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message 1: by Gem , Moderator (new)

Gem  | 685 comments Mod
Canada - Christmas at Red Butte (1909) by Lucy Maud Montgomery

An orphaned girl, Theodora, sacrifices her one family memento so her cousins can have Christmas. What will Christmas bring? This story is set in the harsh plains of Saskatchewan. Sometimes the best times come at the hardest times.

Historic note: The "Riel Rebellion" (also called the North-West Rebellion) was a failed Indian uprising in 1885 by the Métis people under Louis Riel, and an associated uprising by First Nations Cree and Assiniboine against the Canadian Government.

message 2: by Rosemarie, Moderator (new)

Rosemarie | 2803 comments Mod
This was a cute little story, set in a very cold place, Saskatchewan. I lived there for two years and it was really cold in the winter.

The reference to Klondike fever. It was very similar to the Alaska gold rush. Many people went there to look for cold, totally unprepared for the harsh winter.
The city of Edmonton has a Klondike Days festival every year, since it was the last big city before you get to the Yukon.

message 3: by Wendel (last edited Dec 19, 2018 11:41AM) (new)

Wendel (wendelman) | 229 comments Nice enough. I recently listened (against the tedium of the gym) to Anne of Green Gables. I certainly do not belong to its target audience, but I find such old fashioned feel-good novels (and the morals advertised) appealing. It’s b.t.w.also another example of cultural globalisation - for better or worse.

message 4: by Deborah, Moderator (new)

Deborah (deborahkliegl) | 4467 comments Mod
Ok I’m a sap. I loved this story. Maybe because it was a stressful week and this was so uplifting. Yes I know a bit trite, but thoroughly enjoyable.

message 5: by Lori, Moderator (new)

Lori Goshert (lori_laleh) | 1321 comments Mod
I liked it too. Also a fan of Anne of Green Gables.

message 6: by Deborah, Moderator (new)

Deborah (deborahkliegl) | 4467 comments Mod
Lori wrote: "I liked it too. Also a fan of Anne of Green Gables."

I loved Ann of green gables as a kid. Still love the story

message 7: by Robin P, Moderator (new)

Robin P | 2115 comments Mod
I also liked this story and its moral of virtue rewarded and the importance of family. I had the "opportunity" for work to travel to Saskatchewan in winter. The schedule had me going 100 miles between towns. Luckily it was relatively warm then (just below freezing) and there was very little snow. Still, what snow there was blew across the roads with nothing to stop it. I had to meet up with a salesperson at a crossroads and it looked just like the scene from the movie Fargo, where there is nothing but fenceposts in every direction.

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