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message 1: by asbah (new)

asbah  (asbahreads) | 11 comments Hey guys!
I have finally finished my poetry book, and I'm looking for people to proofread it for free, so I can make it better. If u r interested, drop ur email down below and I'll send u a PDF copy by myself, and if u hv any questions, don't hesitate to post on this thread/leave them in my inbox :)

message 2: by Moon (new)

Moon (hazelofterra) Linahtornieri7@gmail.com more than happy to help!

message 3: by asbah (new)

asbah  (asbahreads) | 11 comments Aditi wrote: "Linahtornieri7@gmail.com more than happy to help!"

Done! Thank u Aditi :)

message 4: by Christina (new)

Christina (bookmagnolia) I'd love to help with your book

message 5: by asbah (new)

asbah  (asbahreads) | 11 comments Christina wrote: "I'd love to help with your book

Sent it on ur email. Thanks, Christina!

message 6: by Amelia (new)

Amelia | 53 comments What kind of poetry do you write?

message 7: by asbah (new)

asbah  (asbahreads) | 11 comments Amelia wrote: "What kind of poetry do you write?"

Generally, when I'm writing out of scope, I lean more towards personal poems based on my life, thoughts, and experiences. But for the book, I opted to go for several narratives exploring different lives and emotions that are also inspired by some of my personal experiences—but are also something I'm sure a lot of others could relate to.

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