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The Coffee House was an easy pick for the bookworm when it came to studying, or even just to hang out. It was the perfect environment for her - quiet, laid-back, and it always smelt delicious. Delilah would be lying if she said she didn't come here almost every day. Like any other, the fairy was heading that way, this time to meet somebody. A boy from her French class, who she barely knew but had heard about. He was cute, but she tried to not let this effect the way she acted around him, as she knew she was way out of his league. This was nothing more than a study date - not even a date. Not to the fairy, anyways.

Approaching the familiar shop, Delilah slowed down and hugged her books close to her chest. Her blonde hair was slightly curled, falling over her shoulders and pale, freckled face. She had only bothered with little amounts of makeup this morning; some concealer, winged eyeliner, and she had applied a nude color to her soft lips. As usual, the fairy wore a black mini skirt and a burgundy colored knitted sweater that she tucked in. A pair of wedges were on her feet, clicking against the cement whenever she walked. Her glasses laid upon the nose of her bridge, her baby blue eyes looking over them before she pushed open the door.

Upon entering, the familiar little bell rang, announcing her arrival. She was instantly hugged with the warmth it provided, and several smells assaulted her senses. Remembering why she was here, Delilah took a glance around the place before her light gaze landed on a familiar face. Giving a small wave and a friendly smile, she made her way toward the male. "Sorry, for being late. Hope you weren't waiting for long?" she greeted, her voice soft as she spoke to him. Setting her books down on the table gently, Delilah took a seat, smoothing out the bottom of her skirt before she did.

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Delilah was glad to hear that he hadn't been here long, she would've felt even more bad otherwise. Hearing his compliment, the blonde felt heat rise to her cheeks, a light blush covering her cheeks. She had to fight the urge to bring her hands to her face to help cover the redness that was probably gathering there. "T-thanks," she replied, attempting to keep her voice steady. It wasn't like the girl never received compliments, in fact, she always did. It was the fact that she was still wasn't use to it, though wasn't sure why. It was like a natural reaction of her's at this point - blush, stuttering, etc.

Recollecting herself, Delilah re-focused her attention on Musa and why they were here in the first place. His next question brought her back completely, her nerves settling once more. "Of course," she responded, her voice going back to its cheery self. With that, the fairy grabbed one of her French books and opened it up. It took her only a few seconds to open up to the correct page, the lesson they were currently working on. With her pencil being a bookmark in the thing, it was easy to flip to anyways.

Picking up the pencil, she brought it to her mouth and began to tap the eraser side against her lips - a common habit. Before she could say anything further, one of the baristas walked over and asked if she could get them anything. Looking up, Delilah gave a friendly smile, "Can I just get a white mocha, please?" she asked before glancing across the table toward Musa.

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