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message 1: by Anne (new)

Anne Zandt (poisonpainter) | 114 comments Hi,

this anthology:
is missing its cover: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.c...

and the contributors (both editors are also contributors):
A.M. Harries;
Adrian R. Stiller;
Alexa Znih (I think this one:
Andrea Kerstinger;
Anna Kleve (
Anne Zandt (
Barbara Weiß (member, but without author profile);
Birgit Letsch;
Constanzia Norström;
Jana Schikorra (I think:
Jessica July (I think:
Jule Reichert;
June Is;
Katharina Rauh (member, but without author profile);
Laura Nieland;
Mia Schulz;
Michaela Ofitsch (
Nina E. Christ;
Patrick Kaltwasser;
Sandy Mercier (
Siiri Saunders

Can someone please take a look at this?

Thanks in advance.


message 2: by Abcdarian (new)

Abcdarian | 19392 comments Done, though only on one edition.

message 3: by Anne (new)

Anne Zandt (poisonpainter) | 114 comments And you misspelled the surname of Barbara Weiß with a double s

message 4: by Abcdarian (last edited Dec 14, 2018 03:05PM) (new)

Abcdarian | 19392 comments That's the way it saved; I did copy & paste. Correcting it, it saved with double s again. I had to move her to a new author profile to save properly. Do you know if any of the other books on the double s profile belong to her? Never mind, they won't save even with the new author spacing. I note on the ones with ß on the cover have ss in their listing.

message 5: by Anne (new)

Anne Zandt (poisonpainter) | 114 comments That is not her, as she hasn't published anything yet if I'm not entirely mistaken - and if so it's probably as part of another anthology that doesn't have its authors added.

message 6: by Anne (new)

Anne Zandt (poisonpainter) | 114 comments Could anyone please correct the e-book as well?

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