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The Wishsong of Shannara (The Original Shannara Trilogy, #3)
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message 1: by Angela, I'm Silverfox lost (new)

Angela | 3540 comments Mod
Buddy read 4th June.

Shaitarn | 1889 comments Buddy read put back to 1st July.

Choko (chokog) | 5368 comments Spot 🙂

Shaitarn | 1889 comments Starting today!

That original cover - Allanon looks like the Grim Reaper!

Choko (chokog) | 5368 comments I will be couple of days late, I am so behind on everything!

message 6: by Saar The Book owl (last edited Jul 02, 2019 01:34AM) (new)

Saar The Book owl | 1967 comments @Choko: you're not the only one. I'm hoping on starting the 10th.

Choko (chokog) | 5368 comments This is the first month this year I completely overbooked myself... I am going to have to pace myself and juggle:-):-):-)

Shaitarn | 1889 comments We've all been there, Choko! :D

Choko (chokog) | 5368 comments Up to Ch 6... The brother is definitely prone to trouble:-). Even if he tries, I think he is one of those that just get into impossible situations and makes a complete mess of them. I like Brin, but the old Druid is exactly as he always is and I really hope that doesn't mean she might not survive this adventure.. The track record of his helpers staying alive is not very good so far..

Shaitarn | 1889 comments OK, I tried posting some comments earlier and the page crashed on me, so I rage-quit. Now I'm going to type these up in Word and paste them here:

Chapter 1-5: (view spoiler)

Chapter 6: (view spoiler)

Chapter 7-8: (view spoiler)

Overall I preferred reading about Jair than Brin; I just think his journey’s more interesting.

Choko (chokog) | 5368 comments I love Jair! I am OK with Brin, but she is a bit too angsty for me, while Jair seems much more realistic and spontaneous :-) Yes, he can be a bit bratty, but that is not a bad thing in a smart young person. I didn't expect at all what happened in Ch. 25.... I am not sure if you are there yet, so I will leave off until you are:-)

Shaitarn | 1889 comments I finished it yesterday, but have been having internet troubles for the last few days, so was finding it hard to post anything.

So yeah, chapter 25 - I wasn't expecting that either! I wonder if Brooks thought he'd only ever write one trilogy of books at this point.

Choko (chokog) | 5368 comments Maybe, but I think that he will show up again in all the prequels... I think this is the third book he published, but eventually it became the 12 book chronologically... Are we going to try any of the other books?

Shaitarn | 1889 comments Are you still up for the others? I know we talked about reading the others (The Heritage of Shannara quartet is next), and I'd be up for at least the next set of anyone else is interested.

Choko (chokog) | 5368 comments I am in. I hope we have other takers too:-)

Saar The Book owl | 1967 comments I'm still interested. I'm only far behind on the original series.

Saar The Book owl | 1967 comments Sorry, guys, I know that I've started this BR, but I'm going to drop on this one. I'm so behind on the second book, that I can't catch up anymore. I'll read them, but not sure when.

Choko (chokog) | 5368 comments I am so sorry... But you shouldn't feel pressured to do it either... this is all about us having fun:-). We could wait for you, since there are so many BR's I am behind on too...

Saar The Book owl | 1967 comments It's still fun, but there are so many books ;) July and August are the bussiest, also in life. Maybe I'll pick them up in September. But I don't mind if you'll continue or wait :)

Shaitarn | 1889 comments I'm happy to wait until you're ready to continue (trust me, I always have other books to read!).

How about we push back the next set of books until we all have a space for them? As far as I recall they're not directly linked to these books, so there's nothing to be lost by having a bit of a gap between them.

I agree with Choko - this is supposed to be fun, and hassle isn't fun!

Choko (chokog) | 5368 comments Exactly:-). We can push it to sometime in the Fall. I am perfectly fine with that. Summer always feels more like some lighter reads anyway B-):-)

Saar The Book owl | 1967 comments @Shaitarn and Choko: that's fine for me.

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