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message 1: by Bryan (new)

Bryan | 1 comments Looking for beta readers for a completed and mostly polished science fiction/magical realism novel.

Maggie Montaigne finds herself trying to build a career in a world she cannot fully experience. When the vast majority of people started Believing decades ago, so much of the world improved: cheap shelter, plentiful food, and work designed around mass entertainment. However Maggie has upper-case Skepticism, a rare disability that leaves her unable to engage with this new world, which she believes is linked with her lower-case skepticism, a more common human condition that leads her to question everything. (Both are probably her parents’ fault.) Her stable niche in an unstable world is shaken when she is confronted with knowledge about her company and friends she would have rather been ignorant of, and struggles with understanding her place in fixing such a big problem. She has a boyfriend that might propose, a father that is probably depressed, an absent mother, and so, so many books to read. Plus, jobs are hard to get if you are a Skeptic, and her contributions are truly important and lifesaving. So she tells herself.. All she wants is her friend back, and life to go back to normal, which she defines as about a decade before she was born. It doesn’t.

The Skeptic, at 98,000 words, addresses themes of spiritual belief; the proper response of society to mental illness; science fiction/fantasy geek fandoms; emotional contagion; the philosophy of science and reason; self-referential humor; living in the South; the challenges of patriarchal work spaces; and broken families. While Maggie is the main voice, other speakers in this world appear, from the lawmakers that wrote laws enforcing mental illness treatment, to the fan girl that enters a contest, to the repair women that actually Believe buildings back into shape when everything crumbles around Maggie. And while the book is set in the near future in a type of pre-dystopian world (am I the only one who wonders how we got to 1984 or the 74th Hunger Game?), the feeling is closer to magical realism, as we see scientists try and fail to fully understand this phenomenon.

I would be happy to answer questions before anyone commits to diving in.

message 2: by D.C.P. (new)

D.C.P. Fox (dcpfox) | 7 comments I am interested but I have never beta read before. Please send me a PM if you are interested in a newbie beta reader.

message 3: by Amashy (new)

Amashy | 9 comments This sounds pretty cool! Send me a message, and I'll start right away :)

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