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message 1: by Penn (new)

Penn Bold | 2 comments Hello,

I am looking for beta readers for my debut novel titled "Acing Love (On and Off the Court)." Since I'm new to the writing game any help/advice/feedback is appreciated. Thanks in advance!


Ryan Frazier hates everything about his Podunk Illinois town from his overbearing rageaholic father, his overprotective smother mother, his annoying classmates, and the weird power plant odor that permeates throughout the town. t’s supposed to be another ordinary school year at Mondamin High for Ryan Frazier until Nick Ramirez, his best friend from fifth grade, comes back to town and turns his junior year upside down. He’s excited to become friends with Nick again since he’s the only real friend he’s ever had. He comes up with a plan to convince Nick to join the tennis team and to his surprise he says yes. The more time they spend together on and off the tennis court the closer they become but Nick has a secret that changes their entire relationship. Will it tear them apart or bring them closer together?

message 2: by Amashy (new)

Amashy | 9 comments Hi, send me a message. I'd be interested in beta-reading.
Is this own-voices?

message 3: by Penn (new)

Penn Bold | 2 comments Yes it it.

message 4: by Kira Grace (new)

Kira Grace | 10 comments Hi I’m interested! Send me an email at :)

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