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Zsófi Teleki Zsófi Dec 13, 2018 07:42AM
I do not get this story and I cannot stay awake, either reading or listening, I just drift off or put it down, cannot get into it.
Anyone read this book who can explain where it is going? The point it is trying to make? What makes this a hot book? Is it just American obsession with Russia past and present?

This book is not so much about Russia as it is about how a well-bred, privileged man evolves based on the situation in which he finds himself. How the love for a child helps one be their best self. This was one of the most creatively written stories I have read in a long time.

I agree that it was a very slow starter, and I was falling asleep at every 2nd page after I would fall exhausted into bed at night. But then I got lucky! We had a long holiday! And the more I read, the more I realized this book was a knock in the head to refocus my priorities and my perspective. I really did need that. It had nothing to do with Russia (although I deeply appreciated the beauty and history), but everything to do with how Alexander chose to live his life. I am grateful.

Zsófi Teleki I did finish the book and I had to force my mind to view the story as the life and journey of one man, one I found quite likable, and not the story of ...more
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It's about a man who dispite being confined to live his life in a hotel, thrives graciously. It's written also graciously and beautifully as the author shows a lyrical gentle mastery of the english language. My teacher used to say, a great writer can write about the back of his thumb and make it interesting. This book is a great write.

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