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>Ms. Devonshire and Mr. Makoto's dorm room!

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) This dorm was originally designed for a single occupant. Hence why the massive carpeted room seems a bit empty, considering the enormous canopied four-poster bed they'd had to remove, which took up nearly half of the space. In its place sits two twin-sized beds, with the recycled crimson velvet curtains from the four-poster now tied up and draping over both beds, new wooden rails set in place for said curtain. At the foot of both beds sit two separate trunks for storage. Directly across the room from both beds is an armoire, for clothing. To the left of both beds, on the other side of one of the two matching bedside tables, directly as one enters the room is a large wooden desk and a single chair, for doing homework. On the right side of the beds is a small seating area with a couch, two armchairs, and a window seat under a massive, curtained, stain-glass window. On the same wall of the beds, off the side of the seating area, is a door that goes into a bathroom (complete with a clawfoot tub). On the same wall as the armoire, also off to the side of the seating area, is a marble fireplace. On the other side of the armoire, closer to the door, is a closet specifically for storing weapons.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) "The curtain has to go," Wassa murmured, glaring pointedly at the blood-colored velvet hanging over the two beds to her right. She dragged her trunk over to the chest at the foot of the nearest bed, scowled down at said bed, and then scooted the trunk over to the other. "This one is mine." After her declaration, she abandoned her trunk to explore the lounge area. She ran her hand over the back of the couch as she walked around it, humming softly under her breath. The fabric was nice, she had to admit. It felt like heaven under her calloused fingers. She even wondered distantly how it might feel to lay on it. But that experiment would have to wait. The window seat was calling to her, and she felt inclined to obey. Smiling a small smile to herself, she stepped over to the window and ran her hands over the cushioned bench beneath it. "This is mine too," she declared absent-mindedly, turning around to sit on it. The firmness of the bench under the plush cushions reminded her of a time that seemed so long ago, it nearly felt like a different life. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, savoring the multi-colored sunlight warming her back until Chizu spoke.

To be quite honest, Wassa hadn't even thought about the school part of leaving her father's gaudy house. She pursed her lips as she mulled over Chizu's question, opening her eyes. She'd only come to this school because her father wanted her to. Not to mention that it got her out of the city where her father lived and into the countryside that she missed so dearly. Humming to herself, she pondered, "I do like using my magic... But I'm not much of a school person. I have a nearly nonexistent attention span." She shrugged, grinning up at him. "Does sitting under this window count? The sun feels great." She leaned back against the glass, sighing contentedly and closing her eyes again. Packing would have to happen later, she decided. Soon it would be too hot to sit under this window, and then it would be too cold during the night. She had to savor this gentle morning sun now, while it was still here. Maybe she could even sneak in a little nap.

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Chizu chuckled a bit at the fact that she was claiming things already. While many may have thought it was selfish or obnoxious, Chizu thought this little trait of hers was refreshing. He threw his bags on the other bed, the one that he assumed was now his since the other one was claimed. He dragged her other trunk and placed it next to her other one. He looked at her as she walked around the room, eventually finding herself at the window seat.

He listened to her contently as she began to talk, listening to every word. "I guess it counts." He said, chuckling a bit. "The only thing I really look forward to is surviving this place, and maybe, even if it's a very low chance, make a friend or two." He said, sitting down on the couch. "Your kind of the first person I've talked to my age since coming to this kingdom. And well, the first person my age I've ever talked to that didn't want to beat my face in for being in the Makoto family." He said, sighing. "I have a feeling making friends will be harder here though, seeing as I'm not completely fluent in this language yet. It's hard to properly learn a language without a proper tutor." He said, staring at the ceiling.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Wassa frowned as Chizu spoke, her brows furrowing as she opened her eyes. His situation sounded so much like her own. The cracks in the wall around her heart began to widen with each sentence as Chizu continued, her gaze now on the floor. Guilt weighed on her shoulders and suddenly kept her from being able to look at him. She bit down hard on her bottom lip. "Hey... I'm sorry for being a jerk earlier...," she mumbled, shuffling her feet awkwardly. Apologizing was something new for her. In the past, she hadn't been close enough to anyone to bother saying sorry for anything she did wrong. She didn't know if she would be able to make a friend, considering how socially stunted she was, but... "I've never had a friend before." She gave Chizu a quick glance and then continued casually, "but I guess I could indulge you. Maybe."

Before she had moved in with her father, Wassa hadn't even thought about having friends. Her life had been nothing but trying to survive every day. Other people were just competition for food and supplies, so she didn't consider keeping anyone around. After moving in with her father, she found that some people weren't all that bad—some could even be kind without wanting something in return. A maid at the estate had been that way. She and that maid never became close exactly, but they would sit and talk sometimes when they had free time. She'd become fond of that maid in a way she never had anyone else before. And then the maid was fired for breaking a plate.

Wassa's shoulders scrunched up near her ears as she thought back on the day her first friend left her. Lifting her gaze, she studied Chizu closely. He didn't look like that maid in the slightest. His height being the main difference. Wassa's stare turned into a scowl. Stupid tall knight boy. Shaking her head furiously to clear the thought, she stood from her seat and stretched her arms over her head. "Curtain. We need to take the curtain down," she demanded in that surprisingly soft, small voice she had—surprising considering how forceful and aggressive she could be. "You're annoyingly tall, so you get to take it down." She grinned brightly, a teasing glow lighting the flower on her cheekbone. If Chizu had the audacity to be so much taller than her, then he should at least be able to put said height to use. Starting off with removing that god-awful curtain.

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"It's fine! No need to apologize. I know I would be angry if someone was assigned to 'protect' me too when I'm perfectly capable of protecting myself. I would have done the same thing in your shoes." He said, waving it off as if it was nothing. He smiled as she continued to talk. "You'd really be willing to be my friend? That's awesome! See, when I saw you when You introduced yourself to the Mr. Windsor and Ms. Windsor, I thought you looked extremely nice! I really wanted to introduce myself to you, but I was a bit nervous." He hummed with a dorky grin plastered on his face. He didn't bother to mention the fact that he also thought she was pretty, for fear she may change her mind about maybe becoming his friend.

Chizu continued to stare at her until she spoke up. He chuckled a bit, finding her personality charming. Many people didn't really have the guts to joke around with Chizu. Sure, they would beat him up and call him names, but they would never tease, tell him what to do, or even joke around with him. They knew that he could withstand getting beat up, seeing as he fought back most the time, but they would never willingly tease him. He can't use magic, but he was still able to stand against the wanna be mages at his school, which frightened them. He stood up and stretched. He quickly took down the terrible curtain and folded it neatly. "You need anything else?" He asked as he placed the curtain down on the couch. He was going to get rid of it later when he goes look for a place to train.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Chizu's comment left Wassa in quiet, cautious thought. Never once had she been described as "nice", and for a moment she questioned Chizu's motive for using such a word. She studied him closely as he took the curtain down. There didn't seem to be even a hint of malice on his face, nor did he seem annoyed by the task she'd given him. Her brows lowered. This stupid boy had been assigned to protect her, not to be her butler or servant, and yet he had already done things that were outside of the job description. Just what was his angle? She narrowed her eyes, the blue and yellow shocks of color in her irises flashing as she forced herself into Chizu's mind.

Despite not being exactly sure what she would find, the last thing she expected was to be struck with so much happiness—and so much sadness at the same time. Flashes of people pounding Chizu into the dirt exploded in her mind. Why were they doing this? What had he done? They had no reason to hurt him how they did, and yet they refused to stop. They just kept hitting him. And when he finally fell onto the ground, blood clogging his throat, they kicked him viciously, as if they couldn't get enough of this torture. Suddenly, she was angry. They wanted to see what he could do? Fine! He would show them! He would fight. Fight fight fight fight fightfightfightfightfightfightfightfight

Chizu's voice sucked her out of his mind, throwing her back into the present. She rubbed at her left arm, attempting to wipe away lingering pain of a fierce kick from one of Chizu's past attackers. "What? I'm sorry, what did you say? I...must have spaced out," she laughed, smiling up at him to erase any suspicion or concern on his end.

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((It's fine XD I'll be on christmas break in two more days.))

Chizu smiled. "Haha.. I never took you as the type to space out like that. I asked if there was anything else you need? I'm willing to help with anything." Chizu said, letting out a small chuckle. He noticed her rubbing her left arm. "Is your arm okay? Do you need to go to the nurse?" He asked worriedly. Ever since his grandmother died, he had been paying more and more attention to how people acted and sudden movements. He didn't notice when she was sick, and well, she ended up dying because he didn't pay close enough attention to her, even when he was the one who spent the most time with her. And ever since his mother died, he definitely was not going to ignore things like that anymore. Many people at the castle thought it was weird, however the medics actually said it was a useful attribute, so he often ended up helping the medics. He continued to look at Wassa, a small frown on his face. The frown did not look like it belonged at all, seeing as he was always smiling. He looked at her, extremely worried.

It was probably weird for him to be worried about someone he just met, but that was just him. He worried about people and no one could change that. He suddenly realized he was probably coming off to strong. He knew people would think he was weird, but he couldn't help it. "Ah.. I-I'm sorry." he apologized quickly, realizing she probably thought he was weird.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Chizu's worried tone overwhelmed Wassa so much that she actually took a half step back. "I'm alright," she laughed awkwardly, shaking her head at his apology. There was something so strange about him, and it frustrated her that she couldn't seem to put her finger on it. At least she'd gotten her answer to his insistence on them being friends and his excitement about her acceptance. One question had been knocked out of the way. Now, she only had to find the answers to all of the others that were floating around in her mind. She smiled up at Chizu. "It's been a long morning, but maybe we should check out the grounds? There has to be a sparring field somewhere, and I absolutely hate the heat, so it'd be best to get a work out while it's still chilly," she decided, stepping over to her trunks. Opening one, she pulled out several weapons: A long sword that she held with confidence despite its impressive size, a long metal chain-whip with what appeared to be a metal spear-head on the end, and belt with ten throwing knives. After attaching the belt of daggers to her waist and clipping on both other weapons, she stood and turned toward Chizu. She was glowing with excitement—and power. An almost creepy, and yet incredibly confident and smug smirk spread across her lovely face. "Let's go. I'm gonna kick your ass," she taunted, slowly backing toward the bedroom door.

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A bright smiled appeared back on Chizu's face. "Okay!" He hummed happily, picking up his sword from his bed. It was still in it's sheath, so he slung it over his shoulder. He opened the trunk that laid at the foot of his bed and looked inside. He had requested for all his weapons to be transferred over before he came, mainly because he had far too many to actually carry to the dorms with one trip. He looked in the trunk. It was a complete mess. He let out a sigh. 'I'm going to have to organize all of this later...' Chizu thought. He looked around the trunk which was filled to the top with weapons. He took out a small dagger and a Sleyuipan Kunai. It had all kind of weird inscriptions on it, but it was in some ancient magic language, one that wasn't really used anymore.

Chizu knew had to read it, seeing as it was a family heirloom and he practically studied the language as much as he could from some old book. There were only a few of the books that actually still existed. Two were in the hands of the Sleyuipan. One for the Makoto Family and one for the royal family. Eseocan also had two, one for the royal family and one for the Devonshire family. Each family also had an encrypted weapon. Of course, the royal family and the most trusted noble family underneath them were the only ones who possessed it. In the Elvish Kingdom, two of the royal children carried a book and encrypted weapon. However, there were around four books and weapons missing. All they knew was that one of them were in the hands of The Great Unknown. These books and weapons had once belonged to two of the kingdoms that once was in alliance with the Eseocan, but these kingdoms were attacked and fell, and ever since, the whereabouts of these important relics were lost. And there was also the fact only the royals know what the weapons actually are. The ancient relics varies between weapons, and well, for all the nobles knew, the weapons could have been extremely dangerous.

Of course, Chizu didn't really know how to use the ancient magic within his weapon, but he still preferred to carry it with him whenever he in a battle or sparring with someone. "Well, We'll see." He hummed to her last comment. He quickly closed his trunk and attached his dagger and kunai to his belt. He followed her to the door, his sword on his back. He seemed to carry the thing everywhere, he even had it when he arrived. It was a bit strange, but whatever.

((I decided these encrypted weapons would be a huge part of the plot :P

Here's what his weapons look like: (view spoiler)))

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Wassa stared restlessly at Chizu's hands, a curious shimmer in her one visible eye. What kind of weapons would so kind a person use? Weapons, she found, said a lot about the person who wielded them. Surely something that would kill his victims quickly, right? Chizu didn't seem like the kind of person who would want his opponents to suffer. She certainly couldn't say the same about herself. He must have a sword or maybe even throwing knives— Or a fucking kunai. Her eyes widened, shock obvious on her lovely face. Despite the weapon being foreign and uncommon in Eseocan, Wassa could recognize such an under-handed sneaky blade from a mile away. She'd once had her own, after all. After shaking her head to rid the shock from her features, she forced herself to focus on the other weapons Chizu held. She already knew about the sword strapped to his back, and the dagger that he pulled out of the chest was common enough.

Despite her best effort, Wassa found her eyes trailing back to the kunai as Chizu strode toward her. The runes... They weren't normal. Her breath caught in her throat, the hum of power surrounding her purring in the presence of the beautiful, exotic weapon. Swallowing dryly past the lump in her throat, she met Chizu's gaze and feigned the confidence she'd possessed not moments before. "Interesting choice," she taunted, leaning against the door to prevent either of them from leaving. "Any particular reason why a...noble knight such as yourself would carry such an...unusual weapon?" Any friendliness on her face vanished, visible eye suddenly hard and accusatory. Only the lowest of the low (usually assassins) used kunais, considering that only skilled users would wield them effectively. Were they more common in Sleyuipan? Maybe she was simply being paranoid. Or perhaps she was not.

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Chizu seemed confused at first about her question. He thought about it and realized that she was looking at the kunai earlier. "This? It's nothing. It's a family relic. Haruko-san entrusted it with me. It's a very important relic, so I tend to carry it with me. It gives me confidence. Your family has one too. Of course it's not in the same encryption and it's not the same weapon, but they are basically the same." He explained. "Oops! You probably don't know Haruko-san by her first name. Haruko is the name of our queen." He said. He took the kunai off his belt. "I don't really have an affinity for magic, but he chose me, so I kind of have no choice but to keep him." He said, chuckling a bit. Despite her change of expressions, his didn't really change. He just continued to smile, despite the fact that he probably sounded crazy.

He didn't really think anything of it. After all, he's had the thing since he was 5. His mother had brought him to the palace to see the Queen, who Chizu often called 'Auntie.' Of course, his family tried to stop him, but the Queen didn't really mind, so they just let it slide. After all, he was just a child. His attention had been brought to a box, so he stepped closer. He opened the box and the weapon inside was this glowing kunai. Of course, after that, the queen gave the relic to Chizu along with some old book. It wasn't long until he learned what the weapon actually was. He's had it with him ever since, so naturally, he didn't think twice about it. "Plus, it's actually very common for the Makoto family to carry these, expected actually. After all, our ancestors served the royal family as Shinobi for many decades. It wasn't until my great grandpa that it changed. Of course, we still learn how to use the weapons the Shinobi used just for tradition. I don't really use the kunai or shuriken's unless it's a life or death situation. Mainly because there aren't that many samurai's or Shinobi left in our kingdom, so these weapons are hardly used." He explained, hoping that would clear things up.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Wassa's intelligent eyes narrowed on Chizu as he spoke. His extensive knowledge of the legendary encrypted weapons sent a wave of nausea through her stomach. She slid her hand tightly around the hilt of her chain whip. The differences in their upbringings were answer enough for how much he knew about the weapons, but that didn't mean that his familiarity with them soothed her uneasiness. Her innards rocked. Her fingers squeezed the whip tighter as if she were searching for comfort from it. To think that, even despite wielding one of the enchanted weapons herself, she knew little to nothing about its history. Who's hand sought comfort from this whip before her own? Had the soul inside of the weapon responded as easily to this person as it did her?

She swallowed dryly, forcing herself to remain composed before finally speaking. And yet, even despite her efforts, her voice still came out snappish when she said, "Kunais are under-headed weapons. Where I come from, only the lowest of the low use them. They're sneaky and two-faced." She paused, shifting her gaze from the weapon she spoke of to Chizu's eyes. "Whips aren't much better." Squeezing the hilt in her hand once more, she turned on her heel swiftly and ripped open the bedroom door and strode into the hall. As she marched down the corridor, she found her lungs slowly seizing, just as they had in the carriage. Perhaps it was the architecture or even the conversation she'd just effectively ended, but the walls seemed to slowly close in on either side of her. They choked her, her lungs tightening as they leaned ever nearer. She needed to get outside. Immediately.

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Chizu sighed and followed her, putting the kunai into his belt once more. He still thought of it as a confidence booster, even if he knew it was an underhanded weapon. After all, it was just another trick up his sleeves. When it comes to war, there is no mercy. Plus, there was the fact that if he listened hard enough, he could hear the spirits voice. Of course, it took a lot of concentration, seeing as he had no compatibility with the spirits. But it was so worth it when he could hear the spirit in his weapon's song. It was nostalgic, sad even. He followed Wassa quietly. He had noticed she was a bit tense. "Hey... Are you okay? If it's about what I said, I'm sorry. I can always... put it down somewhere. I'm sure Kwami would understand...." He asked worriedly. Suddenly the kunai began to glow, just a bit, as it was a bit dull. Chizu flinched a little when it did that. "See, he's perfectly fine with it." Chizu said, forcing a smile. Chizu had left the spirit alone once, in a duel when a student pointed out the kunai. Some other kid picked it up and started throwing it around like some idiot. Obviously, Kwami did not take kindly to someone other than a chosen one holding him. And well, at the moment, the spirit was practically yelling inside Chizu's head.

He heard some whispering from a kid he passed. He recognized the kid from the castle. It was one of the knight's kid. Of course, the kid did not take kindly to Chizu, who was just a mere foreigner, and somewhat bullied Chizu within and outside the castle. He held his head low as he passed the kid. As he passed the kid said something, loud enough for Chizu to hear. "Ha. It's the weakling walking around with the High duchess. Who does he think he is? He can't even use magic for god sake." The boy said. Chizu just ignored him though, seeing as, if they did fight one or one in a match, even if the kid was using magic, Chizu could easily overcome the kid. The kid had been more focused on flashy spells and brute strength to think about much else. He didn't take anything seriously and always teased his targets. He was more bark than bite if anything.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Wassa waved off Chizu's offer with a half glance back at him. "Don't worry," she dismissed, "I'm perfectly fine." Despite this comment being a stretched truth, she didn't have a problem with the kunai per se. The weapon itself made her slightly uncomfortable, but she could understand Chizu not wanting to part with it. Not only could the weapon be seen as a companion of sorts, in whatever way Chizu needed it to be, it was also technically a family heirloom. No matter how uneasy she felt around the kunai, she wasn't terrible enough to make Chizu leave it in their dorm room. What she did, however, take issue with was the hissed comment from one of their future classmates. The pressing of the walls erased any hesitance she might have had. Without even the slightest of pauses, she whipped around and grabbed the offender by his throat, slamming him back into the wall. Perhaps some of her former self peeked through a bit when she snarled, "You wanna say that a little louder, motherfucker?"

She couldn't consider herself a fan of Chizu, but she had promised to at least attempt to become his friend, though this wasn't the entire reason for her sudden snap. The tightness of the corridor and the pressure of the kunai on Chizu's hip, as well as the whip on her own, pushed her toward an edge. More often than not, she found it felt better to step voluntarily over that edge. It definitely helped her maintain control of herself in more infuriating situations, particularly ones where it would be inappropriate to lose her cool. Unfortunately for the petty bully in front of her, this meant that she wouldn't tolerate any rude comments toward herself or her roommate. Everyone has to let out their anger at some point. She just preferred to do it over several instances instead of letting it build up. It was healthy. She supposed.

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Chizu suddenly started panicking. "It's okay, Wassa! I'm used to it! No need to involve yourself with them! It isn't worth it." Chizu said, smiling nervously as he stepped between Wassa and the boy. The boy stood up. "What did you just say bastard?" The boy said arrogantly. He tried to throw a punch at Chizu, whom had his back toward him. Chizu took a step to the side and the boy tripped over his own feet, falling on the ground. "See, Not worth our time. Let's just go." Chizu said, not wanting to stay there any longer.

"You can just use all that anger on me when we spar!" Chizu added as the boy stood up. Chizu sighed. 'He's too stubborn for his own good.' Chizu thought as the boy stood up. The boy looked at Chizu angrily. "You think you two can make a fool of me?" The boy growled. The boy went over and punched Chizu in the face. Chizu fell from the impact. "I can't imagine hitting someone who has no will to fight back is exactly satisfying. Not to mention I can't even use Magic. Your practically just a jerk picking on the weak who can't defend themselves." Chizu said as he sat on the floor, wiping the blood from his lip. It seemed as though the bully had punched Chizu a bit too hard. He looked at the boy who just continued to scowl at him. The weird thing was, Chizu was still smiling, despite the circumstances. "Your a monster, a freak!" The boy shouted. "Hm..? Are you really in the place to be saying that? After all, Your just a bully." Chizu said. His tone kind of reminded him of a cat toying with it's food. It seemed to work too, because well, the boy was getting angrier and angrier as each word fell out. The fact that Chizu kept a sweet and innocent smile on only aggravated the bully even more.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Chizu stepping in-between Wassa and the student she'd been practically choking out didn't do wonders to calm her. She growled up at him, visible eye narrowed, the flower on her cheek glowing dangerously. However, before she could demand that he get out of her way, the boy behind him was swinging. She barely managed to step out of his range, his fist inches from connecting with her cheek. As she watched the two taunt one another like children, the irritation that had sprouted from Chizu's kunai, the tightening halls, and the bully's comment slowly festered into an icy rage. Who gave either of these boys the right to speak to her with such disrespect? Less so Chizu, but he'd still pissed her off by getting in her way. Using the fact that she'd been forgotten to her advantage, Wassa slammed her foot into the back of the nameless student's leg, forcing him to his knees. She grabbed a tight fistful of his hair, tilting his head back so he could see the violent glare on her face. The low thrum of power that always surrounded her heightened into a low roar as the shadows curling over her shoulders darkened the entire corridor. All of the candles on the walls flickered out from one end of the hall to the other, the only light coming from the sparks of color in her eyes and the flower on her temple. Slowly, she dug the steel toe of her boot into the bully's tendon. "Don't even think for one second that I'll tolerate a swine like you to push me or my stupid roommate around. Now, if you want to keep both of your legs, I suggest you apologize to me. And Chizu."

(She's pissed off at Chizu too, lmao)

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((Chizu: T~T I did nothing wrong though.))

Chizu watched, silently noting not to get on her bad side. Or at least somehow get on her good side because things didn't seem to be going well as of already. "I-I'm sorry, Ms. Wassa Devonshire and Makoto!" The boy apologized. Chizu stood up and waved it off. "The only one you managed to piss off was Wassa-chan. And Please, do not use my last name. I don't really like it. Just call me Chizu." Chizu chuckled nervously. His lip was still bleeding a bit, but he didn't seem to care. "I'm sorry!" He once again apologized to Wassa. Chizu sighed. "Wassa-chan? Is he free to go now? He did apologize." Chizu hummed as he addressed Wassa. The fact that he could adress Wassa in that way, kinda scared the bully. After all, if he was going to address her, it should have been with more respect. 'Sama' would have been better. Then the fact, despite his culture, he was addressing her by her first name. He didn't really seem to care though. After all, his father did give him permission to "lighten up."

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Only once she was satisfied with his apologies did Wassa release the bully, kicking him onto his hands. "Never approach me again, if you know what's good for you," she snarled at his retreating back as he stumbled to his feet and ran away. Unfortunately for Chizu, as soon as the bully disappeared around a corner, Wassa whipped her head around and pinned him with her icy glare. She took two steps toward him, grabbed him by the shirt collar, and jerked him down onto his knees in front of her. The furious shadows surrounded them writhed in response to her anger, curling around Chizu's arms and neck—nearly as cold as ice as they brushed his skin. "Never get in my way ever again, Chizu Makoto. I chose to defend you, as it was you who asked for my friendship, but don't think for one second that I have an issue with putting you in your place." With that, she shoved him back on his ass and marched off down the hall, the candles on the walls relighting and the shadows vanishing with a flick of her hand, save for those still coiled around Chizu's arms and neck. It seemed that those would remain.

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Chizu just chuckled nervously from his spot on the ground. "Scary..." He mumbled as he quickly got up and caught up to her. "I'm sorry, Wassa-chan! I really am, I just don't believe that's it's necessary to be that violent with people like that. After all, he could be a future ally." Chizu said as he followed her. "I don't mind you 'putting me in my place' but, it really won't change anything. Fear or not, I'd still have done it." He hummed as he followed her happily. "After all, it's not like the guy would have done much anyways. He definitely wouldn't hurt the High Duchess of Eseocan, and wouldn't hurt me too badly, even if I was pushing his buttons. Not trying to make that sound cocky or anything. But, I could totally kick his butt, and I have before." Chizu hummed as he followed. 'Then theres the fact about me being the heir and next head to the Makoto family. But I won't mention that!~ The only thing I can hope for is that the old man doesn't kick the bucket anytime soon.' Chizu thought. He had thought a lot about if he was thrown into the sudden role of head, even as a young child. After all, putting a kid in charge of the family wasn't the best idea and probably would lead the family to it's downfall. Especially with Chizu as the head, he being the irresponsible person he was. Without realizing it, Chizu let his wall fall as he was deep in thought. He wasn't smiling anymore, in fact he wore a small frown as he thought of everything. Sure, he was glad to be out of his kingdom and not have to worry about too many of the responsibilities of the Makoto family, but he still had some responsibilities, which were honestly stressing him out a bit.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) If the walls had been close before, they were pressing on Wassa's shoulders now, attempting to crush her. They squeezed and squeezed, her lungs so tight in her chest that each exhale came out as a wheeze. Even if she had wanted to respond to Chizu, she couldn't have. She couldn't even breathe properly, let alone speak. One hand clutched at her ribs, applying pressure to the stabbing pain the walls had caused in her side. At some point, she had started nearly running down the halls, desperate to get out of the dorms and into the fresh air waiting for her outside. Her heartbeat roared so loudly in her ears, the sound blocked out all others, leaving her to distantly wonder if Chizu had gone silent, or if she couldn't hear him anymore. Suddenly in a larger room—likely the lobby—she shoved past the horde of students that had magically appeared as if their sole mission was to keep her from getting outside.

"Move, move!" she hissed, arm-like shadows reaching out around her to knock her fellow peers out of her way. "Get out of my way!" And then finally, she burst through the double-doored entrance and into harsh morning chill. She leaped down the stairs two at a time, collapsing to her knees as soon as her boot landed in the mud. No more walls. No more walls. No more walls. You're outside. You're outside, Wassa, she told herself, coughing violently as the clogging in her throat and lungs attempted to clear itself. She dug her fingers deep into the muddy earth, sighing contentedly as soon as she stopped hacking. "Outside... I'm outside. Fuckin' hell. If I have to stay in that godforsaken building for any longer than I already have, I swear to everything holy that I'll kill myself..." She lifted her face up to the sky and closed her eyes, welcoming the gentle sunlight that trickled through the biting cold of early morning. It seemed that, through all of the panic, she'd completely forgotten Chizu's presence. Until, of course, she stood and turned toward him without bothering to wipe off her hands or brush off her muddy shins. "The Armory. They should have our things there already," she told him, voice smaller than he'd ever heard, and still breathless. "Let's go." With that, she marched toward the armory.

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Chizu followed her as they went through the halls, extremely worried. When they finally made it outside, he let her catch her breath. He watched her silently. "Uh.. Oh yeah. Okay." He said, completely have forgotten about the whole sparring thing. He followed her quietly, his eyes on the ground. He looked up at her a few times, questioning if he should say anything. He then took a deep breath. "Hey... Are you okay?" He asked, worriedly. Despite not even knowing her for a full day, he was still rather worried. He couldn't help it, that was just who he was. After all, he was raised to care about others well being. Usually, he just helped them out without a word, but he actually felt like talking to this girl, surprisingly. If his dad was here, he'd probably be teasing him a lot. He made sure he kept at a constant pace with her and didn't lag behind too much. He didn't really know Wassa all that well, having only met her that day, so his polite gesture may have seemed a bit awkward. He hadn't really opened up to her yet, so he was just going to act like a polite, awkward dork for the time being.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Wassa waved her hand impatiently, dismissing his concern. "I can't handle tight spaces," she stated shortly before immediately changing the subject. "Were you saying something after I threatened you and threw you on your ass? I couldn't really hear anything...or even see you for that matter, when did you catch up to me?" She glanced up at Chizu, left eyebrow arched sharply. The need for a distraction shone brightly in her eyes, some of the shadow arms that had mowed down the crowd of students in the dorm lobby still clinging onto her clothes.

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"Hm.. I didn't really say anything important.." He said, thinking back on it. It really wasn't all that important, so he didn't really think it mattered. He looked at her and smiled. "I never really fell behind. After all, I have no idea where we're going, and If I lost sight of you, then I'd probably get lost in this place." He hummed. He looked around and waved to a small child from the elementary division. "After all, this place is almost as big as the castle. And no matter how many years I've been in the castle, I'd always get lost. I don't really think this place would be any different to be honest." He said. He took a deep breath and continued to look around, almost like a little kid at a festival for a first time. He found his eyes landing on a bird that flew above them. He continued to watch the bird as they walked, despite the risks of tripping and falling flat on his face.

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