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>The entrance of the school! The outside of the school is actually heavily guarded and seemingly impossible to get past the guards and the giant stone walls in the front of the school.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Wassa's judgemental multicolored gaze slowly traveled up the length of the looming stone walls that surrounded the school she would soon be forced to call home. Without waiting for it to come to a full stop, she kicked open the carriage door and hopped out into the thick, slopping mud. Sitting in such a confined space always filled her with a slimy unease that settled deep in the pit of her stomach, almost as if begging for her to vomit. She hated carriages. Baring her teeth ferally at the evil contraption, she marched toward the back of said devil-spawn to unstrap her luggage, swatting away the hands trying to assist her all the while. Her father would not be pleased in the slightest to learn of her disobedience, but he would get over it. He always did. How could he not obey his long-lost daughter's every whim? It was a surefire way to get all of the sweets she wanted, so why not let his weakness over her excuse her from trouble?

Blowing her too-long bangs out of her left eye, she gripped both of her clothing trunks by the handles and pulled them onto the ground, a wide grin spreading across her lovely face as mud splashed all over the guard who'd been attempting to help her. Served him right. She never asked for his assistance, nor did she need it. Unfortunately, her momentary glee vanished at the sound of another carriage rolling up to the school gates. Grumbling under her breath, she allowed one of her shadows to swipe the hair out of her face as she began dragging both of her trunks up to the gate. If only she knew of the nuisance that sat in that carriage...

(Chizu lolol)

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Chizu looked out the carriage excitedly. He was ready to jump out the door, but his Grandfather's training wouldn't let him. 'Gotta be a proper. Wait until the carriage stops and then wait until your excused.' Chizu thought, sighing. It felt as if he did anything wrong, his grandfather would somehow find out. He looked at his father. "Good Luck, Champ!" James said, ruffling Chizu's hair before pushing him out the carriage before it managed to make a stop. Chizu stumbled a bit, but landed safely. "Was that really necessary?" Chizu asked as he stood up and walked up to the carriage that had finally made a stop. "Of course, now stop being such a downer! Forget about your old habits!" James said and Chizu rolled his eyes.

He went to the back and grabbed his bags. He took out two bags and a sword that was still in it's sheath. "Bye old man." Chizu said, waving to his dad before walking off. He was lost in thought, thinking of how he was going to introduce himself to Wassa. As he was lost in thought, he tripped over a rock. He managed to keep himself from falling on his bum. He let out a sigh of relief and started walking again, looking down at his shoes so he wouldn't trip again. However, that only caused more problems. As Chizu was walking, he accidentally bumped into someone, a girl, and not just any girl, Wassa. "I'm sorry, are you okay?" He asked, being the slow person he was, he didn't really recognize her immediately. However, after a few moments of staring at her, he realized he bumped into Wassa. "Tch. Just my luck. There goes making a good expression..." He mumbled, hardly audible, face-palming in the process. He looked back at Wassa. "Again, I'm sorry, Miss." He apologized.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) The last thing Wassa expected was for someone to bump into her and nearly throw her face-first into the mud. She had been too busy focusing all of her energy on ignoring the loud people behind her to hear her shadows' warnings. Now, as she whipped around to glare up at the boy who had almost been the cause of major embarrassment, she wished she'd listened. Of course, of all people, it had to be the stupid boy from the stupid family who served her own stupid family. "You. Specifically you. Stay away from me," she hissed, teeth bared like an animal. The darkening shadows looming over her shoulders only added to the intimidating effect her words alone produced. For a moment she contemplated shoving the boy onto his backside, but she refused to be a bully. At least, she refused to be one with so many people around to tell her father. No matter what he may condone, he would never let her off the hook for shoving some kid into the dirt. Even if she thought it might teach him a thing or two. "Stay out of my way." With that, she turned on her heel, tightening the grip she had on her trunks and marching away. Stupid boy. Stupid, stupid, stupid, annoying, dumb boy. I should've just thrown him on his ass.

(This would be the best time for him to insist on helping her with her luggage or maybe even apologize)

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Chizu stared at her nervously for a moment. She was definitely a bit intimidating. He took a deep breath. 'Friends. We got to make friends our age. Plus... I'm technically supposed to help her any way I can....' He thought. He quickly made his way to her side. "Hey. My Name is Chizu. It's a pleasure to meet you. Well technically I already met you, but you haven't met me." He rambled nervously. He took a deep breath. 'Chill dude, you got this. It's just a teenager. A very scary, frightening teenager who just happens to be really pretty and the person I decided will be the first human my age to talk to, despite the fact that she probably already hates me.' He thought. He noticed the bags she was carrying. "Want me to carry those for you? It's the least I can do after bumping into you and almost knocking you over..." He insisted, a small nervous smile forming on his lips. He seemed to be a nervous wreck, as if he's never talked to humans before. Which, was honestly partly true. "Again, I'm really sorry about that by the way. I wasn't paying attention to where I was walking." He added as he strode next to her. He wasn't slouching, like some boys would be. It was kind of against his nature to slouch, so he was standing up straight. It was easy to tell the difference between their heights.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Outwardly, Wassa appeared to ignore the boy, Chizu, entirely. She kept her gaze forward despite the nervous rambling to her left. Ironically, it seemed almost a kindness, as she allowed him to rant on without any commentary of her own. While it saved him from any ridicule she might have had, it also likely came across as if she simply wanted him gone. She did. But she could also tell that he was new to this thing called 'conversing'. She'd encountered many estranged people throughout her sixteen years on this planet, as she had once before been one of them. It softened her face a bit, this reminder that she was once like him--at least, a little. No longer was her only visible eye as sharp as it had first appeared. Though the eyebrow she silently raised at his apology didn't seem to be anything close to kind. Only once they were inside the school gates and had reached the dorms did she pause and look up at Chizu. She stared at him for a good several minutes, narrowing her gaze slightly in annoyance. Too tall. Her gaze traveled up the stairs, down to her luggage, and then back up to Chizu, a small pout on her lips. "Just one. I'll let you carry one," she insisted, releasing the trunk closest to Chizu and instead putting all of her focus into getting the other up the stairs and into the dormitory.

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Chizu smiled and took the luggage. Sure, it was a very small semi victory, but it was a victory and it made him happy. "So... I haven't properly introduced myself. I'm Chizu Makoto. And as you know, My father is James Madison. I'm not all to good at this language yet, so please forgive me if I mess up and say something that makes no sense." He hummed, introducing himself, his accent a bit clearer as his speech slowed down a bit. He had an encounter with a woman when he was younger and had just moved to Eseocan. He was trying to introduce himself and accidentally called the lady a 'cow.' Ever since, he's been trying to get better at the Eseocan language, but it's a bit difficult from him. He followed her up the stairs, carrying the luggage with ease. He unconsciously slowed down his pace so he could walk with Wassa, another thing his grandfather drilled into his brain. If he could, he had to walk at the same pace at a lady, even if it meant slowing down your pace to walk beside them. He never really understood that rule, but he wasn't going to ask his grandfather about it.

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hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Wassa, too preoccupied with not trying to send her and her heavy luggage tumbling down the stairs, appeared to once again ignore Chizu as he spoke. Of course, she already knew who he was. She knew of his father's side of the family. Though this was only due to her own father's insistence that she learn of all of the members of the royal court. The throne would technically be hers if something happened to the ruling family, after all. Unfortunately, despite her father's whims, she wound up forgetting nearly half of the people she'd studied in the year before she was allowed to attend Northstar. The irritation he harbored with the idea of a family protecting her own was the only thing that made Chizu and his lineage stick in her mind. This also contributed to her extreme disliking of him right from the get-go. At least he was carrying her luggage.

"I say things wrong too, and I'm a native," Wassa murmured in response, grunting softly as she yanked her trunk up another step. "Besides, if you didn't completely fuck up every once in a while, you'd be perfect. And perfect is annoying. I hate perfect." She offered Chizu a little smirk before returning her attention to the task at hand. In fact, she remained silent for the rest of the way, only pausing for a moment to catch her breath after they finally managed to get up the stairs in one piece. Falling naturally into a fast pace, she led the way toward the main office on the bottom floor of the dorms. This is where they would be told which rooms were theirs. Her father had been very specific that she would have a dorm to herself, which she had insisted upon adamantly. However, after she and Chizu entered the office and asked for their dorm rooms, the answer she received was not the one she had been expecting.

"You are going to be sharing a dorm with Mr. Makoto here. We only have one key for now, but another is being made, Your Grace."

Wassa's left eye twitched. The flecks of abnormal color in her iris flashed brightly, effectively making clear her irritation. Her father set her up. There was no other possible reason as to why on earth she was sharing a room with someone, and a son of Madison for that matter! She whipped her head around toward Chizu, visible eye ablaze, the flower marking on her cheek and temple glowing, the shadows curled around her shoulders darkening. "I changed my mind. I hate you again," she hissed, snatching her trunk from him. Leaning toward the desk, she glared daggers down at the receptionist before snatching the key up in her teeth. She marched out of the room, trunks dragging on the ground behind her. Growling and grumbling to herself, she set off toward the stairs, which she was determined to get up on her own. Even with both of her trunks. Who cared if her and Chizu's room was on the third floor? The last thing she wanted was his help. Dammit. And just when he was barely starting to not be annoying.

(Maybe you post here and then [depending on where we are after that] I'll reply at their dorm???)

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Chizu seemed rather surprised by the fact he was rooming with Wassa. He was expecting to be in a dorm with a male. 'Damn you father. I specifically said I didn't want to be in a dorm with a girl!' He thought. Wassa seemed to be a bit angry at this, but he just ignored it. Until she took the luggage from him. He sighed and followed her silently. "Please, Wassa-san. Let me carry your luggage. I just want to help." Chizu said, seemingly insistent on helping her. It wasn't only because he was assigned to help her, but also because he just wanted to help her. If his mother ever found out that he didn't help someone in need, he knew she'd be disappointed. When she was alive, she wasn't all that strict or trying to make Chizu into this perfect little noble boy. The only thing she really made sure was that he grew up to be someone kind, to help those in need. Hearing the stories she told him actually inspired him, and he wanted to be someone who can help others and make them happy.

Right now, he couldn't do much. After all, he was a complete wreck in front of new people. But, you've gotta start somewhere, right? And right now, that somewhere was to help Wassa and hopefully eventually make her happy. "Wassa... Why do you seem to hate me so much? Did I do something wrong? Is there anyway I can fix it?" He suddenly asked her. He seemed to not know what exactly he did wrong, and even though he just met her, he still wanted to get to know her and become friends. He already promised himself he'd befriend her and help her anyways he can.


hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Wassa purposefully ignored Chizu, stubbornly dragging her trunks up the stairs. That is, of course, until they reached the second floor and Chizu began firing off questions. She let her luggage rest on the carpet and removed the key from between her teeth before whirling on Chizu. "My name is not Wassa. It is Wassa Devonshire. I am the High Duchess of Eseocan, and you will address me as such," she snarled, suddenly grabbing him by the collar of his shirt and leaning over him. She only managed to do so because he was several steps below the one she stood on, but even so, she used it to her advantage. Her shadows dark as night and just as eerie, she continued to hiss, "Do you know what I'm called? Aeron. Goddess of battle and slaughter. I don't need your protection, stupid boy. I was being nice to you before. Now leave me alone. I will share a room with you as long as I have to, but I refuse to swoon at your stupid chivalry." She released his shirt collar, the flower on her face glowing brightly in warning as she turned on her heel, picked up her trunks, and continued up the stairs to the third floor.

(Things seem to have started out rockier than I'd first intended, but this is just how she is lol. Sorry, Chizuuu)

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((Well, It's about to get a bit more rockier.))

He sighed and continued to follow her. "Well, Wassa Devonshire, I couldn't care less if you were the High Duchess of this kingdom. And I never said anything about protecting you. Having to protect you is the least of my worries. All I wanted to do was help, and not because my stupid father told me to. I genuinely wanted to be your friend, not because you were some High Duchess of this kingdom, but because I thought you'd be someone kind." He responded, rather harshly. His grandfather had always taught him to never speak back to anyone of power, regardless of your rank, because it was likely said person had magic. However, school has taught him another thing. He couldn't just be some spineless wuss that just let everyone step all over him. He spoke back and fought back, but he always got injured in the process. Real life and His grandfather's training were two very different things that did not get along well. He never really agreed with that rule and never really followed it. Despite that, he managed to get along greatly. He looked at her for a moment before shifting the bag he held over his shoulder. "I don't understand why you insists on using that title. Growing up with it is a curse." He said, although this time he was barely audible, as if he was talking to himself.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Wassa grit her teeth tightly around the key she had again bit down on. Some of the things he said managed to weasle through the thick stone wall surrounding her heart, hitting at sore spots and cracks that hadn't yet healed from the last time they were attacked. But she forced herself to remain quiet, to bite back each nasty comment that threatened to shatter her silence. Mainly because she didn't want to swallow the key on accident. But also because she'd had an exhausting carriage ride that didn't do wonders for her discomfort in small, compact spaces. She'd been so on-edge throughout the entire trip and then was immediately bumped over and annoyed by a boy who came from the family that "protected" or own... It was far too much for one morning. Not to mention the fact that she simply hated mornings. She decided that the best course of action would be to ignore Chizu, though she had to admit (after cooling down mentally) that she admired his backbone. Continuing to drag her trunks up to the third floor of the dormitories, she remained silent, refusing to acknowledge Chizu's presence entirely until they finally reached the third-floor hall.

Wassa's arms, sore from the intense training she'd done yesterday, suddenly gave out. She cursed loudly as both trunks crashed loudly onto their sides, a white-hot blush spreading across her cheeks as the sound echoed down the hall. Sighing harshly, she pulled the key out of her mouth. She blew her bangs out of her left eye and scowled pointedly at Chizu. "Look, you can just pass me, if you want. I'm probably gonna take a while to get to the door." Though she didn't appear too happy about it, she held the dorm room key out to Chizu. "I've had a long, stressful morning. I won't apologize for being a jerk, as that is my constant state..." She paused, shifting her feet a bit awkwardly. "But I guess you deserve at least an explanation for why I'm particularly irritable. Now, take the damn key. Just...leave the door open for me, okay?" She raised her brow at Chizu, waiting for his reply. It was obvious that she wouldn't take no for an answer. Especially not so when she was already desperately trying to suppress the urge to shove him down the stairs, just to teach him a lesson.

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Chizu thought for a moment, knowing he'll probably regret it later. "Nah. I'll just wait for you. Again, I can carry both of your luggages. It's no big deal." He said simply, glancing at her from the corner of his eyes. It probably looked like he was staring, but he really couldn't help it. She was just so damn pretty it was just really distracting. Attractive people always managed to distract Chizu, mainly because he could take his eyes off them long enough to actually listen to anything. He hummed silently. He held his own luggage, but he didn't seem to mind it in the slightest. He didn't really pack much other than some clothes and a book. So, naturally, his luggage was rather light. He just continued to stare at her, waiting for an answer, really hoping she wouldn't get angry at him.

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Crazy-Person (PleaseMoreKisses) wrote: "(Okay lol. Just curious, but what time is it for you???)"

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hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Wassa lowered her arm, placing her hand on a surprisingly full hip. She raised her eyebrow, annoyance rolling off of her in waves. "You are surprisingly adamant on not obeying me," she muttered. Sighing, she flicked her bangs out of her left eye and fit the key back between her teeth. She would never admit it, but there was a part of her that admired Chizu for not allowing her to boss him around. It was this same part of her that had silently congratulated him for having a backbone. This part irritated her. With a watchful, curious gaze, she stared unabashedly at Chizu as she grasped the handle of one of her trunks. She dragged the heavy thing all the way to their dorm without once pulling her eyes away from him. As much as she might damn that part of her that was intrigued by his strange nature, she couldn't ignore the fact that he was intriguing in the first place. His unending, surprisingly not forced, chivalry annoyed her. But hey, at least he bit back at her. Grinning around the key, she stopped at their door. He was unordinary. And she liked it.

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Chizu smiled and dragged the other luggage with him. He continued to watch her as they made it to their door, a huge dorky grin on his stupid face. Maybe he was actually going to like this school. Sure, he was excited about the school because if he graduated from it with top grades, even with no magic, he could become a knight. Well, first he'd have to go through a trial of things before then, but that's not the point. He was hoping to make friends, but he didn't really let his expectations too high, especially not with his experiences with his passed schools in Sleyuipan. Even though his family served directly under the king and probably had as much power as Wassa did in this kingdom, people still didn't care. It actually gave them more to tease. He shuddered at the thought of it and looked at Wassa. Maybe, he could possibly, at least, become friends with her. It's not like he wanted to befriend the whole school, one person was good enough in his book. Honestly, Wassa was probably way more than enough. "So... Wassa... is there anything you look forward to doing at this school?" He asked. It was a bit random, sure, but he was honestly curious about her and wanted to know more about her. After all, they were going to be spending the whole year together.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) (I'll post in their dorm room)

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