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The Goddess Rules
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Contemporary Romance, female protag paints pet portraits for wealthy patrons. Lives in garden house of rich old lady she works for. Setting maybe London. [s]

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missanthropic This is a contemporary romance novel that I read at some point during the very broad range of 2004-2010. I only remember very vague and blurry plot details. The female protagonist is an artist that has to make ends meet by doing pet portraits, despite being a very talented artist. Thinks she has an inferiority complex about her skills. I want to say she has a bum musician boyfriend that either dumps her or cheats on her. She ends up moving in with her current patron while she paints said patron's pet. Female protag lives in old lady's garden or pool house. The old lady has a substantial part of the story I believe. She was some sort of old-school movie actress or something. Laments a lost lover in Africa?? Female protag also had a crush on a well-known artist that she went to school with. I want to say the setting is in London. The cover I vaguely remembering having like hedges with an iron gate either leading to a garden or a mansion-looking house.

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Banjomike | 125 comments There is a series, Pet Portraits Mystery Series

Maybe one will fit...

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missanthropic Ayshe wrote: "The Goddess Rules maybe?"
Oh my god, yes this is the one!! How you managed to get it from my terrible clues and way-off-the-mark cover description...you deserve a medal.

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Ayshe | 4229 comments Great! (Your description looked fine to me, the ones I personally dislike are the extremely short ones :) ). It was in worldcat.org search results for '"love stories" pet portraits' > '1980..2010' > 'Book' > 'Fiction' > 'English' > 'Non-Juvenile'

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