of job that never showed up. Since Dad wasn't great at cooking dinner anyway, Reuben decided to head to the local diner in town. He stuffed a few bucks into his pocket and told Dad where he was going.
Dad sighed. "Alright, then. Be back by 11."
Reuben grinned, then left the house. He took his bike, since it was good weather for a ride. The diner was a bit crowded, but he found a seat next to an older gentleman. "Mind if I sit here?" He asked.
"Of course." agreed the man.
"Thanks." Reuben sat on the chair beside him and waited for service.
"I'd like two burgers, please, and a coke." He told a waiter.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡‿◡)} ((I'll respond tomorrow! Night!))

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1766 comments ((Is it alright if we both play a robber so it's fairer with our characters?))

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡‿◡)} ((Sure, but I wouldn't mind if you were the only robber))

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡‿◡)} ((But I'm also fine with being a robber. I'll respond tomorrow! And I understand if you won't be able to yourself, depending on how you feel. (; ))

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1766 comments ((Yeah I just think it would be a bit more effective if there's two. My post will be up soon.))

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1766 comments Tony grabbed more plates of food he brought Jasmine's order to her before he gave more orders to the guests. He walked over to more tables and took some orders. One guy ordered two burgers and a coke, "Alright I'll bring that out ot you right away sir." He said to Reuben.
Tony walked over to another girl that was sitting alone. "Hi welcome to Star Diner, what can I get you?" He asked Wren. He pulled out a pad and his pen while he wrote down her order. He paid close attention to her order when he heard her order. "Alright, I'll bring your food over right away." He said to her. He walked away from the table and went to grab more plates of food he started to bring some plates over. He noticed something strange when the guy that sat by Jasmine and another good stood at the door looked really suspicious.
Tony set down another hot plate when he saw Jasmine was getting out of the booth when her food was barely eaten. He saw the guy grabbed her harshly. He set down his stuff when he saw the other guy by the door pull out a gun. "Hey, you don't have to do this!" Tony said to the guy holding Jasmine. The guy hit Tony harshly on the head with the butt of the gun. Tony fell back coughing slightly he felt blood fall down his forehead.

Jasmine smiled softly when Tony brought her food over. She sat down before she started to eat her food. A guy asked to sit by her she let him sit next to her at the booth. Jasmine sat back and continued to write her essay as she ate her food.
It felt suddenly tense in the diner when another guy came in but he didn't go to order he just stood at the door.
Jasmine noticed the guy sitting by her was glancing at the cameras. "Excuse me." She got out of the booth and was heading to the bathroom when the guy that sat by her grabbed her arm harshly and pulled out a gun.
"Alright everyone gets down of the ground now!" She heard the guy say as he waved the gun around. "No struggling and no fighting or she will die!" She heard him say as her arm was gripped harshly she did struggle against him as she felt tears fill her eyes. She heard Tony try and talk to the guy holding her but that only made it worse when Tony was hit in the head with the guy that was now being pressed against her head. "Alright! Everyone take our your money and phones and put them into the bag now! You cashier guy give me all the money inside and all your employee's wallet's now." The guy holding her said harshly. Jasmine struggled to not show fear but she was shaking badly.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡‿◡)} Wren's eyes widened at the sight of the men, and she wondered if it would been better to have stayed home where she was supposed to be. Then again, at least something was happening.
"Wait," she said, raising her arms. "Don't shoot her." Wren gulped and tried to keep her hands steady.

Reuben frowned when the brown haired girl began to talk.
Just give them the money and they'll go! It's not worth the trouble and they know it.
Reuben reached into his pocket under the table, keeping an eye on the first robber, then swiped blindly on his phone. Just reach the 911, he thought. Press the button!

((Can I be the robber at the door then?))

The robber at the door walked closer when he saw one man wasn't putting his phone on the table. "We said we need your phone," he growled, whipping out a gun of his own. He aimed it at the man's head. "You have ten seconds."
The man sighed and put his phone onto the top of the table. The robber grinned. It wasn't a nice grin, either.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1766 comments ((I’m so sorry I took so long I’m back from the dentist but I’m very numb. Thank you for being patient! Yes you can be the robber at the door.:)))

Tony looked down he felt bad he couldn’t do anything else to help. He got up when the gunman ordered him to grab everything. Tony got up and grabbed the bag of money from the cashier and the bag holding all the phones and wallets. Tony brought it over to the gunman by the door. He put his phone in the bag and his wallet. He moved back.

Jasmine looked down she tried so hard to not cry. She handed her bag and laptop to Tony to put with everything else. She took a deep breath when Tony handed the two bags to the robber at the door. Jasmine was hoping that they would leave and let them go. She felt the man grip her arm even more she felt him come closer he whispered something in her ear. She whimpered even more when he pulled away but he didn’t let her go.

The Robber holding Jasmine smirked he pointed his gun at Tony. “You get both of the bags and bring them to my friend there now.” He said to him. He watched Tony do exactly what he said. The robber pulled her closer to him and he whispered in her ear. “Hmm... I’ll come back for you later sexy.” He whispered to her. He smirked at her cries. “Now we are going to walk away. If anyone calls the cops I will come back here and kill everyone in this diner.” The robber announced. He was half debating on bringing the girl in case the cops did come. He glanced at his partner making a gesture to Jasmine. If his partner wanted them to bring a hostage he would drag this girl out of the diner.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡‿◡)} ((Okay! You're good!))

Wren was annoyed, but she put her wallet on the table. It wasn't like she had anything that valuable anyway. She crossed her arms and glared at the robbers.

Reuben emptied his pockets onto the tabletop and sighed. He was supposed to be back at 11, not be back at 11 after a robbery. Oh well now. He couldn't risk being shot, or having that girl or anyone else get shot.

The second robber glanced at his partner from where he stood beside Reuben. He considered the options, but shook his head. "We can't deal with a stupid girl if the cops'll come after us. Leave her be." Gun still trained on Reuben's head, he stepped closer to Jasmine. "Me and my buddy here, we're smart. We won't let you call the cops. So forget about that even after we leave or else you will come with us."

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1766 comments Tony was looking down but he tried to see if there was anything good he could use to describe these robbers when they leave. Tony didn't even relax when the robbers left.

Jasmine closed her eyes when she heard the second robber's words. She nodded her head as if to say she wouldn't call the cops but she couldn't guarantee that anyone else there would call the cops. Jasmine gripped her arm when she was finally let go and pushed away. Jasmine held herself together for as long as she could when they finally left she leaned into a table and wiped some tears away from her.

The first robber nodded when his friend spoke to the girl he glanced around seeing the ghost was clear and no one else was bothering to fight. "Alright, none of you will leave the dinner for five minutes once we are gone. Don't tell the cops or you will all be sorry." The first robber warned them. He shoved Jasmine away from him before he kept his gun pointed at all of them while he and his friend left the diner.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡‿◡)} The second robber picked up the bag of money and slung it over his shoulder, letting his partner take the phones and the laptop. Today they had scored big. He grinned again, which was still a mean grin, then backed out the door with his friend. "We mean it, too."

Wren sat up on the edge of the table, swinging her legs and looking annoyed still. "Jerks." she muttered. "Why not call the cops? Don't you have a phone in the back at least that we can use?"

Reuben shook his head. "I don't know about that. I mean, it was just stuff they took, not people. And no one was hurt. So we need to keep it cool and perhaps stay on the lookout for our things in case they get sold to pawnshops or something. I don't know." He shrugged.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1766 comments The first robber left with the second robber. They got phones, wallets, credit cars, debit cards, a set of car keys, and a laptop. He slipped on the bag before he left with his partner. "I didn't think we would have got a lot from the diner. But we scored a lot." He said to his friend once they got to their hideout.

Tony sighed, "I can call the cops." He got up and grabbed the phone before he called the cops. "Is everyone alright?" He asked them though he could tell everyone was really stressed and tired soon they can go home.

Jasmine leaned against one of the tables. She wiped her eyes listening as everyone else spoke. "It's better to just stay quiet if this gets on the news they will know for sure." She said to them. She sighed softly she looked up when some cop cars arrived quickly. Officers soon came inside and spoke to all the victims. Jasmine sighed when her parents arrived in their limousine. "Great." She said softly.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1766 comments (You don't have to answer as her parents I just put that there.)

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡‿◡)} ((Okay))

Wren wasn't supposed to be out of the house right now, and her parents didn't know she was yet. Having brought no phone with her, and the others having been stolen, the cops made her get in one of their cars to drive her home.
"I didn't do anything wrong, though." Wren grumbled, sliding into the back and shutting the door. "It was the robbers."

Reuben looked around the diner. It was sort of annoying that his evening had been messed up like this, but what could he do about it, anyway? Thankfully he had ridden here on his bike, and it wasn't any sort of nice one for the robbers to steal. Still, he hung around a bit, walking up to Tony, the server who had waited on his table.
"Wow." He said, shaking his head. "I guess not all customers are the best." Reuben sighed. "Sorry about that, man."

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1766 comments Tony looked up when Reuben walked over to him. "Yeah well, we can never trust someone so easily," he said to him. "It's alright but now I guess I'm walking home since my car might be sold." He said to him. "I'm sorry this happened I could have called the cops right away but they could have shot Jasmine." He admitted. "Oh um, the girl that had the gun to her head. She goes to high school." Tony said to him as he cleaned the tables. "I've seen you at the school." He said to him. "I'm Tony by the way." He said to him.

Jasmine leaned against her car door when her dad managed to open it. "I'll call the credit card companies and I'll cancel everything before those lunatics get into your account. Are you okay?" He asked her. "I'm fine," Jasmine said in a sour tone. "Then why is your tone so harsh?" He asked her. She sighed softly. "My laptop they took it, um it has all of my homework and all my presentations for the schools." She said to him. "I'll call the high school and I'll tell them what happened." He said to her. "No don't, I already get enough crap for being known as rich and being the new girl. I don't need your help. You and mom fight all the time it doesn't matter to focus on me. I'll redo all my assignments tonight." She said to him. He nodded and handed her the spare key to her car. She got inside of her car and started it. She drove home following the limousine.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡‿◡)} "I'm Reuben. And yes, I do go to that school. Hopefully I'll finish this year." Reuben held out his hand to shake. "Yeah...that girl-I mean Jasmine-was in a pretty bad position." He shook his head, disgusted. "Some people just simply have no cares about others if they can just point a gun at them over a few wallets."

Wren rode home in the back of the police car, one of the cops in the front. The cop insisted on bringing her to the front door of her house, which she secretly wasn't happy with, knowing how much trouble she'd get herself into. More trouble to heap onto what was already there, she sighed.
"Hello, sir," Dad said, looking at Wren suspiciously. "What...why were you out? What did you do?"
"I didn't do anything. There was a robbery at the diner." Wren rolled her eyes and crossed her arms.
The cop nodded. "Yes, there was. Is something else wrong?"
"Well," Dad gestured to Wren, "she wasn't supposed to be out right now. But don't worry."
The cop watched Dad for a minute, then sighed. "Good night, then." He turned, went down the walkway and got into his car. He drove off.
Dad shut the door and shook his head at Wren. "Explains the window situation. You're in a lot of trouble. Go back to your room. If you leave then I'll have to figure out another way to make you listen."
Wren frowned, but marched to her bedroom and slammed the door. "I was just at the diner!" She yelled. A frustrated feeling rose inside of her, but she forced it down. She couldn't lose her temper right now. That wasn't exactly fair to Dad.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1766 comments Tony nodded his head. He shook his hand. "I'm Tony, it's nice to meet you." He nodded his head as he listened to him. "Yeah I'm hoping to graduate too this year." He admitted. "Yeah it's pretty bad robberies never happen around her and to see that happen really sucks. I honestly don't think the cops will catch those guys," he admitted.

Jasmine arrived at her house she went straight to her room and closed the door. She could hear her parents fighting again that's when she took time to lean against her door and cry. Jasmine cried for about thirty minutes before she got back up and wiped her eyes. She turned on her old desktop and used that to create some of her projects that were on her laptop. Even though Jasmine finished them for her honor classes they were not as good as before.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡‿◡)} Reuben gave a shrug. "Yeah, well, like I said before, at least it was only stuff they took. But it really does suck." He glanced around at the crowd now leaving. "I guess business is going to be slow for a bit here once everyone hears about the robbery. I...probably should go home and let my dad know what's happened." He said. "Goodbye. See you later. Sorry about what happened." Reuben headed to the door and went over to his bike outside.

Wren sat on her bed, staring up at the ceiling. Her life was so confusing right now, and there were so many times she wished she could just run away and leave the world behind her. Okay, maybe not exactly like that, as sometimes things got frustrating, she had to keep pushing on. Besides, she had her friends at school that she wouldn't want to leave behind.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1766 comments Tony nodded his head. "It really does," he admitted. "I guess I'll see you at school then." He said to him. He finished cleaning up all the tables before he got up and helped everyone else. They diner closed early that night and he walked back towards his house he went inside. Tony went to his room and just started to do homework his dad was asleep.

Jasmine looked down she fell asleep on her desk for a few minutes but she woke herself up and continued to work on her homework. The school day wouldn't be great if she didn't have any sleep but for now, she had to continue working on old essays. Jasmine sighed when her dad and mom finally went to bed and went to sleep. She was relieved all their fighting only gave her a headache.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡‿◡)} Reuben rode his bicycle back to his house through the darkening evening. He was thinking about what to tell his dad about everything that happened tonight. Maybe he could say something like-Something rammed into the Reuben's bike and made him topple over. He hit the ground, and looked around, slightly dazed. He couldn't see much except for a few dark shapes of the parked cars. Reuben got to his knees and was about to stand up when something hit him in the head, making him fall back down and groan. He turned his head just in time to see the outline of one of the robbers from earlier.
"And you guys called the cops," he growled. "Job well done." He delivered this with a kick to Reuben's gut and face. Reuben groaned and shielded his face, trying to get out of the way.
"You think we're stupid?" the robber demanded, reaching down and jerking Reuben up to his feet. Reuben choked and swung his fist at the robber.

Wren eventually decided to go to bed. She was tired anyway, and tomorrow she'd have to go back to school. She put on her fuzzy pajamas and climbed into bed without bothering to brush her teeth. She could do that some other night; she didn't feel like it right now.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1766 comments Jasmine heard the sound of people struggling outside. She got up and looked out the window though she couldn't see what it was it was extremely loud. She slipped on her jacket before she walked outside and walked over to the commotion. "Excuse me you're being extremely loud." Jasmine didn't even realize it was the two robbers or Rueben. That was until someone pulled a gun out and pointed it at her she started shaking slightly. "Look the cops knew a robbery happened you couldn't have gotten away with it." She said to the robbers hoping to negotiate in some way.
"Look there doesn't have to be any trouble just walk away and leave him alone." She warned them. The other robber laughed when they beat up one of the teens that were at the dinner. He looked up when he heard someone coming forward he smirked hearing the voice of the same girl that was there the same girl he grabbed. He grabbed his gun and pointed it at her. "You should have just stayed home." He smirked evilly at her.

Tony fell asleep on his bed after finishing his homework. He was really stressed out and tired. He just wanted to rest and hopefully earn back the money stolen from him. He slept well that night but he did have some pain in his head when he thought of the robbery.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡‿◡)} Reuben heard the girl from earlier in the diner, groaning as another punch was thrown at his face. He was trying his hardest just to make them go away, but it was much harder than it seemed.
"Stay out of this, please-" He winced when the first robber((Mine)) kicked him hard.
"Hey girly," snarled the first robber. "Look who else is stupid enough to come out at night and bother me. Come one step closer and I shoot this boy."
Reuben gulped, trying to crane his neck to see where Jasmine was. It was hard to see much, now that one eye was starting to swell shut.
"Actually," the first robber considered, "it would be easier to shoot you both so no lies can be told about some robbers who weren't even here in the first place."

((Wren is asleep so I'm not going to write about her))

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1766 comments Jasmine gulped. "You two are really stupid aren't you? You see the house I came out of it has security cameras everywhere. It saw you come out and attack him why do you think I came out here?" She asked them. It was the biggest lie she had but she just hoped that it would work. "Just let him go and you can walk away and we won't say anything." She said to him.
"She's lying, pretty little rich girl. You wouldn't have come here without calling the cops." the second robber said as he kept his gun pointed at her. The second robber grabbed her hand harshly and twisted it behind her before she could take out the pepper spray in her pocket.
"Well, you can't kill us out here on the streets? With two loud guns clearly, that's going to be a bad idea." Jasmine said to them. Jasmine cried out slightly when he grabbed her but she didn't move away.

(Same with Tony.)

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡‿◡)} The first robber glared at Jasmine. "You little liar. I could shoot you here if I wanted. Who's to say we don't have those special silent guns for jobs just like this?" He grinned evilly, stepping onto Reuben's arm with no mercy. Reuben clenched his teeth, hoping his arm wouldn't break.
"What do you want from us?" He groaned.
The first robber laughed. "You tried to give us away at the diner by calling the cops. Ha. We just want a little sweet revenge."
"If you go now they won't be able to catch you." Reuben insisted, squeezing his good eye shut.

((Got to go for tonight, but I will respond tomorrow!))

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1766 comments "Look it wasn't him who called the cops it was me alright?" Jasmine said to them. "They tried to stop me but I called the cops so if you want revenge on someone then why don't you get revenge on me?" She begged them. "Your guns are clearly a black market." She said to them.
The second robber glared he grabbed her harshly when he heard some car lock. "We should move them right now." the second robber said to the first robber. "Don't make a sound." He warned Jasmine when she glanced over at the car he pressed his gun to her side.
"Please you don't have to do this you are making a huge mistake," Jasmine warned the robbers she spoke in a more quiet tone. She saw Reubens condition. She wanted to try and help him but these guys weren't listening. She felt awful seeing him in so much pain when he didn't have to deal with it. She just hoped he would go along with what she was saying.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡‿◡)} "Yeah. Quiet, you two. You're both coming with us." The first robber jerked Reuben up, who moaned and tried to wipe away the blood off his face. He stood, dazed, and could barely make out the two robbers and Jasmine.
The first robber copied his partner and put his gun to Reuben's side and forced him to walk forward. They went to a hatchback car and the trunk was opened. The first robber hit Reuben on the side of his head with the gun, knocking him out, then heaved him inside. He went around the side and opened the passenger door, returning with a coil of rope. He tied Reuben's hands and feet together and pushed him out of the way to make space for Jasmine.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1766 comments The second robber Tate pushed Jasmine forward making her walk over to the robber’s car. Jasmine rubbed her wrist when she was let go she watched the first robber knock out Rueben. Before she knew it the second robber hit her on the side of the head knocking her out.
Tate picked her up and put her in the trunk before he tied her hands and feet together. When he was sure they were both secure he shut the trunk. Before he got into their car and started it when his partner came inside he pulled out of the spot and drove them to their hideout.

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"Good work, Tate," said the first robber, Wesley. "Lots of loot plus two kids." He grinned evilly.

When they got to their hideout, the kids were still out. The boy looked worse since Wesley had beat him nearly to a pulp, but the girl also had a big bruise forming on the side of her head. Wesley pulled the boy out of the back, carelessly dragging him by his bound hands into their secluded house. He brought him upstairs and secured him to the bedpost of the empty bedroom. Wesley went back outside and grabbed the bags of loot to bring inside. "You got that girl?" He asked over his shoulder at Tate.

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Tate smirked lightly. “Thanks Wesley,” He said to him. “I’m pretty sure we can get a lot more if the parents start searching for them.” He said to Wesley.

When they arrived at the hideout. He parked in front before he got out of the car. He opened the trunk and grabbed the girl after Wesley grabbed the boy. Tate grabbed the girl and carried her, “Yeah I got her.” He said to Wesley. He carried the girl into the empty bedroom. He tied her to an empty bedpost before he went to help Wesley count what they got.

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Reuben awoke a bit later. He could only open his one eye, and his head was pounding with excruciating pain. Whatever had happened he couldn't even remember, so when he looked around the dark dusty room, he only saw the bare floor and Jasmine tied up on the other post. A bit of moonlight streamed through the dirty window. He coughed, and a little bit of blood came out. He tried to move, but was also bound up. He gave a heaving sigh, and let his head drop back to his chest, defeated.

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Jasmine woke up slowly when she looked around she saw Reuben. Jasmine coughed lightly as she looked around. “I’m sorry I thought they would just let you go.” Jasmine said to Reuben when she saw he was awake. Jasmine felt awful when she saw how badly beat up she was and right now she only had a bruise on her head. She felt so bad right now she wanted to help get him out but right now they were tied up and stuck in a situation.

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Reuben moved his head slightly when he heard Jasmine speaking to him. "Issokay." He mumbled, voice slurred slightly. "You couldenstop'emanyway..."
He moved his wrists behind his back, trying to get into a more comfortable position. In addition to his head, his back was killing him from the bad position he was slouched in. He wondered what the robbers were planning on doing when they came back. If they came back.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1766 comments Jasmine nodded her head. She was terrified of what else would happen. What would the robbers do? Or what if they were just stuck there forever. She could tell Reuben was thinking the same thing. So she decided to try and distract him in any way. “You go to the high school? I think we have um history together.” She said to him. She remembered seeing him all the time on the school grounds but she was always too stressed to shy to say hi. Jasmine felt uncomfortable in the position. That she was placed in but if she tried to move she wouldn’t have a chance to fix the way she was sitting.

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