A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, #1) A Game of Thrones question

Duos like Sansa/Petyr, Hannibal/Will
Nika Nika Dec 12, 2018 02:32PM
Good day to all of you,
I´d like to know if you can recommend me some books with pairs/duos/couples (not necessarily romantic ones) like these (some of them are from TV shows some of them are from books): Sansa/Petyr (GoT), Hannibal/Will (Hannibal), Klaus/Caroline o Cami (The Originals), Villanelle/Eve (Killing Eve), Buffy/Spike (Buffy), Michael/Hanna (The Reader) etc... don ´t get me wrong - I´m not looking for cheesy "edgy" romance or something like 50 shades of grey. Yes, it would be nice if there is some romance but it´s not necessary.. I want something dark, manipulative, sharp, deep and obsessive. Thank you very much.

Wuthering Heights - Catherine/Heathcliff.

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