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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Children's Series/YA (teens); A new girl moves to town and with two other girls (one goth, one popular) comes across three magic stones, together they have to help magical creatures and people

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I read this during the early 2000s and it was a series of 3+ books. One of the girl's grandmother knows about the magic world; they all end up helping people in the magical world in a war and the popular one falls in love with a boy there; the new girl's family runs an animal hospital and has a rainbow stone. The popular girl also makes a lot of small, magical friends in the other world. The goth girl can speak to animals and has animal friends. The new girl can heal animals. All of the girls are granted magical powers because of their stones. The covers of the versions I read had the girls holding their stones in their hands and looking down at them.

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Oh! I just remembered them! They’re the series: Avalon: Web of Magic!

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