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Gem  | 685 comments Mod
England - What Christmas is as We Grow Older (1851) by Charles Dickens

Dickens wrote this Christmas vignette for his twopenny magazine, Household Words in 1851. He published reader interest stories and essays on a weekly basis between 1850-1859, but his Christmas stories were always a highlight. In this story, Dickens intertwines his disillusionment with his return to a youthful optimism-- it's really quite personal and heartfelt, coming after the deaths of his father and daughter. I think we benefit from its plea to stop complaining, accept and understand the past, and savor Christmas as a time for reconciliation.

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Rosemarie | 2803 comments Mod
This is a thoughtful look at Christmas and those who have gone before us. His message is not to forget our lost loved ones and also to make peace with those who are still with us.

message 3: by Wendel (new)

Wendel (wendelman) | 229 comments Sorry, I could not finish this one. It seems verbose and a bit too self-conscious. Maybe I’m just tired and lost interest.

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Lori Goshert (lori_laleh) | 1321 comments Mod
I didn't find this terribly interesting either. I love Dickens's novels but am not such a fan of his shorter work. Exactly the opposite of Marquez (I like his short stories and dislike his novels).

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