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When Audrey Met Alice
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA Fiction - Daughter of female president finds Alice Roosevelt's journal hidden under slats somewhere in the white house. [s]

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eva (calendarbusiness) | 15 comments Looking for a YA fiction about the daughter of a female president who is struggling with feeling like her mother's second priority. She finds Alice Roosevelt's diary/journal under slats somewhere in the white house, along with a pack of cigarettes (and a hankerchief?).

I remember specific scenes from this book. MC reads about Alice sitting on the roof with her best friend and smoking, so she climbs to the roof and takes out a cigarette but doesn't light it. MC reads about Alice driving a cart madly around the white house green and she does that herself. Things to that end.

I remember loving this book and becoming really interested in Alice Roosevelt after reading it. I read it sometime around 2013-2014, and it shouldn't have been published too far before then--probably not before 2010, and definitely not before the 2000s.

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eva (calendarbusiness) | 15 comments Rainbowheart wrote: "When Audrey Met Alice"

Thank you so much!!

Rainbowheart | 19064 comments Glad to help out!

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