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The Cleansing Pentalogy by S.J PHARRO

This book is free on Amazon 12/15/18 to `12/20/18.


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THE ULTIMATE Cleansing Collection! All FIVE books in ONE place!

A true mental health psychological walk through an apocalyptic dystopian Britain, through the eyes of a self destructing young man.

The Cleansing;

Watch a close minded and fearful of his own head boy as his world is turned upside down so quickly. Feel him scream and stumble his way through a world that is shattering around him all whilst trying to walk the right path between right and wrong, life and death, choice and forcefulness. A mystery group of savages are about to descend upon the planet and they care not for politics, they care not for history, monuments, they do not even care about human life, the only thing left to be asked is where will you be when the Cleanse begins?

The Cleansing Aftermath;

The same soldier but never anywhere near the same planet. A year has passed and the fires of humanities failings have been left far behind, they are sat right alongside everything ‘Steve’ once questioned, the masked group of savages are gone now, the only thing left in their wake is a world that is trying to find itself once again. Different dynasties and different savages are now left to fight over the remains that we never deserved, feel Steve as he steps the thin line between his own demons and the ones he must now overcome, all whilst still running from the red piercing eyes of before.

The Cleansing Last Stand;

To say the world is on it’s knees is an understatement and never really true for the simple fact there is no ground to land upon, everything has been taken away and this time, this moment, this period is where man will define and decide whether it wants to go on as before or delve into the disgusting practices of the new world. Steve has lost everything and now knows that it is high water or high time to hang up the boots and beret, feel him as he traverses through cannibalism, religious groups, his own demons and of course those red piercing eyes who are getting a little more desperate than before, this is it and this is how the first wave ends.

The Cleansing Origins;

A spin off from the Trilogy. This book is insane and follows the masked leaders thousand year story, this is no magic, this is nothing but science and how the plan was put together to end it all, to end the entire world around us. Watch and feel Michael as he struggles to stick to the ways of old whilst trying to catch up with the ways of new. Watch him scream at kings, dodge muskets, mould the war to end them all, fight in the second war that should have ended them all. All the time learning and creating, hiding and staying in the shadows, until he bursts into the new world with one of the most savage cliff hangers at the end of his adventure which leads into…

The Cleansing Beyond;

Almost ten years since the war first started, since the rioting in Paris and Berlin, since Steve sat in a helicopter not knowing what he was going toward. The United Kingdom has settled into clear factions, the cities that were predicted to be sparse in most apocalyptic stories, they are the complete opposite. Ravaging cannibals, groups of nations that got stuck in the country when the world fell, soldiers who have lost their path and beliefs, the masks somewhat there but at the same time more of a drifting memory inside every mind that lived through them.

Beyond is unique for being a mental health orientated apocalyptic story in the wastelands, the fighting is still there, the death is still there, his mind still there and broken beyond all belief. Beyond also fills in the gaps from the previous books where time was passed over for various reasons, Beyond is a complete and utter decimation of a mind in a world that is long decimated.

Grab my hand and jump into the most pain ridden, tear driving, fear quivering mental abyss you will ever read.

@BookCleansing on Twitter for the mind behind the madness, the madness behind the words.

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Brittany Lee (itsblee1234) Downloaded, once I get my tablet back I will start to read them after Christmas. Thank you so much!! I followed you on Twitter from @itsee1234
Happy holidays!

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We hope you enjoy it:-)

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