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message 1: by Margret, Caladan Brood Face (new)

Margret | 3170 comments Mod
Hi friends I’ve heard that all the cool kids are listening to podcasts nowadays

I’ll take any recommendations, but I’m not super interested in murder type stuff.

I love trauma medicine, mental health, mindfulness, meditation, painting, sketching, journaling, the great outdoors, pets, books, history- WWII and Celtic heritage especially

message 2: by Ahdam (new)

Ahdam (snowlocke) | 2409 comments Hmm funnily enough I myself am making a podcast about books and I’ve placed a teaser for it on the self promotion thread it’s called the book basket podcast sorry but not sorry for the plug

I’ve been listening to these 2 guys who have a how to survive podcast where they talk about some films and discuss how they would survive them they even did some marathons watching the saw series and final destination series it’s pretty good

But I’ll be having a look for some other stuff

message 3: by Silvana (new)

Silvana (silvaubrey) | 1767 comments For SFF book stuff:
Sword and Laser
Geek's Guide of the Galaxy
Galactic Suburbia
Coode Street Podcast

For history: Dan Carlin Hardcore History

message 4: by Margret, Caladan Brood Face (new)

Margret | 3170 comments Mod
thanks friends!

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