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message 1: by Christine (last edited Dec 13, 2018 11:36AM) (new)

Christine | 127 comments As I was compiling my Year of Books 2018 list, I had a hard time deciding on my favorite fantasy novel of the year because I do not read much fantasy at all. One of my reading goals for 2019 is to read more fantasy. (Another is to read more of the book club books, which will also help me to read more fantasy.) I would love recommendations for fantasy novels I should read in 2019.

I am specifically looking for low fantasy novels (i.e., set in the real world but infused with magical elements). Some of my favorite fantasy novels are Avalon High, Between the Lines, and Undead Girl Gang. I generally do not enjoy magical realism. Bonus points if the book has LGBT+ characters because I'm still looking for more sweet LGBT+ books. Thank you in advance for your suggestions!

message 2: by Kristen (last edited Dec 13, 2018 12:26PM) (new)

Kristen | 141 comments Ooh I love fantasy books (my fantasy shelf is nearly in the 100s). But I admit that I tend to like high fantasy better. I'll give it a go, though!

- Flame in the Mist is heavily based on feudal Japan, so there's a mix between real-life historical fiction with a fantastical atmosphere. This one is definitely one of my favorites, and there's only two books in the series (which are already out!)
- Otherbound is also kind of a mix; it's about a kid in regular Arizona who is transported to a fantasy world every time he blinks.
- The Cruel Prince is another one of my favorites (though it's also a book club book in 2019, so....) The setting is a fantasy faerie world, but the main character is 100% human.
- An Enchantment of Ravens is another story of a human girl who paints the fae, which is a very dangerous profession.
- I believe I've already mentioned The Darkest Part of the Forest, which forays a little into magical realism, but also has LGBTQ characters.
- The Wood is another one that's a mix of low fantasy and time travel.

I also have a supernatural shelf that's more of an urban fantasy. While my fantasy shelf encompasses completely new worlds as well as regular worlds with fantasy elements, my supernatural shelf is primarily made up of books with the ever-popular vampires, werewolves, faeries, etc.

- Silver in the Blood is primarily historical fiction and is set in Romania. (Ooh, intrigue.)
- Every Other Day is where a girl is normal one day and the next she's a supernatural demon-hunter.
- Hex Hall is about a witch that goes to a supernatural boarding school. It's the first of the series. It also has a spin-off series.
- The Summoning has all sorts of supernatural characters hiding from the real world. This one is also a series with another spin-off series. The author, Kelley Armstrong, also writes adult fiction.
- Of Poseidon is about real-world mer-people. It's the first in an already-completed trilogy.
- The Iron King is the first in a completed series that's about fey being unable to survive in the real world, save for the iron fey.

I hope I didn't overwhelm you! There's a lot more on my shelves, but I either didn't like them enough to recommend them (which doesn't mean that you won't like them, of course) or they were more high fantasy than I think you would've liked.

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