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A hospital would be a great place for vampires to get blood if they don't feel like feeding of someone. Also, a place for people to get patched up or checked out.


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Luke slowed down even further, matching his longer strides to hers. She honestly wasn't even walking anymore and he pulled to a full stop as she leaned against a tree.
"Huh?" He asked, eyebrows raising ever so slightly. He knew that people who were anemic had some issue with blood. Like they didn't have enough iron or something. The only reason he knew that was because one of his previous girlfriends had told him that while she was on her period. This was different though, this girl was seriously bleeding. He did know that this girl being anemic meant that this whole blood loss thing would probably be a lot worse than expected. If she fainted, he wasn't sure what he was going to do with her. He would probably have to carry her and that was likely to cause a whole lot of attention in town. Luke loved attention, but that wasn't exactly the kind he was looking for.
"Okay, we're almost there. Just a few more minutes." Hesitating for a moment, he made a split second decision in his head and then walked over to her. Carefully he put a hand on her waist to support her and began to slowly walk again.
"Try and match your steps with mine." He told her shortly. When he was in a race it was always better to focus on something else besides the pain and the dizziness, like the rhythm of his feet.

The forest slowly fell away from them and Luke knew that in only a few more steps they would make it to the hospital. One, two, three, four... there.
"Okay, here." He pulled open the door and stepped into the hospital. The sterile smell of the building washed over him and he had to pause and orient himself again.
"You okay to still walk?" He asked the girl softly. Warwick's hospital wasn't created in the best way and they still had to walk down a long hallway to get to the reception part of the building.

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She needed to breath, calmed her nerves and try to keep her eyes open. Ellie was tired though, her eyes starting to droop as she stood there. When a hand landed on her waist, it surprised her. She was more focused on trying not to pass out as she leaned on the tree for moat all her support in standing. Walking? It was more Ellie was stumbling over her own feet as she leaned on this random stranger. She never slowed down, it was better if she got to the hospital dinner rather than later. Though the whole rest of walk, shakeout her head down to watch her feet. Not to watch her pace but to try and not trip over them each time she walked.

As pavement fell away she noticed tiles. She barely heard him asking if she could walk still. By now her wound had almost stopped bleeding although there was a few places were bark stuck to skin which would need to be taken out of the wound. "No," Ellie mumbled as she her sugar finally bottomed out along with the blood she just lost. Her legs gave out and the floor was getting closers as the rest of the room spun. Wow, what a great first day at Warwick it seemed. Eleanor was falling and couldn't even try to stop herself from going face first. Hopefully the desk and nurses would see her falling and tend to her before she went critical. Ellie had a small wound and low sugar, nothing major but she being anemic and lossing a bit of blood she could get bad.

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Max | 103 comments "No?" He repeated nervously. He had been asking more out of good manners than actually expecting her to reply in any other way than yes. It was the same as asking someone how their day was, you always expected them to just answer back something like good or fine.
"Oh." He lurched forward to somehow catch her and keep her standing. Unfortunately, unlike the movies it wasn't as easy to catch someone as you expected. Luke stumbled under her weight and struggled to catch her without hurting her more than she already was. No amount of athletic abilities seemed to be helping him with this situation. Eventually though he managed to pick her up, trying not to press on her wound.
"Hey, can someone help me? What kind of shitty hospital is this?" He yelled, still not seeing anyone around. When no one answered he cursed loudly and began the long walk down the hall to the receptionist desk. Luckily before he got there a nurse finally noticed him and came rushing over. His arms were beginning to hurt by then and his headache was almost blinding.

"Um... she fell on something sharp... and she fainted in the hall." He stammered out, unsure of what to tell the nurse. What he really just wanted was to be able to sit down and maybe down an entire bottle of aspirin.
"She's anemic." He suddenly added, realizing that that information could be extremely helpful.
"Put her down there." The nurse told him, leading him into a white room with two beds. He set her down on one of the beds carefully and then sat down on the one across from it, pressing the heel of his hand into his forehead. A few seconds later a doctor appeared at the door. She gave Luke a glance before turning all her attention to Ellie.
"B+ blood, iron supplement." There was a flurry of action in the room as the nurse left and came back with an IV. A few moments later, Ellie was receiving the blood she needed along with extra iron supplements. Luke found himself staring at the clear bag filled with red liquid. He was drawn to it like a moth to a flame. The nurse had begun to clean the wound on Ellie's side, pulling out bits of wood. It wasn't a bad cut though and didn't take long to clean and bandage.

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Ellie went in and out of consciousness when Luke tried to catch her. Though, it wasn't long before she was completely out. Hopefully the hospital would start to ask questions on who she was and would look through her personal items to try an id her. They would fine her ID if they looked through her bag. An ID from New York, saying her name was Eleanor Hawthorne, 16 years old. Again this only proved the girl had just moved to Warwick and came from somewhere nice.

When she was taken back, her body instinctively flinched when the bark from the stick was being pulled from the wound. The IV wasn't a problem as she had it done more than once in her life. In ten minutes Ellie's color starred to return and with proper attention her wound had almost completely stopped bleed since it was opened again with the removal of what was left of the stick. She did eventually start coming around but head a killer headache and a thirst that seemed to burn her throat. It bother her enough that the idea of talking seemed to be unpleasant. Since Luke had brought in an unknown bleeding girl he wasn't particularly allowed to just leave since they wanted to question him about her. Besides that he didn't look so good either and probably would need to be checked out as well considering he was with Ellie.

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Max | 103 comments The doctor had already checked her ID. At first she didn't really look at any of the personal information, she just looked at the name so she could search up what blood type this girl had. Eleanor Hawthorne, she had never heard that name before which was interesting considering just how small the town was. Leaving the ID on the table as she worked, Luke was the one to pick it up. He realized that he hadn't even known her name until now. Eleanor. He wasn't surprised to see that she was from New York, considering her fancy clothing she just seemed like a city girl. What he would give to go to somewhere like New York. He had watched his fair share of movies about the city where dreams come true. It seemed so bright, so horribly hopeful and disappointing too but above all it was interesting. Why would someone come from such an exciting place to here? No one noticed him as they bustled in and out, checking her blood pressure and temperature and her medical records.
"It's lucky you brought her in when you did. A few minutes later and this would be a whole lot worse." The doctor informed Luke when things finally settled down.

Luke just squinted at her through half closed eyes. He felt like he was about to puke and the headache just kept getting worse, if that was even possible.
"Do you mind telling me exactly what happened?" The doctor's face was open and kind but Luke could tell that this was really a questioning. For all he knew, they might think that he had stabbed her or something.
"I was going for a jog in the forest. You know they have some nice paths down there and I by mistake ran into her. She fell and somehow managed to jab herself with a stick." He explained through gritted teeth. The doctor didn't say anything for a while and then just nodded, it looked like she believed him.
"You're Alice's grandson right?" She asked. Luke nodded, his grandmother used to do a lot of volunteering at the hospital. When he nodded, the doctor smiled brightly at him.
"She's a great woman. I've never seen anyone work as hard as she did here." Luke managed to smile back, although it looked more like a grimace than a grin.
"Are you alright?" The doctor asked, noting his sick look.
"Yeah, I think i'm just coming down with a migraine." Luke responded.
"I can go get some aspirin for you." Luke gave her a grateful look and the doctor disappeared from the room to retrieve something for his head. Getting up, Luke began to pace up and down the small room between the two beds, one hand pressed over his mouth. There was something seriously wrong, but he wasn't sure what. When he noticed Ellie's eyes open he tried to still his movements and gave her a questioning look.
"You okay now?" He managed to get out.

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Ellie didn't try to even speak but instead she rolled herself off the bed and used the IV stand to right herself before she sat back down. "Water," she whispered as her free hand went to her throat. It felt like it was on fire and a thirst ached within her. If it wasn't for the fact that her sugar was still somewhat low she would of tried to find herself something to drink. Another odd thing besides her burning throat was her eyes seemed brighter than they had been before. They were a light blue color but now they look closer to the color of icicles.

Now that she was trying to solve one problem she noticed that her ID was setting on the table. It was farther away then she had assumed a nurse or doctor would place it. She could only guess that the mystery guy had looked at it and now knew who she was. Hopefully he didn't know or connect who exactly her parents were. She would prefer to not be know as model Madeline Hawthorne's daughter. She was more known as that then her father, lawyer Robert Hawthorne's daughter. Life in the spotlight wasn't all that fun when you don't get the privacy to do anything. She also noticed the contents of her backpack was laying on a chair not to far from her bed. There wasn't much there, a phone, notebook, gum, some loose makeup, a book. She ran off last night not even thinking of grabbing her suitcase b3fore she ran.

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Max | 103 comments Luke rolled his eyes at her but complied to her request and unscrewed the top of the water bottle he had been running with before passing it to her. He watched her carefully to make sure she didn't drop it, or pass out again. While there was colour back in her face now she still looked about ready to pass out again. He was less nervous though about it because there were plenty of doctors around to help now and they didn't seem too worried about her. Sitting back down on the bed across from her, he took her ID from the table again and stared at it before looking up at the girl again.
"So, Eleanor. You're a bit of a mystery aren't you? No one in town seems to know you... and you came from New York? Interesting choice of destination for a city girl." He smirked at her and then threw the ID back onto the table. Getting up again he began to pace. He had always found that moving around helped him to relax a lot more. Today it didn't seem to be working so much for him though. Every so often he would look back at Eleanor. She was very pretty, and her eyes were a stunning shade of blue. He hadn't noticed how intense they were until now.

Restlessly he sat back down on the bed before almost immediately getting up and pacing again. No matter what he did nothing could distract him from the horrible feeling he was getting. It felt like someone was reaching down his throat and trying to pull his stomach out of his mouth from the inside. Not to mention the hammers trying to break through his skull and the fact that his stomach was tossing and turning. He had never felt so utterly horrible in his life before, and he had gotten some pretty bad cases of the flu in the past. He felt totally jittery too like he had drunk way too much coffee after pulling an all nighter. In his restlessness he didn't notice his foot get caught on the IV stand, but when he moved it came tumbling down with a crash.
"Shit!" He cursed as crimson blood came spilling out onto the white tiles. Today was not a good day, and it seemed to just be getting worse.

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Ellie had almost drunk the whole bottle before any effect took place. Her throat still burned but not as much as it did when she first came to. Hearing her name made her flinch a bit, she preferred going by Ellie instead for Eleanor was an old name and she hated it. "Ellie, I go by Ellie. And I arrived here last night by bus to stay with a friend until I picked out an apartment," she spoke softly not because she was scared but because her throat still bothered her. If Luke noticed her ID did state she was 16 years old and she said nothing about her parent being with her. She even said until I picked out an apartment. She was here by herself. "I am from New York but Buffalo is where my father's law firm is." Unlike what he thought, Ellie was from Buffalo, New York though she spent a lot of time in NYC because of her mother modeling shoots.

As he constantly sat, got up, paced, and sat again Ellie found that it started to make her dizzy just watching him go about the room. So she was trying to reacher her phone when he tripped over the IV stand and it pulled from her arm. "Fuck," she muttered as she watched the blood bag fall and bust on the floor. Blood splatter on her shoes and she didn't even try to stand in shock to the pain in her arm. Of course, the moving wouldn't stop her from being accident prone. Instead of worrying too much about the blood draining into the floor she put her hand on her arm. The IV yanked from her arm which caused it to open a little and after what happened earlier she wasn't in the mood to bleed too much more. With her other hand, she then fumbled around to find the nurse call button, but that was a struggle.

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Max | 103 comments Of course her dad was a lawyer, probably some big shot corporate lawyer who made more money than anyone in Warwick put together. In actuality, Warwick had it's fair share of wealthy people, in fact most of Luke's friends were loaded but he felt like being wealthy and from the big city was a whole new thing. Buffalo wasn't nearly as exciting and he didn't know that much about it but it must have been bigger and cooler than Warwick.
"Yeah, fuck is right. Why does my day just keep getting worse?" He hissed angrily. The blood seeped onto his shoes and he moved back to get out of the way. They were just and old pair of running shoes but they were the only running shoes he had and he didn't really want to explain to his friends why there were bloodstains all over his shoes. To his chagrin there was also a splatter of blood that had splashed onto his pants. Even worse than his ruined clothing though and the giant mess he had made was the fact that he wanted to move towards the blood. Something completely separate from his logical, human brain was telling him to step closer to the crimson liquid, and this time he didn't have the strength to resist it. Squatting down he picked up the bag so that it stopped leaking onto the floor. Immediately his hands got coated in blood and before he knew what he was doing he had lifted his hand and just lightly pressed his thumb to his lips, tasting the warm metallic blood, and it tasted like heaven.

Realizing that Ellie would probably notice, he quickly moved his hand away but there was still a drop of blood on his lip.
"What the fuck is wrong with me?" He muttered to himself. His desire to just grab the blood bag and drink it like Gatorade was even stronger than before. Subconsciously he brought his hand up to the two teeth marks on his neck again. Somewhere in the back of his mind he had connected the bite and the thirst for blood but consciously he hadn't realized it yet.
"Are you okay?" He asked, realizing that her arm was bleeding again. Striding forward he slammed his bloody hand down onto the button by the bed. His hands were still red and blood dripped down onto the sleeves of his sweater and down onto the sheets of the bed.

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Ellie did eventually give up on trying to grab the call nurse button and her attention was turned to the blood spilled on the floor. She had always hated blood but again her interest was peaked here. The burning in her throat came back with a vengeance this time. It was screaming at her to have a taste of the red liquid. But her mind was telling her not to and that that was a disgusting thing to do especially since people don't just go around drinking blood. He though Ellie might notice him tasting the blood, oh boy was he wrong. She watched him taste it and she felt envy. Envy over the fact that he had some of the blood in his mouth. What had gotten into her, she asked herself.

She had to turn her head away after that and then paid mind to her arm. It wasn't bad enough that she would bleed like she had before which was great. That was the beat thing every, not. It was when she was being asked if she was okay that she looked back to who was still in the room. She also realized that she still hadn't been introduced but he knew who she was now. "I'm fine," she muttered as her eyes zoned in on the smear of red on his lips. When he reach for the call button she leaned away so he was on top of her. Ellie also noticed the bag was still dripping and it had ruined this boy's sweater as well as the sheets she was currently on. But that wasn't her top priority in the moment, it was that she moved her hand just a bit so that she could collect a droplet of the crimson gold. And she done exactly what Luke had but she was more discreet about it.

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Max | 103 comments It didn't take him long to realize that she must have seen him taste the blood. He had literally been standing right in front of her and licking his fingers like some sadistic idiot. But she wasn't screaming or anything and she didn't look scared at all. A few moments later they heard someone running down the hall. Luke wasn't sure how the nurse was going to react and he absentmindedly tried to wipe the blood from his lips but only further smeared it across his face and got some into his mouth. It tasted so good. When he was a kid he used to wait by the kitchen until his grandfather finished baking cookies and then would burn his mouth from eating them too quickly. The blood on his tongue tasted a 100 times better than those cookies from his childhood. It felt better than any party drug or alcohol or adrenaline rush and in that moment he felt totally addicted to... blood. Drawing back away from Ellie he watched her move slightly, one hand pressed to her mouth. What she feeling what he was feeling? This horrible lust for something so disgusting and plain wrong.
"Did you just...?" He trailed off but gestured lamely to the blood on her fingertips. He didn't even know what to ask.

A moment later the nurse came bursting in and stopped to survey the scene before her.
"What the hell just happened?" She asked after seeing both kids seemingly alright besides being splatter with blood. Luke pulled his hand away from his mouth and managed a sheepish smile.
"Um, I knocked over the IV stand..." He grimaced at her and tried for another innocent little smile. He knew that a small smile could go a long way with some people. The nurse didn't seem to be one of those people. Marching over she helped Ellie move over to the other bed and began stripping away the sheets.
"I swear you teenagers will be the end of me." She muttered as she worked. Luke just stood there looking like an idiot and then sat down beside Ellie. Just a few minutes later, the nurse had efficiently gotten rid of the sheets, the IV stand, bandaged Ellie's arm up and then with a last angry sigh she stalked out of the room to get a mop.

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He was questioning her I've the fact she had blood on her hand. Ellie was bleeding from her arm it would make sense as to why she had blood on her hand and as he started to ask she lifted her hand to her mouth and gave a yawn. That would explain anything other than her hand reaching out. But she would just have to come up with something later for that. What she done was disgusting and not even the first bit of normal. People don't like the taste of blood, it not like there are vampires.

But before she could be further pushed the nurse came in and wasn't happy about the mess that was now on the ground. Ellie did have to be helped over to the other bed, her legs too weak for her to walk on her own. She also told the nurse about her anger being low which in turn the nurse grumbled out something along the lines that she would get her food sent on. Once she was settle on the other bed, Ellie sat there with her legs crossed and her shoes setting on the floor since she walked through some of the blood. Soon her arm now was bandaged and she took in her own appearance since before last night. Her shirt was covered in blood, ruined no doubt from being ripped and covered in red. Her jeans were in better condition, a drop of blood on her knee and someseeped into her waist band but all wasn't lost for them. Her shoes were definitely going to have to be washed if she even thought of trying to save them.

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Max | 103 comments Luke was seriously freaking out now. He had just eating blood and it had tasted good. He was going crazy, he was sure of it. But despite that he still had to stop himself from licking his fingers clean of the blood on them. Instead he sat down next to Ellie and fidgeted nervously with the end of his blood soaked sleeve. Luke could never stay in one place for long and his nerves meant that he was in constant motion, tapping a pen, pacing or just fidgeting his fingers or a leg. A few moments later the doctor came in with a plate of food. It looked disgusting and plain but Luke figured it was probably filled with all the right stuff to keep Ellie healthy and happy. Setting the tray next to Ellie, the doctor quickly checked to make sure all the bandaging was right and that the IV hadn't done too much damage.
"You two sure know how to make a scene." She muttered but she had a good natured smile on her face. After being told that Luke was Alice's grandson, she treated both of them with familiarity.

"Luke i'm just going to have to check you really quickly for any wounds or anything, it's just policy. Sorry. It'll be real quick." The process was quite simple, it didn't even require Luke to stand up, it was just checking for bruises and cuts. There was nothing much to notice except for a few old sports bruises or paper cuts. That was until the doctor noticed the marks on his neck.
"What are those?" She asked, moving his sweater out of the way to get a bit of a better look at it. Luke shifted uncomfortably. She smelled really good, not in a romantic way but more in a "amazing roast lamb" way.
"I got mugged a few days ago. The creep bit me and ran, didn't get any money though." Luke shrugged as casually as he could. He was beginning to think that he had done more than just bit him and run. Luke had never seen teeth marks like that before in his life.
"They look like fangs..." The doctor responded with knitted eyebrows. Luke chuckled and moved away from her grasp carefully.
"I guess he just had really long teeth, weird right."

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She didn't know what to say to him as they sat on the bed together. Ellie watched the blood be cleaned up and she yearned so much to stop them and have another taste. What was wrong with her? It was insane to think that she wanted more of the rich liquid. It was when the doctor came in with her tray of food that she snapped out of her dazed like state. She mumbled a thank you and looked at the food given to her.
Disgusting hospital food, not the tastiest but full of nutrients. Everything the body needed and more. Most of the food given to her was full of proteins to get her blood sugar to stabilize at a normal level. Even with that in mind, it didn't make her want to eat what was there anymore than she had to. "Sorry about that," she whispered to the doctor after she said they knew how to make a scene. Eleanor had never been the type to do something like that because she wanted a normal life. One anyway from paparazzi and interviewers. She remembers the one time she was harassed because of her dad being the lawyer of some big shot drug pin or something. Her life wasn't all roses and sunshine.

While Ellie was starting to eat the gross food provided for her she listened to the doctor and the conversation with her reason of being here. She finally found out his name, Luke. She didn't blame him for hearing being here, but her anemia. Through the whole ordeal she glanced over at what was going on with side eyes. When it came to the parts about fangs and biting she had abandon her silverware and had her bandaged arm's hand instinctively go to her other arm. Her jacket sleeves was down far enough that it hid the same kind of bite marks on her arm. This cause her to be curious and the urge to ask what really happened was there. Ellie knew it was none of her business but she too had the same bite mark, different placing but same. She had only noticed them this morning when she adorned her jacket after she woke up. What the hell did it mean?

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Max | 103 comments Seeing that he was either telling some sort of truth or unwilling to elaborate on the strange bite, the doctor gave the marks one last look before getting up and leaving the room, leaving a bottle of aspirin for Luke on the bed. She was curious about the marks but she wouldn't be surprised if they had actually been the result of a stupid hazing ritual or something from the rough high school life many of the Warwick athletes seemed to be drawn into. She had immediately taken a liking to Luke because of his relations to Alice but they didn't seem to have much in common. His grandmother, Alice had always given a fun energy to the room while Luke played it more cool. With neither kid immediately in danger anymore though, the doctor had more pressing matters to attend to, and after a pause she rushed off to attend to another patient. When one was a trained medical person you learned not to dwell on things for too long, sometimes thinking too much ended in someone dead. She would make sure to drop by Alice's house at some point and just make sure that all was going well.

Taking the aspirin bottle, Luke pulled the lid off with unnecessary force, feeling angry and irritable from the doctor's questioning. He poured two pills out onto his hand and shoved them in his mouth, wincing slightly as he dry swallowed them. They didn't seem to do much for him and he was impatient for the drugs to kick in and help with his headache.
"So, Eleanor. How come a girl like you came to Warwick?" He asked, trying to make normal conversation despite the fact that he still wanted to eat the blood off of his shirt sleeves. Fake it till you make it, if he pretended everything was normal, maybe everything would actually become normal again. Sprawling out onto the bed behind her he yawned and started to scroll through his phone. His grandmother had called, as had one of his friends. He ignored both of the calls and instead fiddled absentmindedly with the buttons of his phone, always restless and needing to move around.

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Eleanor was quick to turn her attention to what was left of her food. But instead of eating it she pushed it around with her fork, no longer in the mood to eat any more of the horrible food. It had been a few moments before he spoke to her and she winced when he used her name. It wasn't like she had been beaten before but she hated her name. It was old sounding and she despised it being used, that was why she corrected him the first time. Ellie, she preferred Ellie even though it was childish. Even El would suffice in to getting her attention. Her parents stopped calling her Eleanor unless she had done something wrong and was being punished.

"I told you earlier that I have a friend who lives here," she mumbled as she kept her gaze elsewhere. It was her friend who told her that she should move to Warwick, lie to her parents about how lovely their "private" school was. And she listen and it worked. Then while waiting for her friend to show up and pick her up he attacked her. Bit her arm causing her to black out for a few minutes. When she came around he was regretful and trying to apologize which lead to her running away because she was tricked. Ellie had a long night last night because of this whole fucked situation with her friend. It was this time she spent rubbing her forearm as she remembered what happened. In doing so, she cause her jacket to move and give the slightest appearance of her own bite mark, if Luke looked he could probably catch a glimpse at it.

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Max | 103 comments "Who?" He asked casually. It had to be someone at the high school. She was probably around his age so he figured that he might know her friend. Although there had been a few newcomers to Warwick that he didn't know. He still found it improbable that a girl like her would come here on the words of a friend. Plus she hadn't mentioned her parents or guardians at all. A lot of kids in Warwick didn't have one parent or both but she seemed completely alone. She hadn't even mentioned an aunt or uncle or grandparent. She was certainly a mystery, a very pretty one at that. He looked down at his hands as he fidgeted. They were still covered in blood, beautiful, sweet blood that he would give almost anything to have in that moment. As he turned to look at Ellie again he noticed two marks on her arm. At first he didn't think much of it. Everyone had cuts and marks on them. Everyone had proof of the life they lived when they weren't around other people, it just changed depending on the person what that proof was. Luke himself was no stranger to angry bruises and scrapes.

When he looked closer, that was when he became interested. They weren't just any scrape. They were fang marks, just like the ones he had on his neck.
"Where did you get that?" He asked, suddenly reaching forward and catching Ellie's wrist with his hand. He was gentle but firm as he tilted her hand towards his. With his headache and his irritable mood right now he sort of forgot about the rules of personal space. The marks were identical to his and his eyes flickered up to hers, the question obvious in his gaze.

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Ellie had stayed quiet when Like asked who her friend was. She actually didn't want to see him every again nor did she want him to know where she was now. He was the one who attacked her and she couldn't believe she had believed him when he told her to come her. But she couldn't just go back home and tell her parents what happened, that would cause trouble and then her father would come her to sue everyone that was in on the problem. It was when her arm was grabbed and pulled over for Luke to look better at it.

She froze up, couldn't move to pull her arm free or even cover the fang marks. "Um..." she couldn't figure out what would be the right thing to say to him nor could she really lie. Her father was a lawyer, he knew when someone lied. It took her days of practice her speech on moving here because of the lying bit in it. She had only been lucky her father had an important case he was working on at the time. "Um... I was attacked last night," she muttered as she finally was able to control her body again. She took her free hand and covered the marks, it was a a tale tell sign she was somewhat uncomfortable in this situation.

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Max | 103 comments Luke stared at her arm with wide brown eyes. They were identical to his own wounds, although his were on his neck just at the crook where his neck and shoulder met. But there was no denying that not only the teeth marks looked the same but they were also identical in size and depth. It had to be the same person who had attacked her. He wasn't looking at her anymore, his curiosity taken up fully by her wounds. He couldn't care less about who she was anymore. If she could explain the marks and the strange things he had been feeling ever since he had gotten bitten by that guy in the park.
"I got attacked too." He finally let go of her arm, allowing her to cover it and pulled down the collar of his shirt to show her the bites he had on his own skin. They were actually sort of small bites but they went deep and they hurt like hell.

Letting his shirt cover the cuts again, he glanced at the door to make sure that no one was going to come into the room and then leaned in towards Ellie a little bit more.
"Have you been feeling weird lately? Since you got attacked... like sick?" He asked softly. He wasn't sure why he didn't want anyone else to hear but he just didn't. He knew that it was crazy that he was even asking her about this stuff. She probably thought that he was insane, but he couldn't help it. Luke had always been a pretty straight forward person, if he wanted to know something then he just asked about it. He wasn't into the whole delicate art of conversation.

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Once her arm was free from his grasp she pulled her sleeve back down over the marks. She was embarrassed of herself of how she was attacked and it made her feel weaker than she already felt like. When he said she was attacked, she looked at the two puncture marks on his neck. They were they exact as the ones on her arms, same size and width apart. It was crazy to think but not only was she attacked by her friend so was Luke. She wasn't the first person to have Phil attack them. So she had been lead her only to be used now.

She noted how he looked around for anyone listening bit she didn't worry. This was a hospital, people were busy. She personally knew this for the fact that she had been in and out of hospitals all her life. "If you haven't noticed I am sick. I'm anemic plus I have..." that's were she stopped. Ellie didn't want to tell Luke about her medical problems because believe me she had many. She had a scar on her side from the fact that she had a kidney transplant. Eleanor Hawthorne was a sick child growing up so feeling sick was normal. "It happened last night," she mumbled as a way to change topics. "And then I ran into you and got a stick in my side." She hasn't had enough time to feel weird expect for the part with the blood part that happened a few minutes ago.

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Max | 103 comments Luke roller his eyes. He wasn’t in the mood to be polite anymore. The aspirin hadn’t helped his headache and he just wanted to know why he felt like he was going crazy. He had just drunk blood for no reason and it had tasted good. Something was seriously wrong with him and he thought that Ellie might have the answers. But she was proving that she wanted to be difficult with him. He knew she was anemic, and he honestly didn’t care. It seemed like the doctors knew how to take care of her, and her being anemic probably had nothing to do with the bites since it sounded like she’d been anemic her whole life. He raised an eyebrow at her when she stopped talking. This girl had secrets. Luke knew what having secrets was like, secrets about family and about money. Being popular meant that basically his entire life was a secret. He was one person at school and with friends but he was another person with his grandmother. Secrets made the world go round here in Warwick it seemed. Everyone had their secrets, their lies.

“What did they look like? The person who attached you?” He side eagerly. He hadn’t been able to see much in the dark when he had gotten bitten but he was going maybe Ellie had seen the person more. Over all Luke was just puzzled by the fact that he mugged hadn’t actually taken any money from him. They had just fought it out in the park but the guy hadn’t even tried to reach for his wallet. Not that there was any money in his wallet in the first place. But someone like Ellie who was so obviously wealthy probably was a prime targret for muggers after dark.

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"Um..." Ellie brought a hand up to her face as she thought on whether she should tell look. She knew exactly what Phil looked like, she had a picture of him on her phone. They talked for months and she had felt so comfortable talking about her problems with him. Thinking of her phone, it started to ring. The discarded thing was setting on the table and she glanced at it. It, of course, was her attacker. He was calling her after everything that happened last night. She ignored it for a minute hoping he would hangup knowing she would answer after the first ring. She always answered his calls after the first ring. When it didn't stop she tried to reach over and decline the call but tumbled off the bed instead. "Fuck," she whispered as she stayed on the floor but turned onto her back so she looked at the ceiling.

Her phone had stopped ringing but seconds later started again. Again it was Phil and if Luke looked over he would see a picture of a boy no older than them with dark hair, dark eyes and pale skin. He might even be recognizable to him. Ellie though had tears starting to form at the corners of her eyes. She had different ringtones for different people so she knew who it was calling her. "The nerve," she muttered as she refused to pick herself up. She preferred staying on the floor rather than facing only know came to her that Luke could pickup her phone and answer it which got her to set up quite fast. The effort of that caused her to groan but she had to make sure Luke didn't answer her phone, that no one answered the calls from Phil. She, of course, didn't want to talk about her mistrust in him which lead to her attack but she wasn't going to save him. At least not from herself.

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Max | 103 comments Luke jumped a little when her phone rang. He didn’t know why but he had been feeling extremely jumpy in the past few days. Everything just seemed to make his body go on extra alarm mode. Last night his grandmother had dropped a plate and Luke’s heart had begun beating like a bird was trapped in his chest. Luke wasn’t used to feeling so on guard all the time and the nausea and headache mixed with his constant state of alarm, he was completely exhausted. He swore quietly under his breath when he realized it was just her phone and dropped his head into his hands. He was so tired... he could feel his eyes drooping, and then Ellie fell off the bed. Snickering like the asshole he was, Luke frowned at her from the bed.
“Uh... are you okay?” He asked, not sounding at all sincere in his question. She looked okay, maybe a little pissed off but relatively okay so he figured he could laugh at her a bit. Snickering again he grinned as she just lay on the floor. He knew exactly how she felt, often after a long day he would go home and lie on the kitchen floor and eat ice cream. Usually he would feel bad about eating so much crap after that so he would go running, but he understood feeling lazy.

“Phil?” He asked suddenly. The guy phoning looked very familiar and Luke finally placed him. He went to Warwick High. Luke was pretty sure that they had math together, although they had never spoken to each other besides maybe the occasional greeting in class. So Ellie did have a friend her. Perhaps it was the fact that he felt sick, or exhausted, or simply because he was fed up with feeling like something was wrong, but whatever the reason, he picked up the phone. With one last look at Ellie he quickly moved out of her reach and then answered the call.
“Phil.” He said softly, trying to sound like he could possibly be Ellie.

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When her head stopped hurting was when she heard Luke say Phil. She had never been quick at anything, honestly she was the slowest kid around. But not in that moment, she was up so quick and grabbing her phone from Luke's hands before he could say anything else. "Don't call me again you bastard," she said angrily into the phone before she hangup and throw it at the wall. Her phone shattered but she didn't care. She was so angry and scared from last night that she couldn't even control herself. In the moment she had been scary, angry, ready to kill but now. No, Ellie had tear streaming her face and her legs gave out from under her and she was just sitting on the floor covering her face.

If that wasn't a sign then what could be to Luke. Since his meeting her, Ellie had always seemed to be this small fragile thing just about. She wasn't able to keep pace with him during the walk, she couldn't even reach her phone a moment ago. She had always been this weak little girl, afraid of being abused in the world. But the look in her face when she talked on that phone was fear and pure hatred. Phil had done something to her after she had come to Warwick late last night. She also heard the end of a sentence that he had started before she had taken the phone, "--'m sorry." He was apologizing again because of the attack. What made things worse was that a couple of minutes later her phone, now laying on the bed shattered, was ringing once more. Although, this time Ellie had picked herself up and turned her phone off. She was still crying but she was so angry at Phil for thinking he could call her that forced her up. She sat the and looked at her hands. They had been shaking after she sat her phone back down. "I'm such a fool," she whispered to herself.

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Max | 103 comments Luke was used to hang around athletic people. He himself was an athlete, so he was pretty used to people with fast instincts and graceful movements. Despite Luke was used to hang around athletic people. He himself was an athlete, so he was pretty used to people with fast instincts and graceful movements. Despite only knowing Ellie For a very short amount of time though, he had quickly figured out that she was by no means athletic. After all she had managed to fall out of her own bed. So, he was surprised by her agility when it came to snatching the phone out of his hands. For a very short amount of time though, he had quickly figured out that she was by no means athletic. After all she had managed to fall out of her own bed. So, he was surprised by her agility when it came to snatching the phone out of his hands. Moving back in surprise as she grabbed it from his hand he watched with wide eyes as she practically screamed into the phone. For someone so delicate and waiflike, he was amazex at the anger she held in her voice when she spoke into the phone. He had no idea what Phil had done the anger her, But it had obviously been something very bad. With all the heavy drinking parties and strange high school going ons, Bad things happened between teenagers. Luke didn’t really feel inclined to ask though, everyone had their secrets. Phil and Ellie had theirs.

“Woah, chill out.” He exclaimed as she chucked her phone at the wall. Further proof in Luke’s mind that she was super rich as she obviously had the money to buy a new phone. He watched as she stalked over to her phone like a wild animal tracking it’s prey only to turn the ringer off.. He knew that feeling too, the inability to stay still and then suddenly having to sit down because everything was crashing down around you. Like there was too much gravity and you just couldn’t stand anymore. Luke may have been in a bad mood but he was also a human being with a heart (or at least he had been one a few days ago) and he felt compassion. Plus Ellie was a little bit damsel in distress right now, it was an ego booster for Luke. Scooting over to sit next to her he hesitantly put an arm around her. Just lightly placing his hand on her shoulder.
“Hey, don’t cry. Whatever it is you can figure it out I bet. You seem real smart... and I can help if you want. We can figure it out” he said, feeling helpless.

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Ellie tensed a bit when Luke came over and tried to comfort her. It was only because she had no one that had tried to that with her. Her parents being too busy to show attention and she had no real friends back home. When he said don't cry, it was too late. Her eyes had tears streaming from them but she wasn't a loud crier. Honestly she didn't make any noise, she was used to doing this so much in her quiet old room that it has stuck with her. But the kicker was we can figure out. She just shook her head for a good minute before she wiped away her tears as she look up. "No, there's no figuring it out." She was silent for a moment metier she looked at her phone. She was upset that it was shattered but it was her phone. And yes she could by a new one if she wanted but she didn't necessarily want to buy a new one. She was surprised with herself, she had never thrown something that hard.

"Phil was the person who attacked me," she whispered it not really wanting to say anything about it. It made her feel like a fool for thinking she had a friend but no, he just used her like everyone else. Their friendship ruined and Ellie was alone in this small town. She could go back home but then she would have to explain why she didn't stay. And she couldn't tell them the truth because then she would never be allowed to go anywhere without supervision, but she was a horrible liar so the would see through anything she did tell the anyway. So, Ellie had to stay, at least for a little while since she could return just yet with no excuse. Beside here, she would have all the freedom that she wanted which was bad but she didn't have friends here yet. She hoped she could make some. At this time she was waiting for Luke to say something since she knew he had to of heard what she said about Phil.

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Max | 103 comments Luke was an only child so he had never really had to deal with anyone else’s feelings. Sure, he had to take care of her grandmother but she was an adult and despite loving her very much they didn’t talk all that much. As a result he was a little bit lost when it came to comforting Ellie. She was a total stranger, so he didn’t know how to deal with her emotions and plus he had no idea why she was crying. It was obvious that it had something to do with Phil but that was a pretty vague idea to go off of. Luckily he was used to over emotional teenagers so he knew that sometimes just saying nothing was the best way to go. For a while he just sat there with her, letting her cry and occasionally just rubbing her back comfortingly like she was a little kid. He had to keep looking to see if she was still crying because she didn’t make any noise but it was easy to see the tears streaming down her face.
“I’m sure we can think of something, okay?” He said softly.

What she said though made him want to take back that comment. Phil had been the one to attack her that night, that meant he had probably been the one who attacked him in the park. Luke had never entertained the idea that his attacker had been a student. He thought it had simply been someone passing through town or someone who lives on the outskirts, looking for a little bit of money. Phil had never seem like a bad kid and never looked like he was in need for money so it didn’t make sense that he would’ve been loitering in the park to try and mug someone. Luke was very quickly beginning to think though that the attack had not been with the intention of mugging him. He knew that all the fairytale stories of Warwick were just a complete bag of crap but he couldn’t help but recall the vampire stories he had been told when he was younger. People who fed on others blood. People with fangs, just like the marks on his neck and one Ellie’s arm.
“He... Bit you?” He asked softly.
“Why?” He questioned desperately. Maybe Ellie could help him after all. It would be a lot less scary to go through something like this with someone else, even if it was a girl he just met.

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Ellie wasn't used to the comforting that Luke offered. She didn't know if it was helping or not because she was so focused on how much of an idiot she was. She on the other hand when he said they would think of something didn't believe it. She knew how cruel some people where and she didn't believe everything would be alright. She would deal with whatever was thrown at her but nothing more. That's how it had always been for her. Eleanor Hawthorne had a lot of shit thrown at her during her lifetime so far and she just knew how to maneuver through everything. She guessed it was an okay thing at times but others just made it a pain in the ass.

It was when like asked questions that she looked up from her lap to him. She was wiping her face of the tears but her eyes were bloodshot. Definitely ones of someone who had just been crying. It was an upsetting sight since Ellie was a pretty girl. She got that from her mother for sure but that wasn't the point. "Yeah," she whispered while her tried to calm herself but her voice was shaky. She sounded like a kid more in that moment then she had this whole time. "I don't know but it wasn't for money." No, Phil hadn't wanted money. He would of grabbed for her bookish which had her wallet in it as Luke had seen when the doctors went searching for her id. Besides that she also had some cash in her pocket which was still there. "And no I wasn't raped," she muttered as she sniffled. She knew that could of been another thought but she wasn't. Her clothes, layered as they were, weren't undone nor moved from her body. So, what had Phil wanted from her? He attacked her, bit her even. "He tried to apologize too," she said as anger bubbled. That was what angered her the most besides her foolishness. Phil was sorry for what he done? No sorry didn't cut it for her.

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Max | 103 comments Luke didn't like seeing people cry. Not many people do. There is something evolutionary distressing about crying. That's probably why babies survived. It was even worse seeing someone as delicate as Ellie crying. It was like if a rose could weep. It wasn't like Luke was a saint or anything, far from it actually but he still felt bad if he made someone cry. He knew that he wasn't the reason she was crying in that moment but he still felt responsible for her happiness. After all, he had been the one to answer the call on her phone even though he shouldn't have. She just sounded so breakable. Luke was used to breakable things. Living with his grandmother meant that he always had to be careful. She was beginning to forget things so he couldn't trust her with important things and she wasn't physically able to do a lot of things that she used to. As she got older, she got more delicate, so he was used to it. But Ellie wasn't an old woman. She was a young girl who had been very hurt and that was even worse.

A small part of him relaxed when she confirmed that she hadn't been raped. That would have been something he wasn't sure he could deal with. After all, he was a high school student not a police. That was more serious than he could figure out. Muggers and thugs he could deal with but sexual assault was more serious than any of those things in his mind.
"But why did he do it?" Luke asked. He didn't want to ask in case it upset her even more but he just couldn't help it. He needed to know. Suddenly the doctor walked in and smiled at them with concern. It was obvious that she saw how upset Ellie was.
"Sorry, I think it was just some delayed shock. We're good now." Luke told her before she could say anything. The doctor smiled softly and nodded. It was normal to be a little bit shocked.
"There isn't much else we can do for you besides tell you to get some rest." The doctor told Ellie. The hospital was small and if there was nothing seriously wrong with Ellie, they needed to discharge her so the bed was free.
"After signing some papers you're free to go." She said kindly before handing Luke a clipboard with some papers and a pen, who held it out carefully to Ellie.

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Ellie didn't put blame on anyone but Phil for making her cry. His calling had caused panic within her and she would of tried to hold back tears from the fact that he wasn't leaving her alone. So no, she didn't blame Luke. He didn't know about what had happened and so he had no reason to not answer her phone. Eventually she forced herself to stop crying, a way to get herself to compose. "I don't know why," she muttered. What reason would he have to attack her if it wasn't for money and she wasn't raped.

The doctor coming it made her tense. She didn't know what to do if an adult asked her about what had happened to her last night. As for the discharge papers, Ellie the pen and paper. She laid the board on her lap and took the pen. She signed her signature, it was loopy and elegant. One that seemed to be fairly well practiced and quite feminine. She then handed the papers back over. She stood and went to collect her thing since they were dumped out when the search for her wallet happened. With everything back in her bag she zipped up her jacket. It was her attempt to hide the majority of the blood soaked into her shirt. "I need to go find somewhere to stay for tonight," she muttered as she went to pick up her phone. Two more calls and five text from Phil appeared on the screen to notify her. She was done with him and needed to process her next move as well.

Though leaving would cause more problems. After the call that Luke answered, Phil had been able to pinpoint where Ellie was by the background noise. He was at the front of the hospital waiting for Ellie to come out. He had a dark grey hard suitcase beside him. The one Ellie had left when she ran off from him last night. The one she was needing to get back so she could change and throw out her blood covered and stained clothes without worrying about what else she had.

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Max | 103 comments Luke was silent as Ellie signed the papers. When he handed them back to the doctor he gave her the brightest most boyish smile he could. It was always good to have important people on your side. Sometimes he slipped up and got mad at adults but for the most part, teachers and other adults alike thought that he was the sweetest boy ever. Thats why he could get away with so much. Despite being horrible to half the kids at Warwick High, he could always get away with it because the teachers and principle thought that he was a total angel. Which Luke found hilarious, but he wasn't going to try and prove them wrong. It came in very handy when someone tried to snitch on him for something. Getting up he offered the doctor a hand to shake and smiled when she took it.
"Thank you so much. Sorry for all the trouble we caused you." He said in the most gentlemanly tone he could muster. He did actually feel bad for all the mess he and Ellie had managed to cause in their little trip here. He knew that the hospital, though tiny was always very busy. He felt bad for wasting their time with the whole blood spilling event.

He too tried to cover up the blood that had soaked onto his sleeves by rolling them up, although he couldn't do anything about the blood stains on his pants. He would just have to get them into the wash before his grandmother saw and asked questions. It wouldn't be too hard, after all she was usually asleep when he got home. Plus her eyesight was questionable. Suddenly he had an idea, and even though he would probably never comprehend why he said what he did, he suddenly blurted out,
"Why don't you stay with me?" He flushed slightly when he realized how stupid that sounded.
"Sorry, that sounds weird. I just think that maybe we can figure out why we both got attacked... plus my grandmother would love to have you." He explained, hoping she didn't find that so weird. His grandmother had always wanted a granddaughter so he figured that she wouldn't complained about having some girl over for a night. She loved meeting Luke's friends although he often tried to keep them away from his house. It was very rundown.

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"I'm sorry about your clothes," she murmured as she noticed Luke also tried to hide the blood stained clothes he wore. She did feel bad for that since she didn't know much about him nor what he could to do try and salvage the clothing he wore. Ellie didn't worry too much about hers, she had the money to replace them but they also were a bit torn from the fall. Something she knew couldn't be easily fixed. Her jacket she may salvage but not much else. The shirt, an expensive piece of clothing to many, had a hole in the side and couldn't be fixed without it being noticeable. Her jeans had some frayed area which were from her attack and trying to get away, so she wasn't too worried on keeping them.

When Luke offered her the stay at his home she was surprised. She wanted to say yes, not from the fact that he was a cute boy but because she was scared. Scared that Phil would find her and force her to go with him. He was the only person besides Luke now that she knew in this town. She had no friends here, no family. She was alone, the best victim actually. "I don't want to impose on you or your grandmother," she replied back after a moment of what seemed like thinking. Ellie was a grateful child, she knew when to say please and thank you. She was well behaved, so she knew when she had already taken too much. And that is what she thought. Like had helped her to the hospital, stayed, comforted or tried to, and was now offering her to stay with him. That seemed like a lot already and she didn't want to become his problem.

By now Phil had grown impatient with waiting outside and come through the front doors. He looked a bit dapper, not suit and tie but he had no reasoning the attack on Ellie last night unlike her. She, although noticeably wealthy, she had looked disheveled and askew.

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Max | 103 comments "It's alright. Nothing a little soap can't fix." A little soap wasn't going to fix the blood stains. A lot of soap probably wouldn't either. He was most likely going to have to buy some new clothing. Which sucked, because clothing is expensive and those had been his favorite workout pants. Although even they were getting to a state that he was going to have to buy some new clothing anyways. It was one thing to go running in worn sweatpants but it was another to go running in rags. He and his grandmother still had enough money to buy necessities when they needed them. Plus, Luke was amazing at finding good clothing deals. But he didn't want to worry about that right now. Instead his mind was still busy trying to pieces together just exactly what was happening to him and Ellie. As well as why in the world someone like Phil had attacked both of them. He was trying to figure out if there was something that both he and Ellie had. But he couldn't find any similarities. She was from out of town, he had lived here practically his whole life. She was wealthy, he most certainly was not. They were different genders and had never conversed before today. At that point, Luke made the conscious decision never to become a detective, this stuff was too hard.

"It's alright. She'd really love to have you. I don't think she ever really wanted a grandson... she wanted a granddaughter, really." He told her with a knowing smile. He knew that his grandmother loved him more than anything but she never hid the fact that she had always wanted a little girl to take shopping and stuff. She was also a little bit sexist and stuck in the old ways of things. It was a totally innocent thing, she was just from a different time.
"Here, I think I have to fill out some stuff so i'll meet you outside in a second?" He asked her politely. The second she was gone he pulled out his water bottle and even though it was disgusting, he poured some of the blood into it. He didn't know why he did that, he just did and that was that. Screwing it back up tightly he jogged down to meet Ellie as she walked down the hall. It wasn't until too late that he noticed who was standing at the door.
"Phil!" He said in surprise, glancing over nervously at Ellie.

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Ellie smiled as Luke reassured her of his offer. "Thanks," she muttered to him as she grabbed up the last of her things. She need to definitely figure out a way of getting her suitcase back without having to deal with Phil. Another problem that would have to be dealt with soon. "Alright, I'll wait by the front doors," she told him as she was in the door way. She was originally going to say she needed to use the bathroom quickly as a way to have a moment away from Luke so she could sneak out a bag of blood. So she walked down the hall and followed being a nurse with a cart, she had noted it as she was looking out the door. It had several bags of blood on it, probably for someone who was in surgery but one bag couldn't hurt. Right? So she accidentally walked into them and knocked some of the stuff over. She said a quick apology and tried to pick up some of the knocked over things. She slid a bag into her bag as she had sat it on the ground as she knelt over.

Once things were picked up she said another apology before heading to the doors like she said she would. But she froze when she seen a familiar face, Phil. By now Luke was beside her and was calling out his name in sort of a greeting. A nervous one she had noted from the sound of it.
"Luke," Phil nodded before walking over closer to them, standing in front of Ellie. "El," he started and grabbed at her arms as he wanted to apologize. She pulled away and moved so her body was partially behind Luke now. "I thought you would like your things, at least. And you need a place to stay." She was scared of him but she also wanted to lash out again. She wanted to hit him hard enough that he would start bleeding. "Leave me alone," Ellie whispered trying to sound tough but failing at it.

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Max | 103 comments Still feeling a little bit weird about stealing blood from a hospital, Luke's knuckles turned white as he clutched the water bottle. His grasp on it further tightened as he took a good look at his attacker. He had known Phil before, but not really. They never spoke to each other and while Luke knew what the guy looked like, he had never really bothered to pause and just take a good look at him. Now though that their lives were much more obviously connected, he wanted to take a good look at the kid who had attacked him in that park. There had been no previous way of proving that it had been Phil that had attacked him as well as Ellie. He had just assumed that because it wasn't often people got attacked and then bitten in Warwick, that it had to be the same psychopathic attacker. Now that he was seeing Phil though he could for sure know that he had assumed right. The way the Phil held himself and the way he walked was just the same as the man in the park that night. Now there was no doubt that it had been the same person.

He was surprised at the familiarity between Phil and Ellie. They had obviously known each other for a while because he had a nickname for her. He knew now that they had been friends, he figured that Phil was the friend from Warwick but he was still surprised at how close they seemed. There was just an air of familiarity even though Ellie seemed terrified of him.
"Look man, I don't know what your problem is but stay away from her." Luke told Phil boldly. It didn't sound like an option, it sounded like a demand. Luke had gotten good at sounding confident. You needed that skill to be popular at a high school. In no other place was the saying "fake it till you make it" more applicable. So, while he was seriously freaked out about what Phil might do, he mustered up some fake courage. One hand went out to block Phil from getting to Ellie and he stared down the other boy angrily.
"Just give me her stuff and go." He held out his hand for the suitcase. It was expensive and obviously Ellie's. He didn't want to mess with Phil in the hospital but he also wanted some payback for the attack in the park.

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For the first time Phil had actually looked at Luke since he glanced his way earlier. A scowl appeared on his face and his brows furrowed at the boy who was verbal coming at him. "Why should I?" he asked tempting him to lash out at him. He wanted to cause a scene.
Ellie clenched her jaw and closed her eyes, counting to ten in her head. It was something she down when angry or scared. It made everything feel calm within her. She knew she needed to speak out for herself, something Phil had been trying to help her with before the attack. It was because of how she was treated that made her like being in the background. It was easier to hide that way. Stay safe and survive what was going on.

"Luke as..." she started as she stuck her head around him. She was starting to choke on her words from her nerves and the fact she was having to talk to her attacker. "Luke asked me to stay at his place," she finally got out and made Phil bring his attention back to her. He grimaced at this new knowledge but nodded and left the suitcase as he said "see you soon El." Ellie on the other hand was a wreck in the moment. She had been terrified because of Phil and the thought of him hurting Luke because she wasn't obeying him. A relieved sigh left her body after he was out the door and a minute more passed. She was cautious about him maybe coming back and stealing her away. Ellie always seemed to think a bit negatively.

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Max | 103 comments Luke was not into the way this guy was acting. He had never seemed like a confrontational type of person but now he looked like he was about to go in for a punch. Luke didn't mind. He had practically lived his entire life training for fights. Really, he spent his entire life training for sports, soccer, basketball, hockey, you name it and he's done it. But even though he training was mainly for sports it did give him a considerable edge on other people when fights broke out. Even better, a fight was always fun when you're popular. Everyone thinks that you're super tough and cool and Luke practically lived under the motto of "chicks dig scars." That didn't just mean girls either. Plenty of guys he had hooked up with in the past had liked the scars he got from training or of the occasional fight. In the big picture, Luke actually didn't fight that much. There were plenty of other people who got into fights much more than he did. Usually though they were the kinds of kids that didn't care what the adults thought of him. Luke still tried to keep a good reputation with the teachers and adults in Warwick. Sure, he slipped up once and while but for the most part they still loved him. He was their golden boy.

Luckily it seemed that a fight wasn't necessary because Phil walked out at the knowledge that Ellie wouldn't be staying with him. Letting out a long breath, Luke turned to see if Ellie was alright. She seemed so delicate, like a little pretty waif. He was almost afraid of just touching her in case she suddenly just fell over.
"Are you okay?" He asked cautiously. He didn't sound overly concerned about her health but he sounded like he did care what her answer was. Picking up her suitcase with one hand he put the other on the small of her back and began to lead her out into the street. Evening was approaching and he was surprised at how much time had passed in the hospital. It hadn't felt like long.
"My house is this way." He told her, pointing slightly to the west of the hospital.

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Troy found himself wandering down the hallways of the hospital. He didn’t find himself here a lot, but sometimes he was in need of a certain ingredient. That ingredient being blood. It wasn’t as fun as getting it from the source, but it was more legal, kind of. The last thing he needed to do was hurt someone, and he couldn’t exactly use his blood for this spell. So instead, he used a sleeping spell on a male nurse that he found smoking outside, took his scrubs and ID, and snuck instead. It was too easy. Now he was just making his way to the blood bank. He kept his head low and a mask on his face, that way no one would question him nor would the cameras catch him.

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