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Jinn Russo | 5 comments Hello! I'm Jinn (a variant of a name that I've used online for a long time) Russo, and I write short erotic fiction. I'm especially proud of my Chief Entranced Officer series, which is about a typically alpha-male businessman discovering new sexual facets of himself through hypnosis after being hypnotized at a company picnic.

Chief Entranced Officer (Chief Entranced Officer Story 1):

Reconciliation (Chief Entranced Officer Story 2):



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Dwayne Fry | 560 comments Mod
Hi Jinn!

message 3: by Jinn (new)

Jinn Russo | 5 comments Dwayne wrote: "Hi Jinn!"

Hi! Glad to be here, and hope you're doing well.

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Nat Kennedy | 614 comments Welcome and hope you enjoy the group!

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