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UNSOLVED: One specific book > YA Short Stories from early to mid 1990s- one about a boy who makes a deal with a clock to re-do a day (spoilers in comments)

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Alicia (lupa_wulf) | 1 comments Again, I read it when I was pretty young, so sometime in the early to mid 90s, got it from the library, so maybe it was published earlier in the 80s?
This was one of a handful of short stories in the book. I don’t remember the others offhand, other than they were pretty cool.

The boy ends up talking to a clock in the house. It gives him a Do over for his really bad day, in return for a random day it picks in the future. Turns out the day it picked was a day his parents took the kids out of school for a fun day at an amusement park (or something). He gets mad that he can’t remember the awesome day his siblings are talking about, so he barters with the clock again to get his fun day. The clock exchanges all of the time he wastes in a month (or something like that) for the day.
The day turns out not to be that awesome, since he knew about the surprise from the spoilers he got from his family talking about it before he made the deal. Then he keeps finding himself missing time, since appearntly he wastes a lot more time than he thought.

When the period is up in their deal, he goes in front of the clock and specifically makes a point of wasting a bunch of time. I think it ends with, “Never make a deal with a clock.”

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