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Tari (thann) | 11 comments 1. A Charming Cure (Magical Cures Mystery, #2) by Tonya Kappes by Tonya Kappes (the cat always plays a pretty big role)
2. A Midwinter's Tail (Lucky Paws Petsitting Mystery #4) by Bethany Blake by Bethany Blake
3. Decaffeinated Scandal by Tonya Kappes by Tonya Kappes (Norman, the pug needing a forever home steals the show)
4. Peril at the Pawn Shop by Mel Faye by Mel Faye (Ralph the pug is Annie's dog trainer helper)
5. A Tiny Bite of Murder (The Monkey's Eyebrow Tea Room Series Book 1) by Constance Barker Daisy the chimp has a huge role in this book
6. Secrets in a Bottle by Shelly West Thor the Great Dane might as well be human lol
7. A Body on Fitzgerald’s Bluff (Seaview Cottages Cozy Mystery # 1) by Anna Celeste Burke Domino (shown on the cover) helped with important evidence and the showdown
8. Dead as a Door Knocker (House-Flipper Mystery #1) by Diane Kelly Sawdust the cat played an important role in helping the case
9. Town Hall Homicide A Cozy Mystery for Pet Lovers (A Walk in the Bark Book 2) by Mel Faye Noodle, the standard poodle, nailed the killer and took them down
10. Candy, Murder & Me by Carolyn Chambers Clark Sigmund, the dachshund got to take down a killer
11. The Puppy Who Knew Too Much by V.M. Burns
12. Murders and Metaphors (Magical Bookshop Mystery #3) by Amanda Flower Along with Emerson, Faulkner the crow is a main character (and hilarious)
13. Long Paw of the Law 6 (Ashley Crane Cozy Mystery) by Laurie Anne Marie Charlie the cat found an important piece of evidence.
14. A Stab in the Dark by Shelly West Missy and Thor, the dogs in this series are such characters! Missy hated walks but Grandma insisted the little Shih-Tzu was going because she wanted to lose weight
15. A Killer Plot (A Books by the Bay Mystery, #1) by Ellery Adams Haviland, the poodle is a great character!
16. Plotting for Murder (Cozy Mystery Bookshop #1) by Tamra Baumann Cooper, the mini Doodle got to be a hero
17. Kernel of Truth (Popcorn Shop Mystery #1) by Kristi Abbott Sprocket, the standard poodle, found something useful in his snooping through things
18. Murder on Silver Lake (Silver Lake Cozy Mystery Book 1) by Hugo James King Charlie, the rescue beagle is a good clue sniffer and protector
19. Allergic to Death (A Gourmet De-Lite Mystery, #1) by Peg Cochran Reg, the little Westie that Gigi adopted found some key evidence
20. You Can Lead a Horse to Murder (Secrets of Sanctuary Cozy Mysteries Book 1) by Tara Meyers A horse that witnessed a murder and a dog that becomes its bestie
21. Dire Threads (Threadville Mystery, #1) by Janet Bolin Sally and Tally are Willow's border collie pups with noses for murder and clues

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Yvonne (yvonne473) | 184 comments Mod
Welcome to the challenge!

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Tari (thann) | 11 comments Yvonne wrote: "Welcome to the challenge!" Thank you!

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Tari (thann) | 11 comments Looks like it's a wrap with 21 what an animal characters.

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