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Viewed as a cool, freaky place where people could hang out to scare younger students. Sometimes used for parties or just for people seeking creepy places.

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Lily Marie | 101 comments Fern was lost.

She had been following a Will 'O The Wisp when she ended up in the terrifying abandoned skate park at the dead of night. And now, Fern was not only cold but lost and terrified. Strange things happened in Warwick at night. Fern didn't want to become a victim.

She sent out a post to Warwick Web, hoping to become more comfortable with her surroundings. It didn't help.

Fern was so terrified that she pulled out a blanket she had been carrying for stargazing in the woods and she huddled underneath of it. It helped warm her up, but not much.

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“Thanks man. Have a good night,” the young boy said to Lucas as they exchanged the money and goods. “Yeah, you too.” Lucas said back as he counted the money. Once he found that it was enough, he moved to slip it into his back pocket, watching his customer walk away with the drugs. This was a normal thing to Lucas. It was how he got his money. In fact, it kinda became more than that. He was so used to it, and so good, he didn’t see why he should stop. So, he didn’t.

Now that he was alone, Lucas turned around to leave. He made his way towards the exit, but as he did, he noticed a figure close by. “Shit,” Lucas mumbled, wondering if he had got caught. He normally came here to do the transactions because not much people came here at times like this, or at any time really, unless there was a party. So he didn’t expect anyone to be here. Lucas started to back away, but as he payed close attention, he realized that the person wasn’t a cop, but a young girl, and immediately he couldn’t help but smirk.

Jackpot, he thought as he stuffed his hands into the front pockets of his jeans before making his way closer to the girl. The closer he got, the more he recognized her from school, and noticed how pretty she was. “What is a pretty girl like you doing all alone in ugly place like this?” He asked her once he was close enough.

He decided to play cool, not sure if she had witnessed his business or not. It was smarter to play as if he didn’t do anything wrong, because maybe she didn’t know. But if she did, she’ll probably think it was nothing, and he won’t have to worry about being busted.

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Lily Marie | 101 comments Fern whimpered. She wasn't sure what had gotten into her, but it was something with the cold. She had lost her spunk and was terrified constantly. It seemed to happen every winter. Maybe it was because of how connected she was with nature, but it was hard to get through winter sometimes because of how depressed she got. Fern remembered her days pre-wings and shuddered. She would rather be depressed and free than not know what freedom was like.

Fern eyed the boy who had approached her. He went to her school, that was for sure. She thought he was an upperclassman, and definitely a player. That was the buzz that had been going around the school.

Fern noticed a few things about the boy. First, he was nervous. She didn't know why that was, but it was clear. He had that air about him where he was careless, but it was a front for something else. Second, he had something in his back pocket. He was standing defensively, hands in his pockets, but he had glanced back to make sure that whatever he was hiding was still there.

Fern was startled by what he said. She didn't think that she was pretty, but who knew what this boy wanted.

"I got a little lost, and then it got dark," Fern said, making eye contact.

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Lily Marie | 101 comments (How was that for length? Normally I post one medium length paragraph unless I try to post a longer one.)

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( your post is fine. Length doesn’t matter. Mine will probably shorten anyways)

Lucas held her gaze after having to check her out. She really was pretty, and he was digging the red hair. You didn’t see much redheads around here. “You should be careful next time. Warwick isn’t a nice place to get lost in after dark.” He admits. This he knew from both rumors and experience. Some rumors were about dark creatures lurking in the shadows. Pft. As if. What he really meant was from men in alleyways and things like that. That’s what he had experience in. Not that supernatural bullshit people talk about in town.

“Maybe I could take you home? Where do you live?” Lucas suggested with a charming smile. “I’m Lucas by the way. I’ve seen you around Warwick High.” He wanted her to know he wasn’t a psychopath and that she could trust him, because really, in the end, he was a nice guy. “I wouldn’t want a classmate of mine found dead the next day.” He joked with her and made sure to laugh so she wouldn’t think he was creepy.

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Lily Marie | 101 comments Fern was grateful for the kindness of the stranger, but she didn't fully trust him. Fern was lost, and she was going to have to take what she could get.

"That would be amazing! I live in a small loft off of the main street." Fern said. "Fern. I'm a sophomore." Fern was a little shaken up by Lucas's last comment. He was human, so it was unlikely that he believed in the curse. But somehow, he seemed to have some sort of experience with the supernatural that few others did.

Suddenly, Fern saw two glowing eyes looming in the night, They were red and evil. The eyes seemed to get closer and closer in until Fern recognized what they were.

"Lucas, watch out!" Fern said, jumping up and pushing him out of the way. She assumed a defensive stance with her hands ready to lash out magic. She'd rather live and have a human find out about the curse than die without trying to help.

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Lily Marie | 101 comments (pssst)

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“Well Fern, I would be happy to take you home.” He tells her with a smile. He didn’t mind helping her out at all, and in all honesty, he didn’t think a young girl her age should be out alone in the dark, especially in a place like this. “C’mon.” He said as he started to pull out his car keys from his back pocket, making his way to the exit.

But before they could really start moving, Fern quickly moved and pushed him out the way. Not expecting that at all, he found himself stumbling over his own feet before falling to the floor. Luckily, he managed to break his fall with his hands, but it took him a moment to realize what the hell was going on. He was both angry and confused about why she pushed him, wondering what the hell he needed to watch out from.

He rolled over and pushed himself up, looking around to see what she was talking about. But he found nothing. “Watch out from what, Fern? Why don’t we just head out?” He tells her, moving to take a hold of her arm after dusting himself.

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Lily Marie | 101 comments "Lucas, there's something dangerous out there. Just stay behind me," She said, making eye contact with the creature. The red eyes gleamed as it moved closer. The monster had jagged wings and horns- it was a demon! Fern took a deep breath and called forth mystical energy to set up a shield around Lucas before growing the vines that had been seeping around the abandoned skate park. She willed them forwards and wrapped the demon up in the vines, totally hiding it.

"Damn. I'm going to need a witch or warlock to help me banish the demon." Fern said, taking a deep breath. It was rare to encounter a demon at all, let alone in Warwick. Something was off in the natural balance of the town.

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“What are you talking about?” Lucas asked her and looked around. But then he spotted what she was taking about, and his eyes widened. What? No? That’s not possible. Am I imagining this? He wondered. He had taken a little of his drugs earlier, but he didn’t think it was enough to make him hallucinate. Maybe it was stronger than he thought? But how was she seeing this? Was she on drugs too?

“Fern. Stop this shit. Let’s just get out.” He tells her and tugs on her arm, pulling him after her. He had a bad feeling about all this. Why was she talking about witches, warlocks, and demons? Why was she acting so brave? He was still having a hard time believing this. Maybe it was all a setup. A prank from other other upperclassman on him. She was probably onto with them. “I’m going to be leaving now if you don’t come with me.” He tells her.

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Lily Marie | 101 comments "Lucas, I f*cking swear, if you move a muscle I'm going to have to restrain you," Fern said, glaring at Lucas. The demon thrived on fear, and Lucas was obviously afraid. The only thing worse than fearing a demon was running from it. It would obviously break free and chase him if he ran.
After a quick google search, Fern found a demon banishing ritual. All she needed was a jar of some sort that she could banish the demon into. Fern could call upon the Seelie Queen to help her and chant in the old language of the Fae instead of latin. The only jar she had was her hot chocolate container. Fern quickly chugged the coco and began the incantation.
After a short amount of chanting, the demon wailed and was sucked into her bottle. She closed it quickly and turned to the bewildered Lucas.
"I'll explain everything to you, but it isn't safe here. Walk me to my place?" Fern said softly.

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Lily Marie | 101 comments (would you be willing to have these two go to the ball together??)

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Lucas really didn’t know what the hell was going on. He wasn’t sure if he should believe this or not, and he chose not to believe it because well... it was impossible. Demons, magic, powers? He was definitely high. To add to that, this girl was definitely crazy. Why was she telling him what to do?

After everything was done with, he just looked at her. He laughed, though there was no humor in it. What else was he supposed to do? He was kind of freaking out from the inside.

“I’m sure I don’t want you to explain....” he admits, looking at her and then around him. “Let me just drive you to your place.” He said before taking a hold of her hand and leading her out of the place before anything starts.

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Lily Marie | 101 comments Fern blushed as he grabbed onto her hand, even if it wasn't meant that way. They walked out of the skate park and into his car. Fern took a deep breath. She was tired. Banishing demons took a lot of energy, and Fern had been exhausted to start. She stared out the window before feeling a rush of sleepiness came over her. Before long, she was fast asleep.

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After getting in the car and heading to the Main Street where she said she lived, Lucas used the moment of silence to think to himself. He played back everything he seen and just thought about it. It had to be impossible. Not of that was real. It was the drugs. Just a side effect. Whatever her excuse was to seeing it was hers.

After driving for a while, Lucas made it to the street, but he wasn’t sure which loft was her. “Hey Fern, where is-” Lucas started of and glanced at her, but found her asleep. He hadn’t even noticed her falling asleep. He stretched out his hand to her and shook her shoulder gently. “Hey Fern,” he said softly. “Fern. I need you to show me where you live.”

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Lily Marie | 101 comments (view spoiler)

Fern woke up slowly.
"Oh, right. My place is the little loft over the metaphysical store." Fern said groggily. Suddenly, Fern had a vision.
She was in Faerie. People watched her as she looked around, bewildered. Vision-Fern was shoved into a cage and brought before the Seelie Queen. The charge was treason.
"Crap," Fern muttered to herself. Her performing the exorcism in front of a mortal would be considered treason.
"Lucas, can we go somewhere else instead? I'm getting a bad vibe from my place." Fern pleaded.

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Lucas was making his way to where she directed him, ready to drop her off and head home. After everything that happened, he was ready to call it a night. But Fern has other plans. “Some place else?” He asked. Of course he didn’t want to disappoint her. He didn’t know why she didn’t want to go home, but didn’t think he should know. It was her own business. So he said, “Yeah. Of course. Where do you want me to take you?” He asked, moving slowly down the street until she decided where.

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Lily Marie | 101 comments Fern sighed. "How far away is your place?" Fern said. If it was far enough away to not be detectable, it could work. Fern dug into her bag for protection charms. They would harm her, but she could give them to Lucas and she could put one on herself and brace for the pain. She extended a rowan bead necklace to Lucas.
"Here, put this on."

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Yup. He really screwed up. Why did he always managed to find crazy girls, and why did they have to be hot ones to. “Sorry, but you can’t come to my place.” He tells her. One, it was a mess, and two, he had his drugs out. He finally decided to stop driving, especially if he didn’t know where he was supposed to take her. So he pulled up to the curb. When he turned to look at her, he saw that she was holding a necklace. “Um... no thanks. Listen, I really should get going. So if you don’t mind telling me where to drop you off or do you just want to get out here?” Maybe he shouldn’t have taken some drugs.

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Iggy (iggysanchez7) Blood coated Richard’s fingers like sticky caramel over a red apple, only brilliant red instead of soft golden browns of sweetness. His eyes watched, almost hypnotically as each finger move, entranced by the new colour of his skin. It felt no different from wet mud but it wasn't. He was used to the killing, Silas had made that clear when they first met. The blood that would be shed in order for the other to survive. He knew then that he would feel repulsed, eager to wash it off, but now, it was stillness in his mind. Only hearing the laughter building inside of him, a joy, a rush. Even though he wasn’t the fan of blood, now he relished the moment as the first line was drawn. Silas was hungry.

His finger traced over his lips, coating and then his tongue flickered out like a snake. More Silas voices whispered. The woman on the ground was lifeless. Lifeless. Her jet black hair was scattered in multiple places, stained with dried blood. She wasn’t very happy to die. Her hazel eyes were wide open in shock, laced with regret. Her clothes, the dress she wore at the ball, a pink nude, was bloody. Richard had admired her from a distance, as had she. But different reasons entirely. Of course, he didn’t want to be alone. And for once, he didn’t want the girl he was with, Elizabeth to end up in this same fate. Silas was engrossed in having her torn apart and feasting on her. But Richard, perhaps in a moment of humanity, saw the hesitation in Elizabeth, the spark of youth still here. So he left her. And now he was drinking a poor girl’s blood. Who did this to him?

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Elizabeth fingers quickly moved over the screen of her phone, typing words faster than lightning, something she learned from texting rants to her best friend Salem. However, her disappointment in tonight made her a bit anxious which also caused her to move quickly. She would fidget with her fingers, bounce her leg, or brush her bangs back every five seconds when she was worked up, and who could blame her. After having to be ditched by her date, and finding out that her best friend came with her brother- her own brother - she couldn’t help but over think everything and get moody.

As a result, she was texting one of her dealers to meet her up for a quick fix. She needed something to calm her nerves, and nothing was better than using drugs at the moment. So she was already waiting at the abandoned skate park, which was the perfect place for scandalous things. She was still dressed in her short red dress and fishnets, just having to leave the party. Where is that asshole?! Elizabeth tapped her foot eagerly as she looked around. When she stopped to switch her foot, she heard movement. She turned around, thinking maybe it was Lucas. But she couldn’t see him. She moved closer to the source of the sound, her pale blue eyes searching for the familiar face. As she moved closer though, she realized it wasn’t Lucas that was here, but someone else. “What the fuck?!”

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Iggy (iggysanchez7) Richard’s head slowly turned at the exclamation. His eyes were lifeless, just two blank icy blues staring at the girl…Elizabeth. He recognised her, then the emotion was shut off again. It was dark where he was kneeled, and Elizabeth was standing with the moonlight as a beacon. Without thinking he slowly rose so that his back blocked the moon, and Elizabeth was shrouded in darkness.

At the feeling of the moon, he felt his skin burn, and his clothes peeling off. The white light melted away the skin like the sun would after a bad sunburn. The fabric came off easily, not bounded by any skin or muscles that needed to be covered. He hissed at the pain, but swallowed it in weird pleasure. The blood helped with the pain, he would remind himself. Soon, Richard’s body was bony cavities, and his face was half melted away. A single blue eye stared at Elizabeth. And while he wanted to warn her away. Silas licked his lips, and the ancient spirit voice spoke. “Well, another snack” he drawled, a bony finger raised to stroke the sharp jaw of the girl.

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Honestly, Elizabeth didn’t know how she got herself involved in these type of situations. First, it was an incubus, than a vampire, and now.... well she wasn’t sure what it was exactly before her, but one thing was for sure, she knew it wasn’t a good thing. What had been Richard earlier was now a skeleton-like figure. The way the clothes and skin had come off, it made Elizabeth want to throw up. But it also made her heart beat in fear.

Hearing his words was what made her snap out of her trance. When he reached out to her, she stepped back quickly, stumbling a little on her heal, but she kept backing up. “Stay away from me.” She said, fear in both her voice and eyes as she stared at the beast. She glanced once more to the girl on the floor, and the image of her becoming the same thing flashed before her eyes. At that, she quickly turned around and ran as fast as she could to get out.

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Iggy (iggysanchez7) Richard blinked, urgency in his gaze, but as the last of his eye had melted by the sunlight so had the humanity.

Silas wasn’t going to let go that easily of her. And when she turned to a run, it made the predatory within thirsty. So he kicked away the scraps of the body he’d feasted so hungrily on, going to a full sprint to the new prey. The bones that were now his legs should’ve been weaker since there was no muscle to impulse him. The clattering of bones at every stride he took echoing through the skatepark. The Richard that Elizabeth knew was too stripped by the moonlight. Only the demon was in control now.

Silas let out a wailing sound, deafening to the ears. He bent to all fours and galloped towards Elizabeth and grabbing a piece of metal from the abandoned roof he placed it in his teeth like a dog bringing his master a newspaper. Except this dog was an ancient being with no master, and this newspaper was a weapon ready to be used. “You more you run, the tastier the blood!” It screeched.

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Elizabeth ran as fast as she could. Her body was in full panick mode. Despite her mind telling her not to look behind her, she took a glance over her shoulder. Her eyes widened even more to find Richard, or who ever that was behind her, running after her like a dog. The scene was so horrifying, and the sound that came from it was just as worse. She flinched in pain and covered her ears, her eyes scanning around for an exit. I got to get out. Where do I go? Oh my fuck. Oh my fuck!

Eventually her eyes landed on a double door to her right in the corner. But she’s never been through these doors since it was the back part of the skate park and she usually just entered from the front, so she wasn’t even sure if they opened. But she didn’t have a choice. The skeleton spirit was right behind her and she had to do something. So she made her way to it. Hearing what he said made her a shiver run down her spine despite the fact that she was all hot from running and the burning fire inside of her.

Elizabeth managed to make it to the doors with Richard still behind her. She quickly pushed to open, and they started to give. But a quick second afterwards they stopped moving and she could hear the rattle of chains from outside. “FUCK!” Lizzie exclaimed. The doorknobs was chained from the outside to keep them from opening, and no matter how many times she tried to push at them, there was just enough space for her fingers to get through. She turned back to see where the monster was, finding him even closer now, and she had no where else to go. Her mind was choosing between flight or fight, and now that the first wasn’t a choice anymore, she had to do something. Knowing there was only one thing left to do, Elizabeth held her hands out before her and shut her eyes. “Pleasework.Pleasework.Pleasework.” She prayed and tried to unleash the fire in her. Just when she was about to give up, she felt heat burst through her in a loud woash , moving to engulf anything and everything before her.

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Iggy (iggysanchez7) When the flames came into the vision of Silas, his arms on instinct came up to protect his face, or rather, the pale white skull that gleamed under the moonlight. He felt the warmth that they emitted, and expected that flames wouldn’t bind him to the humane pain that was felt had he had skin. But oddly enough he felt a prick, burning sensation rushing through the surface of his bones. He hissed, speaking ancient words.

As the flames went high, he stood in his full frame, the bones crunching and rearranging to make Silas a few feet taller than Richard ever was. A bony finger traced the flames around him, watching the bone catch light flicking it away. It actually burned. Silas glanced up at the girl before him. “What are you doing?” He murmured, though loud and menacing enough.

The skull cocked to one side, glancing at her, then resisting through the flames continued its path to Elizabeth. His desire was fuelled more, the flames left a hunger in his empty space where his stomach might’ve been. “Come here, just a taste” He drawled, each step laboured through the flames.

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