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Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} After using one of my characters, Athalos, I believe he needs his own space to tell his own story. I think it would only be fair.

It's a sad story, but it's Athalos'.

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Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} Many years ago, before Athalos was born, a pretty young woman met her future husband. She was slender, graceful, and gentle. Her hair was fair and her eyes were blue.
The young woman's name was Tess, and she had finally come of age to marry.
A year later, she met a handsome man named Wilkes Mithaylos. Wilkes had wild, untamed black hair, dark piercing eyes, and a temper that he sometimes lost. But around Tess, he was rather a calm and reserved fellow, making Tess believe that he was a kind soul.

However, dark stories revolved around Wilkes, and because of this, he hid them from Tess. Wilkes was well-known as being Wilkes the Wild, his nickname for how ruthless and evil his heart was. Wilkes the Wild was a pirate captain of the ship Phantom. Wilkes had been a captain for several years, and his dangerous reputation had only grown bigger. When he met Tess, he told himself that he had to have her. He tricked her into believing he was a kind gentleman, and a year later they were married.

During this time that Wilkes had met Tess, he decided to hold off on the pirating, even if it was difficult. It wasn't easy at all, since that had been all he had known for years; steal, kill, and deceive. But when Wilkes found out his wife was pregnant, something inside him snapped. A child was not something on his agenda. He would not take care of a child. He told Tess he was happy, but inside he was getting more and more uncontrolled. When Tess was 9 months pregnant, Wilkes was gone.

Tess was greatly disturbed. She needed her husband in this time of need and so would their child when it was born. She wept over his disappearance, but the sadness of being tossed aside and forgotten threw her down. It was hard for Tess to continue. Thankfully, her neighbor, a kind old gentleman, had compassion on this soon-to-be mother and did his best to take care of her. Tess let him help, but it wasn't what she needed. One night when the old man was cooking her dinner, Tess asked, "Did you know my husband?" It was said in such an acidic tone, and in the past tense, so the old man was hesitant to say much.
"Who...who was your husband?" he asked, stirring the pot of soup.
"Wilkes Mithaylos." Tess replied bitterly.
The old man stopped stirring the soup. The name seemed to nearly freeze his heart. "Did you say Wilkes?"
"Yes," Tess said, "do you know about him?"
The old man gave a big sigh and turned around, something like fright etched in his brow. " afraid I do." He looked down at the floor a moment, then back up at Tess. "If I tell you about him, you must forgive me. I did not know."
"Please tell me. I need to know why he left." Tess said, clenching her fists tightly.
"Wilkes Mithaylos feared man, Tess. He is also known infamously as Wilkes the Wild, pirate captain of the Phantom." He paused.
Tess tightened her fists and gulped a hard gulp. "He was a pirate." She gave a slow nod. "That explains nearly everything. He did not truly love me. He loved his pirating more than me! He lied to my face, lied to me for nearly two years!" Her voice sounded choked and it was difficult for her to breath.
The old man walked up beside her. "I am sorry, Tess. If I had known...Pirates will never give up their treasure, their greed, or their lust for bloodshed. I am very sorry." He gave a small sigh. "But do not give up hope. You have this child who will need you. It will be up to you to raise the child and teach it everything it needs to know about being a loving child."

A week later, after a difficult labor, the child was born; a healthy baby boy complete with all his father's looks-black hair, dark eyes, and the same stubborn chin.
He reminded Tess so much of Wilkes who had abandoned her, that instead of crying for joy, she cried from heartache.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} And sadly, Tess didn't last much longer after that. When the baby, whom she had named Athalos, was about a week old, Tess died. No one knew exactly why, but the guesses included the fact that the birth was so hard, and the heartache that Tess had held inside her for so long.

The old man who had taken care of her for so long stopped by on his usual daily visit and found her. Athalos was sleeping soundly in his cradle, and the old man knew what he had to do. He took Athalos to take care of as if the baby was his own grandson. His own neighbor, a middle aged woman, felt bad for the child and nursed him until he was strong enough to have solids fed by the old man.
Athalos lived with the old man until he was around 5 years old. Then the old man died and Athalos was alone again.

Since Athalos was only 5, he didn't know what to do or where to go, much less what had happened to the old man. If it hadn't been for the woman neighbor taking him in again, Athalos might not have survived.

The woman's only reason for taking Athalos in was because he was in need. She already had 6 of her own children, so another was only a pain. But the last bit of sympathy inside her made her take the child in.

Though Athalos was being taken care of, he was an outcast in the household. Often, especially as he got older, the other children taunted and teased him, making fun of how his daddy ran away and his mommy died. It was cruel, but it was the reality.

Athalos was given food and shelter, but it wasn't enough. Athalos needed love and compassion, instead of the evil taunts of his older siblings. When Athalos was 9, he ran away.

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Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} Athalos ran for the longest time. He was afraid that his mean siblings would come after him, though why exactly they would do that, he didn't know. He was a hated member of that family, so today he had chosen to remove himself from that family.
He was on his own now. And living alone meant he learned how to steal food in order to survive.

A week later, Athalos entered Araren, a country situated by the ocean. Unbeknownst to him, Araren was a country of pirates and thieves, the same place where his father had disappeared to years before to return to his old ways.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} Nearly as soon as Athalos got to Araren, he was kidnapped by a man he later knew as Hareton. Hareton explained the reasoning for his kidnapping:
"First of all, if ye got any sense at all in ye, ye won't be walking around pirate country like so. Pirate country isn't safe, boy. And then I was thinking that someone as old as me might want someone as young as you to do all the dirty work." Hareton grinned, showing a few gold teeth, though many of them were discolored from too much rum.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} "What kind of work?" asked the nine year old boy.
Hareton gave a laugh. "I can see you seem interested a bit; And besides, you look the part. You can stay here with me if you do what I ask. I need someone to be my thief. Food costs money nowadays, and I don't always want to use my money." His lips parted again, revealing an odd smell.
Athalos was unsure. Of course, he hadn't grown up knowing right or wrong, so it wasn't the stealing that made him hesitant. It was this man. He didn't want to have to work in a way that a servant did, but to have a real job...Maybe he could do this.
"What do I need to know?" asked Athalos.
"Ahh...good choice, boy. I will teach you everything you need to know for the job. Don't worry." Hareton chuckled. He scratched his ragged hair and raised an eyebrow. "First, what is your name?"
Athalos told him.

Athalos was true to the job, listening to everything Hareton told him. The first time Athalos realized he was starting his "training" was when Hareton threw a knife at him. Athalos reacted just in time to prevent the knife from getting him in the arm. He demanded to know why Hareton had done that, but Hareton merely said that his future job would involve plenty of dangers and he had to be ready for it at all times.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} As the days went on, Athalos caught on quickly to the different tricks that Hareton taught him. Hareton would randomly, at any time of day-or in some cases, any time of night-make Athalos run a few miles, practice combat fighting, or throw a dagger or two at the intended target.

Athalos stayed with Hareton for many years. Hareton was drilling Athalos constantly with different skills and forcing him to learn. Athalos simply got used to the harsh, unforgiving conditions and his teacher who never said it was ever good enough. He was made to try again and again, and even when he hit a target directly in the center, Hareton just shook his head.
"Boy, this is about life or death. If you let that slip then you have no potential. Now TRY AGAIN!"

A year after being kidnapped by Hareton, Athalos had learned to throw knives, tackle someone down to the ground despite their size(though he was still working on this as he was only 10), and had grown quite strong for a boy his age. As well as his skills, Athalos' temper grew.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} Despite Athalos' unusual skills at such a young age, he still got into a few difficulties at times-things that Hareton refused to come help him out of. Hareton later told him that if Athalos needed help escaping, he just wasn't practicing long enough.
"If you need my help, Athalos, then it's because you aren't good enough yet. Tonight you're going to practice everything I've taught you over this year before you think about going to sleep. Believe me, it will save your life someday, I bet."

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} Several more years passed. Athalos was now 16. His angry temper often made him threaten Hareton in ways he didn't even realize he was doing anymore. Hareton had turned Athalos into a dangerous and cold-hearted young man.

Now being 16, Athalos got one of his first serious jobs. It was a job that would put his own life in danger, but Athalos was used to that. He was going after a pirate.
At first, Athalos didn't know anything about who the pirate was except his name was Mithaylos. Athalos didn't know anyone named that, and his own name was simply "Athalos." Nothing more, nothing less.
When Athalos went after Mithaylos, he was nearly killed. It wasn't only the danger that almost ended his life, it was what the pirate told him after disarming him.
"Athalos." Mithaylos growled, his voice dripping with contempt.
Athalos was chilled. How did this man know who he was?
"I know who you are, you horrible boy," continued the pirate. "You killed my wife, you know that? You killed my beautiful wife! You deserve nothing better than to die, you rotten boy."
Athalos was stunned. He had no idea what Mithaylos was talking about, or who he was. All the teenager knew was that he had to assassinate this man. Mithaylos drew his sword and pointed it at Athalos' throat.
"You killed her, stupid boy. So I have every right to kill you back in revenge."
But Mithaylos didn't kill him. Instead, he put his sword away, jerked Athalos to his feet from off the cobblestones, and said darkly, "If I ever see you again, you will not survive."
And then before Athalos knew it, Mithaylos was gone, disappearing into the dark.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} When Athalos returned to the small run-down shack he shared with Hareton, he streaked across the room and forced Hareton to tell him who Mithaylos was.
"You didn't kill him? He's an evil pirate, that's what he is!" Hareton growled.
"I asked you to explain to me why he said I killed his wife! What does that mean? I don't know anything about that man from the guy down the street!" Athalos yelled. He drew a knife and put it against Hareton's neck, eyes boring holes in the man.
"Okay, okay." Hareton sighed. "I will tell you who he is, though you can't kill me because of the truth. Mithaylos, also known infamously as Wilkes the Wild, is your father."
Athalos felt the blood drain from his face. "My...father...? He...wanted to kill me back."
Hareton shrugged. "I'm not surprised. His wife died because of a bad birth. Yours. And he detests you for it."
"I didn't kill her!" Athalos retorted. "I never even remember her!"
"Athalos. You did. You killed her." Hareton murmured. "Her death was your fault."
It was the last thing Hareton ever said. Athalos slew the man in cold-hearted anger and left from there on.
As horrible as Athalos was, it was all because of the people he grew up with. You could almost say it was an innocent wildness inside of him, born only because of the violent people around him.

From then on, Athalos' anger continued to grow. It boiled over hotter than ever, sometimes resulting in disastrous ends.
Athalos remained an assassin, more than that in some cases. He barely escaped when at the age of 19, he joined a man named Terrowin to destroy the king. Terrowin didn't escape, but Athalos, using his unfortunately earned skills, did.

Athalos is still 19. After the incident with the king, he has slacked off his assassin job for unknown reasons. No one really knows why, but some think it is because the years of having no kindness shown to him, that part of him is starting to emerge stronger than ever in search of hope that someone can help him.
Athalos, of course, won't simply let others know. First of all, the years of being treated the way he was made him grow a thick shell of anger around him to cover up who he really is underneath.
Who knows.
Maybe some day Athalos will be alright.
Even if he is an assassin.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} So that's Athalos' story! I never realized how bad it really was until I started writing it out. My heart is hurting for him. Athalos is very real to me, even more so now that I have written about him.

His story is done here, so if you want you can ask me something about him and I can try my best to answer.

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Karsyn   Shae “No mourners. No funerals.”~The Crows (karsynshae) | 5140 comments Wow, Athalos's story is so sad!

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