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Annika The novel, It, by Stephen King is quite lengthy (1138 pages), but I was captivated while reading each page. Stephen King is an extraordinary writer and storyteller. I read this book because I really enjoyed watching the movie. The first page opens with a creepy and intriguing scene of a six year old little boy talking to a clown, Pennywise, in the sewer. The plot consists of seven teenagers who make up “the Loser Club” who cannot seem to escape the evil in their town that has no name. One particular part of the book I did not enjoy as much were the vivid depictions of violence, especially against children. The plus of reading horror books versus horror movies is that your brain and imagination choose what you illustrate in your mind. Even if you are not a big fan of horror movies, you might like horror books like “It” because it is not as scary, especially since there is no suspenseful music playing. Because I liked “It” (pun intended), I am now reading another Stephen King horror novel, Mr. Mercedes, which I am equally enjoying so far.

Nazar I had the movie on dvd. But decided to read the book first. The book is entertaining. Then I watched the film. Let's put it this way, I gave the dvd away for nothing.

Kristopher Rimmer The book is utterly astounding. The 90s television version Trieste hard as it may, but it can’t come close to the terror of the book. The new IT that was released last year was a great adaptation, but they could include only so much with something’s completely removed (and rightfully so.) Of course, the sequel is still to come, but if the first installment is any evidence, the second part will be just as terrifying. Although there was adjustments and changes made, it does little to take away from the essence of Stephen King’s Classic.

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