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UNSOLVED: One specific book > YA Fantasy; Mystery, fiction, paranormal. Boy moves to new neighborhood and his first friend plays a LARP game in the woods and the monster turns out to be real

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Joe | 2 comments I think I read this in 2015-2016. Boy #1 moves to a new neighborhood and new school. He moves into a large house on the edge of the woods. He meets boy #2 who introduces him to a live action role play (LARP) game that takes place in the woods behind their neighborhood. Boy #2 is very serious about the game. The main villain is a forest spirit or monster that hunts the boys. Boy #2 is convinced the monster killed his older brother who first introduced boy #2 to the game. The monster eventually turns out to be real and starts attacking the boys and invades their highschool. Boy #1 has a crush on the popular girl when he gets invited to her pool party. Boy #2 is the weird one so he doesn’t get invited to anything. Boy #1 throws a sleepover and invites his friends besides boy #2 and boy #2 gets jealous. The monster shows up at the sleepover and scares the kids. At one point the monster burns down a barn I think. And at one point boy #1 falls down a well.


At one point it is revealed that Boy #2’s older brother ran away from home and pretended to be the monster for his younger brother for a while before he fell down a well and died. Boy #1 then fell down the same well and discovered the skeleton. The monster is very real and tries to kill the boys in the highschool during a haunted house the school was throwing.

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Bridget (oobridgetoo) | 172 comments You've made 3 seperate threads. You only need one. You are clogging the feed otherwise. ;)

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Deleted the duplicate threads. One thread per book request, please.

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Joe | 2 comments No it’s not that, thank you though

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Rainbowheart | 16837 comments Still looking, Joe?

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