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In My Skin: A Memoir
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Idit | 1028 comments a memoir of a young Australian woman who became addicted to heroin and later became a prostitute.
It's a very interesting and thought provoking book. She is an intelligent woman and suggests that prostitution is a legitimate job and drugs are an issue, but a choice. She doesn't ask for the reader's pity.

Most of the time she comes as very honest. In her describing the toll that her addiction and work put on her parents. In the details of addiction. in the cycle of securing money, securing drugs, injecting and starting again. and even her pride, later on, in her job

It was very important for her to come as smart and educated and in control - partly to show how drugs are not only the world of poor and uneducated. But sometime it felt a bit like a chip on her shoulder and that she was trying very hard to prove something.

You can really feel her state of mind at the different times. The stress and lack of control of the early stages of her story, the excitement. the guilt, the confidence and finding who she is.

Alas - there was too much detail. the descriptions of clients especially, while interesting, were never ending. And on the other hand - I wanted to understand more about how she got into the drugs so fully. She suggests low self esteem, but I would have loved more detail there

worth reading nevertheless

message 2: by Susie (new)

Susie | 4488 comments An interesting perspective Idit. I went to an event where she was the guest speaker and had exactly the same experience. She was VERY long winded and the message lost its power the longer it went on. I felt like I didn’t need to read the book as she’d already told us everything!

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