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Eric Stevens Hello. I'm seeking beta readers for the first time after my alpha group. Thanks.

Marcus Macar is sentenced to twenty-five-years in an army for a murder he would have been rewarded for in any other country. What’s worse, the scent of war is heavy in the air between two empires. Despite his criminal past, Marcus is favored among one of the gods, gifting him with dreams of foresight which could change the tides of war, if he’s honest anyway. Marcus “The Nightmare” Macar, having risen to a position of power that rivals that of an emperor, is forced into a world of violence and only cares for one thing. Marcus will do anything it takes to make it back into the arms of his love again…even if it means killing his own people.

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Jennifer Bourgeois (jennykatharina) | 237 comments I would love to read it. Please PM me

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L.A. Buck (labuckauthor) | 23 comments Hey Eric! I am also looking for a beta reader for my adult epic fantasy novel. Are you interested in swapping manuscripts?

You can learn about my WIP - blurb, first chapter, extras - here:

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