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message 1: by Jenna, I'd be free if not for Temper & Edgewalker (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jenna Kathleen (jennakathleen) | 4417 comments Mod
His Majesty's Dragon - Naomi Novik.
March 15th.

message 2: by Loriidae (last edited Dec 15, 2018 04:08AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Loriidae | 248 comments Ooh lurking for this one, I have read this, enjoyed it and have been meaning to start the next for the past year.

Dustin (tillos) | 51 comments Also lurking.

Brittany | 144 comments I'm in!

message 5: by Lauren (new) - added it

Lauren loves llamas (laureninca) | 20 comments I started this series years ago and then stalled out. I'd love to read it again!

Brittany | 144 comments Is anyone still starting this in a few days?

Siobhan (poi5ongirl) | 7569 comments I'm hoping to join for a reread, but might be a few days late.

message 8: by Bea (new) - rated it 4 stars

Bea | 2052 comments I'm planning to join, too! :)

Dustin (tillos) | 51 comments I just read it again a month or so ago, so I'll join in wherever I can.

Elizabeth (elizabeths01) | 990 comments I might be a couple days late, but I'm reading it.

message 11: by Bea (new) - rated it 4 stars

Bea | 2052 comments Just started :)

Jessica (raivynwolf) | 670 comments I'm starting this one today! Super excited I've owned for a few years now

message 13: by Bea (new) - rated it 4 stars

Bea | 2052 comments Guys, I want a dragon! Temeraire is basically a big smart puppy, right?

The first fifty pages or so I really wasn't sure I was going to like it but now (up to chapter 7) I'm really enjoying it!

(view spoiler)

Siobhan (poi5ongirl) | 7569 comments Yes he totally is! I would love to have a dragon too! :D

So glad you're enjoying it.

message 15: by Dustin (last edited Mar 16, 2019 12:39PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Dustin (tillos) | 51 comments Bea wrote: "Guys, I want a dragon! Temeraire is basically a big smart puppy, right?..."

(view spoiler)


message 16: by Bea (new) - rated it 4 stars

Bea | 2052 comments Dustin wrote: "Bea wrote: "Guys, I want a dragon! Temeraire is basically a big smart puppy, right?..."

[spoilers removed]


I correct: a big smart puppy who is also a cat at the same time xD

Elizabeth (elizabeths01) | 990 comments I'm only on chapter 2 but I'm liking it so far.

message 18: by Olivia (new)

Olivia (vinjii) | 1049 comments Will read this as well.

Jessica (raivynwolf) | 670 comments I'm not very far into it either, but having a lot of fun so far! Really enjoying seeing the relationship between Temeraire and (view spoiler) grow. Will try and read through everyone's spoilers when I'm a little bit further along.

Siobhan (poi5ongirl) | 7569 comments I really want to start this but I need to finish Eragon first!

Siobhan (poi5ongirl) | 7569 comments I'm finally starting tomorrow. Doing the audiobook this time, I hope it's good and they don't give people weird voices XD

Laura (lauradragonchild) | 6206 comments Are you guys still reading this? If yes I'd like to join. I love this book and a reread would be fabulous especially in a lovely BR.

Siobhan (poi5ongirl) | 7569 comments I just started Laura! :)

Think I'm still in chapter 1. (view spoiler)

message 24: by Olivia (new)

Olivia (vinjii) | 1049 comments I’ll be starting today.

Siobhan (poi5ongirl) | 7569 comments Up to chapter 3. This book makes me smile so much! :D

Jessica (raivynwolf) | 670 comments I'm about halfway through and will probably finish it this weekend. Such a fun read! Definitely had me smiling a lot too!

Brittany | 144 comments I am starting today!

Jessica (raivynwolf) | 670 comments Brittany wrote: "I am starting today!"
Awesome! I hope you like it as much as I have been! Love that more people are joining in for this one

Brittany | 144 comments I'm only on chapter 3 so far but enjoying it! Love that the dragon is like a big, super smart puppy!
Also I agree Siobhan (view spoiler)

Dustin (tillos) | 51 comments Brittany wrote: "[spoilers removed]"

(view spoiler)

message 31: by Olivia (new)

Olivia (vinjii) | 1049 comments Three chapters done. Really enjoying it so far.

Siobhan (poi5ongirl) | 7569 comments Dustin wrote: "Brittany wrote: "[spoilers removed]"

[spoilers removed]"

He's probably right to be fair... 😅

Brittany | 144 comments Bea wrote: "Guys, I want a dragon! Temeraire is basically a big smart puppy, right?

The first fifty pages or so I really wasn't sure I was going to like it but now (up to chapter 7) I'm really enjoying it!


In regards to your spoiler (view spoiler)

I'm most of the way done now, not sure offhand what page I am on. Have a couple fairly generalized thoughts (view spoiler)

message 34: by Anni (new) - rated it 5 stars

Anni | 5020 comments I just finished the first Part (Chapter 4) and so far I love it! And I really want a dragon myself as well!!! ♥

Jessica (raivynwolf) | 670 comments Just finished this one! Really loved reading it, definitely one of (if not the best) dragon books I've read. So much fun!

My only complaint is(view spoiler)

Laura (lauradragonchild) | 6206 comments Just finished it myself also and loved it!
@Jessica - Rankin (view spoiler)

Laura (lauradragonchild) | 6206 comments @Brittany - I too found the (view spoiler)

Jessica (raivynwolf) | 670 comments @Laura YAY!!! That makes me so happy. Was planning on continuing the series anyway, but this makes it even more exciting!

And I'm with Brittany on the confusing placements and such... would love to see pictures

Laura (lauradragonchild) | 6206 comments All right then, here we go. I won't set these in spoiler because no need right! :)

First of all, the harness and how the people are able to move on the dragons' backs during battle:

Then the battle rigging. Here is Maximus demonstrating: :D

And a scale reference chart for dragon breeds to start with:

with a small weight/size image:

message 40: by Laura (last edited Mar 27, 2019 11:08PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Laura (lauradragonchild) | 6206 comments Lily's formation:

And now let's take each dragon in turn.

Longwing - Lily:

This middleweight dragon is capable of a vitriolic attack (spitting highly acidic venom) aimed with great accuracy, though only downward. As its name implies, it has an impressive wingspan, and distinctive markings ranging from orange to blue. One of its peculiarities is that it will only take female captains (a fact not recognized until Queen Elizabeth I, when she had her serving maid harness one). Longwings average a length of 60 feet (20 m) but have a wingspan of 120 feet (35 m). This 2:1 ratio of wingspan:length is unusually long in dragons, hence the name of the breed. The Longwing's acid and the Regal Copper's strength are the elite weapons of the British Aerial Corps.

Regal Copper - Maximus:

This heavyweight dragon exceeds all known breeds in sheer size (30–50 tons) and are related to the Bright Coppers (middleweights with unusually large air sacs allowing longer duration flight) and the Spanish Cauchador Real heavyweight dragons. Females are usually larger than the males. Regals breed infrequently making them very valuable. Only a handful of heavyweights approach their size, including Grand Chevaliers and at least one breed of Prussian heavyweight dragon. Large Regals are approximately twice the weight of Celestials/Imperials (30–50 tons vs. 20–25 tons), though most are 30 tons or less. Regal Coppers have vivid colorations ranging from red to yellow, and are very far-sighted. Regals have a top cruising speed of around 17–20 knots (35 km/h) and a top speed of a little over 20 knots (37 km/h). A favorite British tactic is to use Regals' brute force to "bulldoze" through enemy formations, opening them to attack by other British dragons. Although a large and formidable dragon, there are dragons known to be even bigger. Demane's dragon, Kulingile, a cross of Parnassian and Chequerd Nettle, has outgrown Maximus, one of largest known Regal Coppers. Curicuillor, the Incan dragon of an unidentified breed, also dwarfs a fully-grown Regal Copper and is comparable to Kulingile in mass.

Yellow Reaper - Immortalis, Messoria:

Middleweight dragons with golden coloring. Yellow Reapers are fairly common, weigh in between 12–15 tons, and are known for their even temperament. They are however rather slow, with a top speed of approximately 20 knots (with a top cruising speed of 17 knots), with even the larger Regal Coppers capable of faster (though not longer) flight. Reapers have contributed their genes towards almost every other line of British dragon, giving most British dragons their even temperaments, which is in stark contrast to Turkish Kaziliks and some Chinese dragon breeds. Yellow Reapers have an average wingspan of 80 feet (25 m) and are generally around 50 feet (15 m) long.

Winchester - Levitas:

This common grey-purple breed of lightweight dragon is known especially for its speed, and so mostly used for carrying dispatches and quick, harrying flank attacks. Winchesters were said to fly so fast that a cow grazing below would be blown off its feet, and the passenger would feel as if they were in danger of being blown off the dragon's back. As couriers, they tended to be used on the shorter routes, while Greylings flew the longer routes to Africa, India and the Americas.

Due to the small size and speed of Winchester hatchlings, the eggs had to be hatched indoors, usually in a barn or similar structure. The hatchlings were allowed to fly around a bit before the meat was brought out for their first meal.

Given the Winchester weighs between 2-3 tons, they do not commonly require a crew, and often fly with only their captain aboard. Winchester hatchlings were usually harnessed by boys of 14 or so. Winchesters are considered unattractive prospects for many experienced officers as the captain of such a small dragon would not be able to gain seniority, partly due to the lack of men under their command, but also due to the tendency of dragons to respect strength and size over human notions of rank.

Grey Copper - Dulcia:

A pale greenish-grey dragon occasionally used on the flanks of formations.

Pascals Blue - Nitidus

A light combat dragon. Silvery-grey with black and blue patches.

Anglewing - Velocitas

Golden brown and spotted with bright yellow, Anglewings are smaller dragons, with oddly angled wings that allow them to make sharp, unpredictable turns. They are middleweights, weighing a mere 13–16 tons on average

And last the most important:

Celestial - Temeraire

I'm setting this under spoiler for those of you who haven't finished the book. This should be read only after you reached the end. It also contains light spoilers regarding to breed history and evolution for the following books but these shouldn't affect the reading.
(view spoiler)

There are many others but these are the most important I think. If any of you think of any other breed let me know and I'll search that out also. :)

message 41: by Graeme (new)

Graeme Rodaughan | 2038 comments Amazing.

message 42: by Laura (last edited Mar 27, 2019 11:12PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Laura (lauradragonchild) | 6206 comments They are indeed amazing! 😊

😁😁And when I love a book, I really love it! So I spread the love! :D

I was just talking about your series on r/Fantasy - for people who want kick-ass vampires with no romance. :)
All tough guys there who didn't know this series existed and I'm trying to make a point with: You have got to read this people!

We didn't find much to go into this full action no romance category, which is really surprising for such a wide genre.

message 43: by Graeme (new)

Graeme Rodaughan | 2038 comments Thanks Laura, there's nothing as good as word of mouth recommendations.

message 44: by Bea (new) - rated it 4 stars

Bea | 2052 comments Wow, thanks for posting all the info! <3

Btw. am I the only one wondering if Temeraire will find a girlfriend in one of the later books? I think that would be really cute.

Terry | 232 comments I've just started on this. Very cool stuff, Laura! Thanks for all of that.

Jessica (raivynwolf) | 670 comments Thanks Laura! Those are awesome!

@Bea, I was wondering the same thing. It would be super cute!

Elizabeth (elizabeths01) | 990 comments Somewhere in the middle of Chapter 6 (view spoiler)

message 48: by Anni (new) - rated it 5 stars

Anni | 5020 comments Elizabeth wrote: "Somewhere in the middle of Chapter 6 [spoilers removed]"

Yeah me too... (view spoiler)

Siobhan (poi5ongirl) | 7569 comments Sir Anni wrote: "Elizabeth wrote: "Somewhere in the middle of Chapter 6 [spoilers removed]"

Yeah me too... [spoilers removed]"

Elizabeth wrote: "Somewhere in the middle of Chapter 6 [spoilers removed]"

I'm about chapter 5/6 too and totally agree. (view spoiler)

Siobhan (poi5ongirl) | 7569 comments Wow Laura, thanks for all those pictures and info! Amazing! :D

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