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Work place of dallas santos.


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Even after six years of being gone, Charlie knew her ways through the streets as if it was the back of her hand, crusing through on her bright cherry red motorcycle, she had only been in town for a few days, and for those few days, she had passed out completely onto her apartment bed, the jetlag really getting to her. Of course now she was up and awake, and knew she would be for the better part of the day. So before going to see her friends, she decided to get a check up on her bike seeing as it was flown all the way across the pond. Noticing that it was open, she rolled into the garage, turning it off and parking it kind of off to the side. Taking off her black hoodie, she tied it around her jeans, and placed her maroon converse onto the floor.

Taking off her helmet, her eyes dialated to the point where the was barely anything left of her irises. "Dallas? Is that you?" He was extremely tall, at least compared to her short stature she was, and had scruffy hair, along with some stubble. Yet the moment he turned around there was no mistaking it. It was Dallas Santos. They guy had completely changed. In highschool she had always been taller than him, being his senior and all that, but now he loomed over her like a six-foot lamp. "It's me! Charlie!"

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Dallas had been working his ass off since he graduated high school. He had been fired from his father's shop a few towns over and he easily found the garage in Warwick. It also made things easier since Val also moved her and opened up her flower shop. Although he lived close to his best friend he was always working. Working to pay off his student loans, his rent, even his groceries. Unlike his bestie he didn't have the money to throw around but he stayed afloat.

Dallas had his head stuck under the hood of a Range Rover. Someone said it had a miss and he was checking it out for them. The door had been open to the shop per owners orders. The more business the better it seemed. When his name had been called he lifted his head up to fast and banged on the hood. "Be with you in a moment," he groaned out and he pulled himself from his work and put a hand to his head. He pulled it away and gave a sigh, no blood. He looked up just in time to hear the mystery woman say she was Charlie. Charlie who had gone off to France for her photography career a way back. The Charlie that Val and him had spent nights with watching movies as teens. It shocked him enough that he was silent for a moment too long. "Wow, you know how to surprise a guy." He didn't know what to say other than that but then again six years was a lot considering that last time he saw Charlie she was a bit taller than him and he was working at the gas station close to school.

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Smirking, she placed her helmet under her arm running over to do her best to envelope him in a hug. Jesus, this guy was gargatuan! "Really? Six years? No, 'Hey how've ya been?' Or 'Oh my goodness Charlie!'" Her tone was stern, but she had a smile on her face as she talked to him. "So, what have you been eating? I presume a lot of vegetables, drinking gallons of milk?" Teasing the both of them had been one of her favorite pastimes in general. Valentina had been so easy to pick on, and get her all flustered it was hilarious! Dallas over here would simply turn red at the sight of Val's smile, so it was like two birds and one stone. "How has Warwick been doing? Sorry for not calling so often, work had been beating my ass." Placing her hands in her pockets she simply looked at him with admiration and a deep platonic love.

"I've missed you both. Oh! Speaking of which I haven't seen Val, if you see her don't tell her that I'm back I wanna surprise her." Just the thought of seeing her after a large gap of six years excited here. She knew that they would be able to talk as if no time had passed.

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Groaning, Dallas hugged her the best he could considering he still had grease on his hands. "Yeah yeah. I missed you too," he muttered as he embraced her. When he let go and stepped back he was laughing. He hadn't grown that tall in six years, had he? He was still short compared to the guys he grew up with and even his buddies from college. "It's been," he said as he gone over to the tool box and grabbed a rag to wipe his hands on. He preferred not getting Charlie greased up and ruining her clothes. "Oh no, your fine. I've been busy with classes and working plus helping Val with her shop." God the shop. Val's flower shop that she opened without her parents backing it. He seen the struggle that the shop has gone through.

"Of course," he said with an eye roll. Dallas was the words best at keeping secrets from everyone but Val. She questioned him and with a bat of her eyes he was spilling the beans. If was like a puppy when it involved her but he would try to make sure no to tell. "I've missed you too. Seriously." He missed the nights they spent staying up late and watching movies while eating the world's worst food. The thing he hadn't missed was his family calling him during those nights. Chewing him out and demanding he return home.

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Smirking she simply took off her jacket seeing as it had a small ammount of grease on it. Not as if she cared about the appearance though, the smell simply wasn't appealing to her. "You better have, six years is a hella long time." Charlie teased, playfully sticking her tounge out at him. After awhile of just smiling and taking in the new appearance of her best friend, she nodded before turning towards her bike. "Oh! Thats right. Can you do a quick checkup on my bike to see if it needs anything new or if it's fine? Also, I need a better explanation of Warwick other than, 'It's been.'" Making hee voice deeper at the end to mimick him ended up making her sounds like the alto veraion of a teletubby. It was completely and utterly hilarious.

"For instance, in the past, let me remind you, six years, anything interesting happened? Any romantic jouneys? Work calls? Anything you found out? Anything?" Pacing around the garage, she looked around not touching any random objecta in fear of triggering, breaking, or damaging something? She wasn't and idiot or anything, it's just sometimes she could be a bit of a klutz.

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Dallas noddles and walked over towards her bike. It was a bit of a beauty but he hasn't seen too many motorcycles it Warwick, let alone many come through the garage. "You expect me to know what been going on here?" he said as he started looking over the bike. The first time he touched it, he knew nothing was wrong with it as of yet but a tune up would be asked for in a couple of months. That was something new about him, thought. Dallas just knew things by the first touch but he said nothing and blamed it on him being perceptive of everything.

After almost laughing, though, from Charlie trying to mimic him and his reply he listened for more. Romantic journey? He hadn't had any of those. He worked and spent his free time with Val then he had classes he had to attend. "Shall I remind you I lived with my parents before three years ago," he said as he stood up and dusted off his knees. Dallas live a couple of towns over before he started college and was forced to move out. "Besides nothing special has happen," at least nothing that needs to be heard. He never had the best childhood and relationship with his parents and right now he doesn't want to speak too much about his fight with them and his struggle with getting by. It wasn't something he liked talking about. "She looks good but will need a tune up in a couple of months," he said with a smile. The bike was good and he could do much until needs tma tune up.

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