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Breathe My Name
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Suspense, YA novel, Mom tries to kill her children, 2008? [s]

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Xochitl | 6 comments Im guessing i read this book in 2008 but i don't remember if it was new at the time. Its told from the point of view of the oldest daughter and in a past present time jump style. There mom has mental issues and gives them all names to use in her imaginary world she makes up for them, the oldest daughter's imaginary name is Shine. Eventually them mom loses it and kills every child but the oldest girl survives some how. Don't remember much besides that

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Xochitl | 6 comments Yes that's it! Thanks so much

Courtney (andforamoment) | 297 comments Xochitl wrote: "Yes that's it! Thanks so much"

You're welcome =)

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