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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Scifi-fantasy coming of age, strong female lead, maybe spoilers because of ending aspects

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message 1: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer | 3 comments I read this when I was in high school so 1991 to 1995. Pretty sure it was published around that time. It was a library book.

This girl desquises herself as a boy ( girls are treated delicatly in that they are not allowed to do what the boys are). She goes through the boys right of passage and risks dying. Part of the right of passage involves the destructive powerful sones/crystals. At the end her hand gets messed up and she gets a streak of white in her hair from where one touched her.
Some of the boys she went with die. She meets a girl/woman at the end who went through the same trails.
(books girl who disguised as a boy goes through boys right of passage with stones survives white streak in hair and crippled hand)

It may or may not have been part of a series. I think it was supposed to be.

Thank you!

message 2: by Adele (new)

Adele | 1200 comments Possibly Alanna: The First Adventure? It has the girl disguised as a boy and the magical crystals anyway.

message 3: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer | 3 comments No. I looked in to that one. In this its super dangerous, what they are doing. Its easy to get killed.

message 4: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer | 3 comments I want to say the stones/crystals were green. Pretty much anything they touch shriveled up and desicated. Like her hand turns black. Some how at the end though the Medics are able to fix it. I also think in the end most of them are out in jump suites. It gave it a decidedly more scifi feel than just fantasy.

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