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The Amazing World of Gumball #1
This topic is about The Amazing World of Gumball #1
Looking for a Project? > The Amazing world of gumball series

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Courtney (canadiangirlcb) | 698 comments Hi,

I'm putting this here instead of series as it's kind of a mix of fixes.

The series needing work is "The Amazing World of Gumball" (various authors). About 3 pages come up when you search the series title (though not all the records belong to the comic series). I've provided guides to the comics (see links below) to make searching/organising easier.

None of the comics records are linked by a series page (or pages - there are both single issues, and collected volumes in the system). They need a series page created, and to be linked (the DC comics may be a good example as they also have the two publishing formats).

Most of the book records will need the title information edited as well - once added to the series list, the books will have that info entered automatically, but the titles will still need to be corrected. Many of them have the book numbering included as part of the title.
Most of the collected volumes, aside from #1, have their own title, as well - volume 2 is "Cheat Code". It's been entered as a sub-title, with the series info put before. Just lots of little fixes like that.

Fandom Wiki Guide.

ComiXology guide.


Littlebookterror | 44 comments There are now listed in two separte series, one having the issues and both bind-ups and the other containing the graphic novels

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Courtney (canadiangirlcb) | 698 comments Thanks!

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